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Oct 11, 2016

Killed in the line of duty and is posthumously awarded the Purple Heart
for their sacrifices to the betterment of Humanity

Pvt. Marianna Holder | Guy!


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Mar 17, 2018
Transfers out

Cpl. Katerina Konstantinova | Desrat456
MSpc. Alice Beckett | mads

Enlists into Bravo

Rct. Luke Spencer | Redempter
Pvt. Aayla Severine | Gr8spade
Rct. Mark Reagan | SixtyLemming844

//tidied up the roster in general, as well


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Mar 17, 2018
Promoted to Staff Sergeant

Sgt. Lei Sun | Kieck
Sgt. Javier Rodriguez |

Promoted to PFC

Pvt. Rex Maskarard | FootlessPrism90

Enlists into Bravo

Pvt. Edward Krieg | Blitz


Oct 11, 2016
Promoted to Staff Sergeant

Sgt. Adriel Redington | Flood

Promoted to Sergeant

Cpl. Alison Rosemary | Raven1175

Reinstated as Corporal

Joshua Spencer | Cheeki

Transfers to Tehema

Sgt. Malena Haze | mads


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Sep 18, 2015
About time I get this done.

Major through Colonel are removed as ranks for T-C at the moment, all unranked members of Oversight and the Pac-Com liaison are, however, equivalent to a high-ranking CO position without the bureaucracy of having different tiers.

The purpose of all this is to open higher-ranking positions in the faction up to players while still retaining the administration's ability to push the server's narrative with their characters when the time calls for it. Most day-to-day things will be decided by squad command themselves and members of the Oversight Circle that relate to a specific situation.

Captain and Lieutenant are replaced by First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant respectively, abbreviated as 1Lt. and 2Lt.

Military Intelligence and Military Police are going to be reworked, pending some much needed discussion about the both of them.

Added to Oversight: Bakersfield Command
Karina Skarzynska | shinzokk
Oversight of Bakersfield Command is responsible for ensuring a functional company, and by that same merit, a functional Oversight Circle.
Added to Oversight: Research and Development
Kaitlyn Altara | Enraged
Oversight of Research and Development is responsible for delegating projects within Charlie, ensuring the squad has apt leadership and overseeing development of Tech-Com's most important projects.
Added to Oversight: Operational Security
Bryce Bloodworth | Verd0k
Operational Security is exactly what it sounds like: the position that manages the functionality of Bakersfield's security. This position is responsible for selecting leaders for MP and MI and working with them both to keep the company safe.
Added to Oversight: Soldier Welfare
Makayla Murphy | Emelianenko
Soldier Welfare is effectively the head of HR. They excel in working with individual soldiers to resolve disputes with other soldiers or with the company itself. Their ears are open for everyone in the company.
Added to Oversight: Infantry Command
Dalton Ramos | Thecatwhomines
Infantry Command is in charge of all day-to-day movements of ground forces in Bakersfield. If no higher power is around, they're the one to decide if an attack goes through or if a retreat is called. It possibly carries the most responsibility in Oversight.
Added as Bakersfield Liaison to Pacific Command
Evelyn Clarke | Bungo
Frederico Moris | Deadeye
Karl Jacobs | Abaddon

This position functions much like how IO. did previously, except members of the liaison do have authority in the sway of the faction in that they're allowed to play their characters whenever they want, and that they're allowed to run events that push the narrative of the server for operations and such.

Promoted to First Lieutenant of Delta (1Lt.)
Natasha Lebedev | Kemikals

Reassigned to Fresno.
1Lt. Ethan Baker | Elfangor

Assault Pioneer: Open to all squads rather than being withheld to Bravo exclusively.
Mechanized: Open to all squads rather than being withheld to Bravo exclusively. Joshua Spencer is assigned as a trainer.
Combat Engineer: Removed.
Alpha specializations: Removed, all ways of Alpha are able to be utilized by every member of it.
Medals: Pending a re-work. More on that later.

And just to show that we haven't only been working on T-C reforms and that we actually have plans for the server's next plot-line, here's a little teaser.

And no, this isn't the announcement of Fallout RP. Sorry! More coming soon.
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Oct 11, 2016
Inducted into Alpha

Pvt. Angela Nash | Him
Pvt. Russel Lynch | Fox

Transfers to Alpha

LCpl. Lily Walker | SavouryFrame97

Promoted to Sergeant (Sgt.)

Cpl. Joshua Spencer | Cheeki


TRP Admin
Mar 17, 2018
Promoted to First Lieutenant and formally instated as Bravo's commanding officer

2Lt. Laurie Enfield | LolMan

Comissioned as a Second Lieutenant in Bravo

SSgt. Javier Rodriguez | Gumby

Promoted to Staff Sergeant

Sgt. Ray Simmons | OzTheWizard

Promoted to Lance Corporal

Pfc. Tommy Sullivan | Gr8spade

Promoted to Private

Rct. Kurt O'Brian | Vosk

Enlists into Bravo

Rct. Eduardo Quintero | Primera
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