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Nov 30, 2015
Since we're finally going to be able to use Stream Radio again in a permanent setting, this is going to serve as a quick how-to on the tool, how you can utilize it in server, how to turn a youtube video into an .mp3, and how you can turn that .mp3 file into a link you can put into the radio tool, as well as etiquette with the tool so you don't become a general nuisance to others.

First, what is the Stream Radio?

Simply put, its an entity that plays sound in a localized area. You can manipulate what the radio looks like, what it plays, how loud it plays, and for what distance. It fades in and out as you approach it as well. While many might believe that it is simply a tool that is abused to play memes, it's more than that if used correctly. It can also be used to set tones, give detail to a specific environment, and help immerse players into roleplay.

A few examples. Here's something that I would often play for atmosphere in the city:
Something you could play in an establishment such as a bar:
Or perhaps, something you might put in the sewers; a dark, damp place:

There's obviously a tone of applications. Music, ambiance, atmosphere- the stream radio can do it all.

How do I use the Stream Radio?

Let's look at the tool in-game.

Obviously we'll skip over some of the more obvious things, or the things that don't entirely matter too much. Feel free to fiddle around with them at your own leisure.

The most important parts here are the URL, volume and radius. The URL is where you're going to put your direct .mp3 link that has your specified song or track on it. The volume being how loud it is, the radius being the range. You get the idea.

How do you get a direct .mp3 link of something?

There are a few ways. What I'm going to describe is one of the more tried and true ways as a lot of the original ways of playing sound through the stream radio are now defunct; Soundcloud support no longer works, Dropbox will get upset if the number of people accessing/listening to the file exceeds a specified amount, and Mymixtape no longer exists.

Thankfully, we have a proven, albeit rather janky alternative: Discord.

Step 1: Find your Youtube video.

For this example I'll grab something that might befit, say, a burning barrel in the city's underbelly. Be sure to copy the URL.

Step 2: Convert the youtube video to an MP3 file.

Just so I don't get hunted down by some snooping hound of law I am by no means encouraging nor promoting the pirating of music or any copyrighted media. Just the borrowing of it for our virtual dollhouse.

You're going to usually need some sort of website that converts the youtube video for you, and unfortunately not many of those websites are trustyworthy- some of them are just less trustworthy than others. I personally use as it doesn't try and inject malware into your computer, which puts it just a notch above the rest if you ask me. It will usually try and open a new tab on you to advertise something, but it won't force a download. Simply just close the tab.

Yeah, that's right, I use because I'm not a fucking primate.

Wait a little bit, and your file will be ready for downloading.

Step 3: Upload your file to a Discord.

Like you would upload any picture or file from your computer, upload the .MP3 as a file into a channel. I usually make use of a personal file-hosting server just for this purpose. Take note of your Discord account's file size limit; without Nitro you've got 8MB to work with. You may want to consider using some website to clip the size of your file and cut it down by a minute or two if it's too long/too big.

Step 4: Open your Discord in your browser and copy the URL of the file.

Unless you have the lightning fingers of Usain Bolt's cousin in IT, you're not going to be able to copy the link fast enough from your Discord app as going to the link will actually download it and close the tab. It's just gonna clog up your download folder and you'll be annoyed.

Instead, what you're going to do is open your Discord in the browser of your choice. You can type the URL in but the quickest shortcut is by holding CTRL and clicking on the server's icon. If you're logged in on your browser already this should be near-immediate save Discord's loading time.

Once you've got that open:

Ka-chow. Pop that baby into your Stream Radio tool and you'll be good to go.


That green checkmark means that your URL works. Adjust the volume and radius as you'd please- I imagine that both would be moderately low for something like our barrel fire.


Obviously as a tool, Stream Radio can be abused. Don't lie, most of you will probably mess around with it and goof off with your friends at one point or another with it. But you should always make sure to never be disrupting other people with it or you will find it is the surest way to get your tool-trust yanked.

As for content, I'm going to take a quote from @blooregardo as he covers this pretty well in his own words as for how it can be abused and how you should go about choosing what you play. End of the day, a player can always client-side mute a stream radio, but you shouldn't present a scenario yourself where they'd have to do that.

blooregardo on stream radio in TRP said:
It has nothing to do with music taste, it has everything to do with being considerate to other players. All types of music are inappropriate in some situation or another. Some music is inherently cacophony whether it's good or not.

I love this song...

[insert Ministry song whose poster's account was terminated]

...but I recognize that it's loud and disruptive, and if I'm playing this so loud that I'm disrupting roleplay two or three rooms around me, that's an abuse of radio. While there's a time and place for this kind of music, most people don't want to listen to it and you have to be considerate that other players don't share your music taste or simply don't want to hear it at the moment. I've been guilty of this on a number of occasions (at least once with this exact song). Your music might be a cool soundtrack for your character preparing for battle or something, but it's probably unfitting and obtrusive when the roleplay a reasonable distance away has a different tone entirely. Also consider that music doesn't need to be blaring on another client's speakers to convey that music is blaring nearby IC.

If your attitude is the prevailing attitude of the playerbase on streaming radio, you might want to step back and think about why the current administration appears averse to the idea of streaming radio instead of assuming it's a bias against a particular type of music. Streaming radio can enhance immersion and provide roleplay in and of itself, but that cuts both ways as it stands to cause just as much harm as it does good.

tl;dr streaming radio is a double edged blade and it isn't that hard for you to type "/me blares blood type because my only exposure to kino has been grand theft auto"
I think that alone settles the deal. Enhance immersion, but be considerate of others. It goes beyond merely just not playing immersion-breaking meme material.

I hope this helps as a few people were asking me how to get an .mp3 for stream radios and I figured now that we're going to have them again this thread would be particularly useful.


Jun 22, 2015
Maybe with how agonizing it is to actually get a song to stream we wont have to hear all the memes again boys :dance:

I assume the song you've posted to discord will work forever on the stream radio, right?

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having a pretty good time hbu
Nov 30, 2015
Maybe with how agonizing it is to actually get a song to stream we wont have to hear all the memes again boys :dance:

I assume the song you've posted to discord will work forever on the stream radio, right?
For as long as the discord it's uploaded to isn't deleted/the post/file itself isn't deleted.


Jul 9, 2016
HMU if you need help putting multiple songs on one MP3 or acquiring any songs that aren't on YouTube.

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