Terminal 6 V2 Buildings


New Blood
Feb 5, 2012
I've downloaded all Terminal6 content imaginable, v1 and v2. I have every source game mounted.

The issue: about a quarter of the buildings in Terminal 6 are big fat errors. I have no clue what to do.


Kwisatz Haderach
May 21, 2011
I can only imagine that it's those yellow row houses you're talking about (not that you're able to see them to confirm) because they're actually props. In theory they should be included in the content pack, so the best advice I can give to you is to follow whatever procedures the internet recommends for fixing Gmod addons not mounting correctly.


Feb 15, 2015
might be a good idea to unsubscribe from everything T6, go into your addons folder and make sure everything T6 related is manually deleted as well, and then resub to T6 stuff. usually when i have map problems this helps.

if this doesn't work, you can also try verifying your cache for every game you have mounted. awhile back i had both episodes mounted but had issues with their content, and when i verified them a thousand something files werent even there for some reason.

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