[SUGGESTION] LFS aircraft replacing WAC


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Dec 10, 2015
We already looked at this actually. It's really floaty and unfortunately not very cinematic. It's also prone to a lot of the same problems plaguing pretty much all gmod flight systems. On another note, I've heard a lot of talk about WAC being difficult. Sure, it's harder than some of the really arcade-oriented styles, but give it a week or so and you'll have the hang of it in no time. Auto-hover is always a great failsafe. (This coming from somebody who was once entirely incapable of flying, and still isn't very good.)

We also don't have a dev. This means that people wold have to download like 3.5 gigabytes worth of WW2 airplanes we'll never use.


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Mar 7, 2015
just to add to that, we have LFS in halo. while they're good for dogfights, like kiwi said, you can't really slow down or hover like you can with WAC.

great for banshees, probably not so great for helicopters and planes.


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Apr 1, 2018
Sky and I spoke a few times about LFS and both agreed on the fact it could be a second option for people to use instead of WAC, especially to make flying helicopters more attractive to the players who don't want to spend roughly 2 weeks on learning it. As Kiwi said, it does take some time but the result you're getting is more than worth it. There is actually some satisfaction and genuine fun involved when you can maneuver an MH-6 through the broken skyscrapers, or when you're unleashing the AH-1Z's Hellfire on a Simfphys car, one-shotting it. Not to mention that my pulse grows into absolute tachycardia when flying in an event, even after a whole year of flying WAC...

I don't think that LFS would do anything better than WAC does, except make flying more user-friendly and less athmospheric/realistic/whatnot..

(also if anyone wants to learn WAC and play a pilot on TRP feel free to hit me or anyone in the 91st up it will be fun and all very cool definetely not trying to advertise and get more people into the 91st PLEASE)


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Apr 13, 2018
wac is pretty fun to use, my keybinds are basically all the same apart from me having an actual yoke to use if I want to be even more of a pilot, once you get the hang of it and remembering that back goes back and the front goes front and that if you lean to much you crash, your about set, the best way to learn is flying on an open map to begin with like flat grass, once you master that, spawn large props or go to a map you want to fly on (personal fave is Pripyat, I enjoy that map) even when I'm not on much its in the back of my mind, besides, I'm shit at flying half the time


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Sep 8, 2011
LFS literally sucks, helicopters aren’t meant to be easy to fly & you can do so much more with WAC once you get the hang of it. WAC is not even hard. go practice in single player for a little while and work on your coordination. try inverting pitch too

WAC is super intense and authentic feeling


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Nov 30, 2015
The reason LFS flies way different from WAC is that LFS is simulating zero-gravity flight, and not in-atmosphere flight.

LFS is great for Halo because of that but for TRP, WAC is the superior choice.


Mar 6, 2018
does LFS suffer from the same input control lag that WAC does while on server?

when i was on my 91st character, you had to literally pre-emptively plan each maneuver, or else you're gon'na end up as a smoking wreck.
be forewarned when practicing in singleplayer, it's a good bit different while in multi.


Sep 22, 2012
LFS controls just fine for me in multiplayer. WAC has always been, weird, in multiplayer though for me. LFS is a much nicer time.

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