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Mar 17, 2018
Promoted to Corporal

LCpl. Greggory Dunn | Arstotkan Man

Promoted to PFC

Pvt. Eduardo Quintero | Primera
Pvt. Sonia |


Oct 11, 2016

Promoted to Lance Corporal (LCpl.)

Pfc. Marie Smith | Wasted.exe

Inducted into Alpha

Pvt. Arielle Chun | Ashea
Pvt. James Morris | headfever
Pvt. Ishmael Smith | Topcatfred

Relocated to a neighbouring company

LCpl. Katina Rebane | anschib
LCpl. Russel Oakley | Pacer
LCpl. Amalia Engel | Fastard
Pfc. Markus Torbjorn | Martyr
Pfc. Daniel West | Seph491
Pfc. Brody Quinn | B4KED

Pvt. Philip Blair | Sturbing
Pvt. Asher Ayers | menofcrest
Pvt. Alexis Diaz Gonzales | Obsidian

MIA, presumed KIA

Pvt. Kathleen Becker | Kemikals

Given the evident shortage in Alpha personnel, the Bravo prerequisite has hereby been completely uplifted; independents are now able to be inducted into Alpha freely. This prerequisite has been uplifted permanently after a discussion with the rest of Alpha command.

If you're wanting to join Alpha, now's the time to do it. We've undertaken a new outlook on how Alpha should operate and an influx of Alpha enlisted would make it a lot easier to pull off.
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Apr 1, 2018
Transfers to the south-eastern airbases

Flt. Cpl. Benedict Legend | Sturbing
Flt. Pfc. Douglas Flint | LolMan
Flt. Pfc. Kilian Janacek | Valerstein
Flt. Pvt. Rudolph Forsythe | Seph491
Flt. Pvt. Allister Warren | Headfever
Flt. Pvt. Elizabeth Ainsworth | Anschib
Flt. Pvt. Judus Riggs | Pasta


Flt. Sgt. Sa'dia Ahl al-'Amin | Subeh


TRP Admin
Mar 17, 2018
Relocated to neighbouring resistance cells

Cpl. Thomas Perryman | baby
MSpc. Roger Ancel | Pasta

LCpl. Jacob Spieksma | ezgoin90
LCpl. Mackenzie Thorne | Newticus
LCpl. Mairead Ramos | Nerdbucket
Pfc. Harold Smith | anime is trash and so am i
Pfc. Leslie Thorpe | Feels Good, Man
Pvt. McMahan | OhYeah290
Pvt. Ada Scott | Rensai
Pvt. Bridget LeClerc | NightRacer
Pvt. James Dixon | DiBen
Pvt. Erik Monroe | Mox
Pvt. Aria Aldana | coolaznguy
Pvt. Bryan Pierce | Anthrax_PL
Pvt. Miguel Coronado | ShireWarrior
Pvt. Arnold Draper | LandOfTheFree
Pvt. Edward Krieg | Blitz

//usual activity check. hit me up if you want to be readded etc.


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Jan 26, 2018
Promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSgt.)
Sgt. Collin Kelso
Sgt. Vanessa Plum

Demoted to Sergeant (Sgt.)
Xavier Burns | HardHat

Recruited to Charlie (Pvt.)
Holland Harper | Bozo

Transferred to Fresno
Spc. Kinuyo Missoji | Kieck
Spc. Sam Greene | Mads
Spc. Petra Nazaryan | Mute
Spc. Robert Ogilvy | Joost Buis
Spc. Georgia Moore | Neekly
Spc. Julia Amalda | TheGr8Spade
LCpl. Keith Rogers | Seph491
LCpl. Lucas Hayes | Snuggles
Pfc. Jack Terran | Sean
Pfc. Eudora Baxter | Mox
Pvt. Francis Reynolds | Chad
Pvt. Paul Lopez | Iamsuperkoel
Pvt. James Huang | Shiaman


Oct 11, 2016

Killed in Action (K.I.A.)

SSgt. Joshua Spencer | Cheeki Breeki

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Mar 17, 2018
Transfers to Pacific Command on a classified detail

Roman Escoffier | shinzokk

Transfers in from Los Angeles via the Exchange Initiative

Sgt. Ash Szyller | shinzokk
LCpl. Dai Li | raklo


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Apr 1, 2018
Relocates to S.B. for advanced medical treatment. He is later found dead in his assigned room with several stab wounds in his chest and a knife in the hand.

LCpl. Da Ji | raklo


Sep 23, 2015
Enlists into Charlie

Pvt. Angelica Leger | Popcorn Kernel

EnragedEdit: Patriot you fuckin narc
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Mar 17, 2018
Resigns from Infantry Command, moves to infantry liaison with the Navajo Long Rifles

Dalton Ramos | Thecatwhomines
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