[SUGGESTION] WW2 Gun emplacements


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Jan 14, 2012
an edit of this to include the more modern guns we have on the server (m60, m240) would be dope
a really neat idea would be giving MGs the option to be deployed like the combine mounted gun item on hl2rp, but with the added context menu option to pick it back up
once scopes are fixed...


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Jan 1, 2015
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i dont think it was rooster that made the m60 and m240 emplacement but i have seen that already made somewhere
i wanted to reccommend they be added but, as far as mounting them on trucks go, i dont think you can say, stand in the back of a truck while it drives and use the gun because you'll be thrown out by physics
they're still good for stop and go use, definitely, but i think we'd have to have some way to keep people in the trucks/apcs


Sep 23, 2015
I would really like to see this added to the server. I generally want more vehicles added for the human side, things like motorcycles, sedans, and just more variety in all would be amazing.

As for the gunner, to represent mounted MGs I’ve simply been toolgunning emplacement props onto the cars, tossing on a few emitters and calling it a day. This solution works well for S2M or S2RP, but whenever an S2K pops off it’s mostly just for show.

Maybe we could just remodel the APC script we have on HL2 to the APC we use on TRP albeit without the flag requirements.


Jan 6, 2015
I was thinking about making skynet emplacements- a mounted T-600 minigun or HK aerial gun would make for some fun times


Sep 22, 2012

To add to something of substance other than feeding Mother's growing insanity, I will say I do like the idea. I mean, holding the front door to BP would have a different feel to it if you had a fucking mounted Ma Deuce at the front, spewing hot, fifty cal death at things that dare offend you.


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Dec 5, 2011
I will personally destroy any DSHK emplacements with the DSHK swep.

I'd like to see some M2s honestly. They're pretty neat and iconic as far as truck-mounted guns go.

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