Tech Com Fighting Championship


Jul 9, 2016
Attention TC Personnel! Do you have what it takes to fight in the ring? Do you have the physique, the skills, and the heart to win? If not, you'd better start training, because signups begin now and end on the 16th at 0900! Sign up below as a contestant and/or a referee.

Cpt. Dalton Ramos
Lt. Theo Melnik
Lt. Nicholas de Calais
Lt. Anthony Mendoza
SSgt. Alexandra Sherman
SSgt. Xavier Burns
SSgt. Harper Lotomau
Sgt. Snowie Onset
Sgt. Malcom Trice
Sgt. Grant Brooks
Cpl. Kendrick Noviello
Cpl. Archie Birch
Cpl. Bryan Park
Cpl. Astrid Morley
Cpl. Pascal Meyers
Cpl. Katja
LCpl. Benjamin Perkins
LCpl. Victoria Henry
LCpl. Catherine Woods
LCpl. Liam Powley
LCpl. Edward Lloyd
Pfc. Leanna Davis
Pvt. Bedis Jonesly
Pvt. Hugo
Pvt. Maxwell Green
Pvt. Cody Rivera
Pvt. Ceitus
PO. Jamarcus Balton
PO. Keanu Davis
PO. Natasha Lebedev
Selena Martinez
John Rock

Col. Karl Jacobs
Sgt. Malcom Trice
Cpl. Kendrick Noviello
LCpl. Benjamin Perkins

All fights will be overseen and judged by a referee, who will call the match before injury is caused. No attacks to the face/head or groin. Matches should not come before any duties. Approved by Maj. Evelyn Clarke, SSgt. Anthony Mendoza and Sgt. Bryce Bloodworth.

//Signups end on the 16th at 12 PM EST, though I may move this forward or back to make a perfect bracket. You can sign up by replying with your character's name here or by talking to Malcom Trice on server.

Names have been drawn randomly. Here are the match-ups!

Col. Karl Jacobs
Sgt. Malcom Trice
Cpl. Kendrick Noviello
LCpl. Benjamin Perkins

Round One

PO. Keanu Davis | Pvt. Cody Rivera
Cpt. Dalton Ramos | Pvt. Ceitus LCpl. Edward Lloyd | Lt. Nicholas de Calais
Pfc. Leanna Davis | Sgt. Kendrick Noviello
SSgt. Harper Lotomau | LCpl. Benjamin Perkins
Cpl. Bryan Park | Cpl. Katja
LCpl. Victoria Henry | Cpl. Astrid Morley
SSgt. Alexandra Sherman | Sgt. Snowie Onset
Lt. Anthony Mendoza | PO. Natasha Lebedev LCpl. Liam Powley | Cpl. Pascal Meyers
John Rock | SSgt. Xavier Burns
Pvt. Bedis Jonesly | Cpl. Archie Birch
PO. Jamarcus Balton | Sgt. Malcom Trice Pvt. Hugo | Sgt. Grant Brooks
Lt. Theo Melnik | LCpl. Cat Woods
Selena Martinez | Pvt. Maxwell Green
Round Two
PO. Keanu Davis | Cpt. Dalton Ramos
Lt. Nicholas de Calais | Sgt. Kendrick Noviello
SSgt. Harper Lotomau | Cpl. Bryan Park
- | SSgt. Alexandra Sherman
Lt. Anthony Mendoza | Cpl. Pascal Meyers
SSgt. Xavier Burns | Cpl. Archie Birch
PO. Jarmarcus Balton | Sgt. Grant Brooks
Lt. Theo Melnik | Selena Martinez
Round Three - Quarterfinals

Cpt. Dalton Ramos | -
SSgt. Harper Lotomau | -
- | -
- | Lt. Theo Melnik
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Apr 1, 2018
Shit, sounds like a good way of getting stress off of your shoulder, signing on.

- Pvt. Mikolaj Boszykaja


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TRP Admin
Jul 12, 2015
I'll be there to provide medical aid because one of you is going to hurt yourself with this stupid idea.

- Astrid A. Morley


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Feb 24, 2019
A copy of 'Green Eggs and Ham 2' to the victor. Take this one down and i'll give it to him.

I will.

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