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May 9, 2015
I don't know why I did this, but I wanted to see what would happen if I took the logs from a random rp scene, got the worst translator I could find on the web, and then translated it through every single language available and then back to English. I ended up using Yahoo's Babelfish, with... interesting results.

The first applicable scene I pulled up was from Phl2, where Cambrysiel was getting a parasite removed by a vortigaunt. I'll post the non-edited and coherent logs for comparison first.

[L] ** Cornelia taps their wooden stick against the ground. "Have you reached a decision, infected one?"

Lydia McDowell: Yeah, I think so.

Cornelia: And you have been made aware of the unavoidable consequences of being freed from the parasite?

** Lydia McDowell looks between Yahel and Axel. Her posture stands a little straighter, chin a little higher. "I have, yeah."

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. smirks like usual, but it's more sad in nature this time around.

** 'Old' Axel Harness discreetly signs something Lydia's way.

** Charlie 'Volk' Faugno has nothing but an unfocused, daydreaming gaze at the floor.

** Cornelia bows their head. "Should you still wish to commence with a removal of the parasite, I bid you pay upon the table here. The procedure may be arduous."

** Lydia McDowell answers Axel with a nod, though she drifts over Volk a little longer than necessary. She eyes the table and it's incredible gravity-defying angle, then turns full-on to the councilwoman.

** Charlie 'Volk' Faugno wholly unattentive, he decides to lounge on the wide U-boat.

** Yahel Rosenbaum turns over to Lydia, chewing on her bottom lip. She takes a few steps closer, and whispers.

Lydia McDowell: [WHISPER] If I die... I'm /so/ haunting your ass.

** Lydia McDowell whispers back. She reaches out to embrace Yahel.

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. just stands there.

** Yahel Rosenbaum cracks a smile. "Don't make me laugh /now./" She takes the embrace, but, it's fleeting.
** Cornelia patiently waits without sound.

Lydia McDowell: Okay.

Lydia McDowell: Time to, uh... stop my heart.

Lydia McDowell: Holy shit. Okay.

** 'Old' Axel Harness moves closer to Lydia, looking to get in on some of that hugging action. "Lydia, I am proud of you, I really am."

** Lydia McDowell fucking hugs him back like a full-ass dad hug.

'Old' Axel Harness: The choice was hard, but you made the right one. And for that, I am proud.

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. still just stands. He looks down to his shoes, thinking.

** 'Old' Axel Harness holds on for as long as she does.

** Lydia McDowell pulls back after an acceptable length, and then some. She signs something at him with a half-smile.

** 'Old' Axel Harness signs back, but one-ups her half smile with a full one.

** Lydia McDowell eyes Tachell next. She points at him. "Show me some sick moves after, 'kay?"

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. perked up an eyebrow, smiling. It was pretty obvious to tell he was nervous, but he acted like he was shrugging it off. "Uh, it's your turn?"

Lydia McDowell: We'll see.

** Lydia McDowell has to stop stalling at some point, right? She scrubs her cheeks with her palms and saunters over to the imposter of a table, hopping up, stretching out. It's nerve-wracking.

** 'Old' Axel Harness moves closer to Yahel, worried.

[L] ** Cornelia watches as Lydia readies herself for the procedure. Finally prepared, she digs her walking stick into the Earth with great force. It stays there. "It is time then, to begin." She starts over and stands before Lydia.

** Lydia McDowell totally came in the correct clothes

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. gets in Lydia's sight, if she was looking to the side.

(Lydia McDowell) ** She's on her back, looking up. And kind of around in general. **

[L] ** Cornelia raises their claws, and begins an ancient chant of the Kin. A green essense, filled with slight rays of blue, begins to whisp towards Lydia's body in weak bolts.

** Lydia McDowell lies as still as one can when they know they're about to be zapped. She contains her fidgets to her hands, at least, as the strange teal light fills her with pins-and-needles.

[L] (Cornelia) ** Claws roughly a foot above Lydia, Cornelia eventually splits the energy towards the two opposing ends of Lydia. Her legs and her head, feeling a sharper push from the bolts as the Vortigaunt's essense breaks through her body. **

(Lydia McDowell) ** The redhead's resolve flickers at the intensity of the new pressure. Her mouth pops open and she sucks in a sharp breath. Tears have sprung up in the corners of her eyes from the anxiety of it all. **

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. looks like he's about to step forward, almost reaching a hand out to Lydia. But he stops in his tracks. His head hangs a tad. That idling smirk is replaced with a frown.

[L] (Cornelia) ** Slowly, as the minutes pass, the bolts vanish from her but the blue-green aura remains. "May youuuu remain still... the parasite infects deep within..." In one swift motion, the creature's left shoft shifts and the energy within Lydia's head travels down her body through to her legs. **

** Lydia McDowell really tries to lay flat, but the sensation of the wave that rushes through her makes her jerk; it hurts, burns like white-hot metal in her legs, but all she can do is scrunch up her face and curl her fists.

('Old' Axel Harness) ** Thinking fast, Axel steps forwards "Should we hold her down!?" **

** Yahel Rosenbaum rushes forward too. She casts a worried glance at Cornelia.

[L] (Cornelia) ** Again, Cornelia repeats the same motion in reverse. The energy within is rapidly shifted from her legs back to her head. Continuing with it's chants, Cornelia centers their claws over Lydia's torso. The energy within grows stronger, and it fails to respond to Axel. **

** 'Old' Axel Harness didn't really think this through, as he doesn't really have anyway of communicating with the vort at all. He looks to Yahel to see the course of action she takes.

** Lydia McDowell emotes now sorry

** Yahel Rosenbaum doesn't do anything -- she stares at Lydia, biting on her lip /hard./ Sweat rolls down her face despite the nippy air, and all she can do is stare.

(Lydia McDowell) ** The bomber-turned-farmhand grows limp on the tabletop, all her tenseness released as suddenly as it'd built up. She's deathly still. They can't even be sure she's breathing. **

[L] ** Cornelia's eye flashes wide in the moment. The blue-green bolts return, this time eminating all over Lydia's still body. The chant grows louder as the bolts grow thicker, this being ever apparant around the female's heart.

** Tachell Tuckett Jr. just like Yahel, is sweating. His eyes widen, but he doesn't say anything. His lips quiver and convulse up and down. He takes a step closer, dark green eyes darting all across Lydia.

Cornelia yells in a strange language!

[L] (Cornelia) ** The chant turns to a yell, the bolts still growing thicker. Cornelia pants with exhaust. **
Cornelia yells in a strange language!

** 'Old' Axel Harness reacts the same as the others.

** Yahel Rosenbaum snaps between Tee, Axel, and Lydia. She's sweating bullets.

(Tachell Tuckett Jr.) ** They all share the same reaction. Tuckett shuffles uncomfortably. **

(Lydia McDowell) ** She's getting pale. **

(Lydia McDowell) ** But only because of the toxin leaving her skin. **

** 'Old' Axel Harness wheeze's strangely.

[L] (Cornelia) ** Again, the bolts dissipate. This time, they do not return and the aura vanishes. Cornelia releases one more yell before clapping their hands and stepping back from the table. They appear exhausted. **

Annnnnd, here's what they turned into.

  • 'Old' Axel Harness as old Axe/the Olding/Old Axis Brundle/ Old-fashioned axe/The old body clip/the old bicycle harness/ The old-fashioned driverless seat belt/ big muslim
  • Lydia McDowell as Ledia Macdonald/Three Lid Fast
  • Yahel Rosenbaum as God be orange /God/Lord
  • Cornelia the Vortigaunt as Karl Two/ Cornucopia /corn production/big king the Voluptuous elf
  • Tachell Tuckett Jr. as tachell tuck jerk/Tea
  • Charlie 'Volk' Faugno as Sad Charles
(Names really don't translate well, as I've learned. Hence the strangeness/multiple differences between them)

** Karl Two is sticked to the ground with a wooden tick. "Have you made a decision, pathetic one?"

Ledia Macdonald: Yes, I think so.

Karl Two: Have you realized the inevitable consequences of liberating the people from?

** Ledia Macdonald is hung between God and The Olding. She is a bit straight, and her chin is in him. "I have a yes."

** Tachell tuck jerk smirked as he has done in a simple time, but this time he is even more sad in nature.

** Old axe straps carefully sign the way of Ledia.

** Sad Charles has only one unfocused fuck, staring at the floor.

** Karl Two bobbed her head. “If you still want to start removing parasites, I ask you to pay here. This app can be daunting.”

** Ledia Macdonald agrees with The Olding, although she has been drifting onto it for a while. She stared at the table, which was an incredible gravitational angle and then turned completely to the women's parliament.

** Sad Charles was completely unfocused and decided to rest on the vast U-boat.

** God be orange turns to Ledia and chews her lower chin piece. She took a few steps, but did not.

Ledia Macdonald: [WHISPER] If I am dead... I / like this / ass. You are trouble.

** Ledia Macdonald whispered. She recoiled and hugged God .

** tachell tuck jerk is standing on the bed.

** God be orange smiles. "Don't let me accuse you of fraud now." She took the hug, but she was short-lived and fake.

** Karl Two patiently waited for no sound.

Ledia Macdonald: Yes.

Ledia Macdonald: Time is up, oh... stop my heart.

Ledia Macdonald: Hong Kong, yes. .

**The old axe is close to Ledia, hoping to do some hugs. "Ledia, I am proud of you, I am really."

** Ledia Macdonald hug fuckings him like a complete dad.

Old axe: Choice is hard, but what you are doing is odd. I am a muslim, be it.

** tachell tuck jerk remains. He looked down upon his shoes, mad.

** Old-fashioned axe can be used consistently.

** Ledia Macdonald pulls back after an acceptable length, then some. She gave to him one half her eye.

**The old body clip came back, but one smiled with a full half too.

** Ledia Macdonald eyes tachell next. She pointed at his direction. "Tell me some morbid stories, Kentucky?”

** tachell tuck jerk cheered up and smiled. Obviously, he said he was nervous, but he acted like he was shouting. "Hey, who am I?"

Three lid Fast: We will become sight.

** Three lid Fast must stop stalling. She is right and unhinged. She scrubbed her cheek with a tree, then wandered, jumped up, and was lost. This is sad.

**Worried, the old bicycle harness is close to Lord.

[L] ** Karl Two watched Ledia prepare for the program. Finally, she was ready to dig her cane into the her abdomen with great strength. It stays there, grounds trouble. "It's time to rumble." She stood up Ledia for the afternoon standings.

** Three lid Fast puts on the right clothes completely

** tachell tuckett jerk enters Ledia's mind if she can watch him.

(Three lid Fast)** She looked up and looked up. Generally, this type. **

[L] ** Karl Two raised her paws and began the ancient embarrassment. A green body fluid filled with faint blue light began to rush toward Ledia's weak spots.

**When Three lid Fast knows they are about to be destroyed, they can still stay quite sober. At least, her hand has pathetic movements, because the strange blue-green light is full of very mean things, and stitches to her.

[L] (Cornucopia ) ** Two foot above Ledia, Cornucopia eventually dissipated energy to the two opposites of her. When Voluptuous elf broke into her body, her legs and her head felt smarter from it. **

(Three lid Fast )** The determination of red hair flashes Axis powers, under the influence of new people. Her mouth opened and she took a breath. Tears emerged from all orifices. **

** tachell tuck jerk looks like he is about to move forward and almost leaps a hand to Ledia. But he stopped. His head is a little bit slow. The free smirk was replaced by a big frown.

[L] (Cornucopia ) ** Slowly, as the minute passed, the bolt disappeared from her past, but the aquamarine aura still was. "Maybe you still remain... the parasite will be deeply infected..." In a quick motion, the creature's left side shifts, and Ledia must find the spread leg control Shouting, she moves. **

** Three lid Fast really tried to lie, but the feeling of breaking her water made her confused; it hurts, her legs burn like white hot things, but all she can do is knead her face, curl with them.

(Old axis bundle)** Quick thinking, Old axis Bundle moves forward "We have let her down!?" **

** God be orange also came forward. She expressed concern about corn production.

[L](corn production)** Again, corn production reverses the same movement in reverse. The internal energy quickly moved from back from her leg to her head in space. Continuing its singing, Karl Two put their claws on Ledia's form. The inner energy is getting stronger and bigger, and it can't respond to the big muslim. **

**The old-fashioned driverless seat belt didn't really think. He didn't really communicate with Voluptuous elf at all. He expected God to see her actions.

** Ledia Macdonald said that I am sorry now.

** God be orange anything did not do - She stared at Ledia, biting her hard face. Despite the thin mountain air and blue blood falling from her face, all she could become was a gaze , gaza,£ ⇡ aƒ ₧’’’.

(No idea how that last part ended up like it did...)

(Ledia Macdonald)** The bomber became a farmer who was soft on the table, and all the tension was suddenly released as it accumulated. She is dead. They are not even sure that she still taking in a breath. **

[L] **Karl Two's eyes flashed instantly. The blue-green bolts came back, this time on the body of Lydia. As the bolt grows out of the thinker, the humming sound is getting louder and louder, which is evident around the heart of the woman.

** tachell tuck jerk is like a dude and sweating. His eyes were wide, but he said nothing. His lips trembled and trembled up and down. He took a step forward and the dark green eyes passed over the entire Lydia.

Karl Two yells in strange language!

[L] (Karl Two) ** screaming, the big king is still getting thicker. Karl Two pants have an exhaust pipe. **

Karl Two yells to a stranger time!

**The old axis brundle reacts the same as other harnesses.

** God be orange was filmed between Tea, the Olding and Ledia. She is sweating pure metal balls.

(tachell tuck jerk)** They all shuffle uncomfortably. **

(Ledia Macdonald)** She is pale. **

(Ledia Macdonald)** but only because the working has left her skin. **

**The old axel harness wheezing peculiar.

[L] (Karl Two) ** Again, the bolts dissipated. This time, they did not come back and the halo left her. Karl Two made another shot before clapping and taking a step back from the world. They look bad. **

I thought it was pretty funny, so I might do more of these when I have the chance to. It was surprisingly tedious to c&p everything back and forth, considering the service's character count. Anyways, yeah that was a thing I did. Enjoy, I guess.
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