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Jan 26, 2018
Up to this point it’s never really been well defined what all of Tech Com’s current companies within California are capable of, and the same goes with their allies. This sheet will serve as an OOC/IC basepoint for potential ideas that players have for their characters or for future events.
Keep in mind that while each company's purpose is common knowledge IC there’s not much else known about them, including leadership or exact location.

Bakersfield - Front Line
Bakersfield’s existence revolves around one goal: taking the fight to SkyNET and keeping everyone else out of mechanical terror’s crosshairs. Bakersfield’s story speaks for itself as it’s the one that our characters follow.

San Bernardino - Medical
All upper tier medical ongoings, including in-depth medical research, reside in San Bernardino. Sometimes referred to as San Bernie for short, it’s Tech Com’s safe haven to any company’s soldiers that have become severely injured in the line of duty. Contrary to popular belief San Bernie is not a hub for any R&D outside of medicine.

Tehama - Training (Boot Camp)
The company that almost no one speaks on as anyone on the Front Lines has moved far past its purpose. Tehama exists to train up and coming soldiers to join the war against the machines by preparing them for one of the other existing companies of Tech Com. Routine tactics such as discipline, specialty training, and grooming standards are all prevalent among what’s taught there. Most of Los Angeles’ soldiers hail from Tehama.

Los Angeles - Special Ops (Former Front Line)
The original Front Line of California Tech Com. They went head to head with SkyNET daily until the mechanical prowess proved to be too much of a force to reckon with for the small division of soldiers brave enough for the fight. Los Angeles became divided for a short duration some months back when SkyNET had seemingly routed them. Bakersfield assisted with re-establishing Los Angeles in a less wartorn area. They now assist with higher end operations by providing Long-Range Reconnaissance and tactical insertion teams on the fly.

Pacific Command - High Command
Pacific Command, AKA PacCom, holds the highest Command Elements within all of Tech Com’s ranks in close quarters. Those sitting among their ranks assist with overall operation’s planning and are the final fallback in cases like Operation Firefall. Their area of operations constantly changes so that none within TC’s ranks are fully aware of their location.

Fresno - Technology
Founded, destroyed, rebuilt. Fresno is TC’s phoenix at this point after the success of Operation Athena. It houses some of the most ingenious minds that the post apocalyptic world has to offer as well as a small group of Alpha & Bravo soldiers. Fresno’s two main objectives are in depth research of more conceptualized tech ideas over the mainly practical ones Bakersfield has to offer and the production of plasma rifles.

Frente Humano - Logistics
Originally starting off as an enemy towards Tech Com, Frente Humano became a trusted ally after a cross country murder mystery dinner. With Tech Com’s assistance, FH was able to discover and destroy infiltrators existing within their own ranks. This led to a trusted partnership with a group that has a hold on most of Mexico’s territory. Since Mexico isn’t a high traffic area for SkyNET anymore due to its low population it allows those that remain there to easily scavange and supply TC with a hefty amount of medical supplies and ballistics.

Navajo Long Rifles - Rear Guard/Reconnaissance
The Navajo Long Rifles belong to a wider coalition of trained and armed Native Americans from the American Southwest collectively known as the Four Corners Alliance. After suffering a defeat and exodus from their homeland in 2026, they operate an underground state in the Mojave Desert, and fight deep in the mountains and forests of Nevada and Eastern California in an attempt to ease the load off of Tech Com, allowing more focus to be brought towards SkyNET. A military partnership has emerged, with the Long Rifles providing training in reconnaissance, demolitions, and sabotage in exchange for plasma weaponry, and Tech Com's later assistance in retaking the Four Corners from SkyNET and their human allies.

New Arcadians - Logistics/Intelligence
A new nation based in the former state of Louisiana, the New Arcadians are an emerging society united through heritage. Headed by the Trinity, three prominent families that birthed the Lafayette Liberation movement, the New Arcadians have fought for liberation and life against oppressive remnant government forces, and SkyNet's super weapon 'The Rainmaker'. Due to Bakerfield answering their call for aid, the Rainmaker has been put out of commission, and the Federal Remnants have been forced into retreat back to their strongholds further up north. Able to finally solidify their power, they now have begun to supply Bakersfield with supplies, soldiers, and intelligence via their extensive Courier network

All main R&D and Plasma Production took place at Fresno before its undesirable fall some months ago. The main cause of the attack is still unknown to this day but it can most likely be credited to an unknown infiltrator among their ranks. Most remaining soldiers have merged with another company of TC, while some potentially remain in hiding or imprisoned within the confines of SkyNET. All of TC’s technological advances now reside within Bakersfield and the remnants of LA’s division.
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