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Mar 15, 2018
Steam Name: anschib

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How long have you been in SkyNET?: A couple months, give or take. Can hammer down the specific amount of time if really required, but it's been a while.

Describe the role Support Drones fill, and how it differs from the ones fulfilled by the 600 and 700:

Support drones, as their name pretty much highlights, fill alot more of a 'support' role than the 600 and 700 series, which are mainly infantry and combat orientated drones. While 600's and 700's can actively go out with the sole intent of hunting down targets and causing disruption in the area, support drones are simply there to act as support when called upon, being mobile artillery, heavy armaments, infiltration, and the entire like.

Essentially, 600 and 700 series drones are backline infantry, sent in to deal with conflicts and scuffles as they emerge, while support drones are much more specialized and individualized in nature for their purpose.

Describe the differences between a 400 OR 500 and a 600/700 as well as ONE of the following:

[*]Its tactics and methods of attack

[*]The roll it fills:

As I stated in my previous answer just above- the differences between both 600/700's and drones of the support variety differ pretty largely in nature. 600 series drones and above are essentially the grunts of Skynet, sent in to deal with scuffles between Tech-Com, patrol the areas, establish outposts, ambush patrols, and the entire sort of basic combat work, while support drones have a more specialized task.

For example, the 400 series of drone is more or less a mobile heavy unit, retrofitted with heavy grade plasma and explosive armaments - the 400 drone is more specialized in clearing out fortifications or large enemy gathering, rather than engaging in CQC combat like the other grunt variants of drones.

Meanwhile, the 500 series of drone is much more of a mobile unit, tasked with scouting around the area of operations, gathering enemy movements, outpost locations, and performing low-scale hit and run attacks while reporting the information into other drones all the while, essentially just a recon element of Skynet.

As a 400 OR 500, provide a small roleplay example for any one of the following scenarios. Minimum six lines/one paragraph.

[*]You have joined during an Event and have come across a group travelling. What action should you take?:

Immediately, as I stumble onto the scene and realize that an event is going on, my first matter of business as a drone here would be rather simple- before even opting to engage anyone or before I start any form of RP myself, I'd inquire on the SkyNET radio if it was actually fine for me to get involved and if any assistance was required, or if a support drone would be ruining the event/it wasn't needed. After that point, assuming I managed to get the greenlight to proceed with interacting with the group, as a 400 model, I'd move up towards the main bulk of Skynet forces in combat during the event. After arriving on scene as reinforcement, I'd begin S2RP with the other party, acting as long range support via rockets, and plasma being fired at them from a distant, without getting in too close personally.

The engagement would continue as the aforementioned for however the long event managers deemed it, back and forth S2RP being advanced, until the opposite party finally got the upper hand or we were given the request to pull back and give them time to catch breathing room, in which that would be done. Essentially following the event script without trying to be a hassle.


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May 20, 2011
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How long have you been in SkyNET?
One week

Describe the role Support Drones fill, and how it differs from the ones fulfilled by the 600 and 700.
OOC, support drones add a little variety to the server, changing up situations and forcing players to think on their feet or communicate about specific models. They help prevent engagements from becoming too stale or mundane.

IC, it varies massively, but it boils down to combating human ingenuity. Standard terminator infantry models are good at what they do, but having broadly the same capabilities across the range (good at withstanding firepower, good at putting out firepower, good at breaching) and broadly the same weaknesses (vulnerable from behind, vulnerable to precision fire and ambushes, etc) means that eventually tactics can be developed which negate most of their advantages. By having specialist models which are more difficult to predict and counter working alongside the infantry models, the usual human strategies become either less effective or more difficult to pull off. Effectively it's the same reason why it's harder to learn how to optimally play chess than tic-tac-toe: the more complexity, the more difficult it is to develop a playbook which works every time. So by introducing more complexity, the operational lifespan of infantry models like the T-600 and T-700 is extended.

For example, throwing T-600s at a human base is likely to end with a lot of scrap metal and no gains, but T-600s supported by an 804 suppressing human defenders could lead to a breach. Similarly, T-700s can't so effectively be used as mass infantry due to the prevalence of plasma, but a group of T-500Rs operating as skirmishers on the flank could turn a resistance line to confusion, disarray, and panic, disturbing their ability to lay effective fire on the T-700s.

Describe the differences between a 400 OR 500 and a 600/700 as well as ONE of the following:

[*]Its tactics and methods of attack
[*]The roll it fills

T-500s are an intrinsically outdated chassis for infantry work. They aren't durable enough to stand up to plasma in the slightest, and their lack of intelligence makes them less able to react to situations on the fly, which would make them easy prey for resistance teams keyed into their programming. Because of that, they've been relegated to a scouting/light cavalry role. Where a T-600 or 700 infantry unit would be sent directly into the resistance in the hopes of overpowering them with firepower and durability, 500s are used as scouts, or quick response forces to small patrols and lone stragglers. Tasking the lumbering infantry models to respond to threats could easily leave them arriving late, or walking into an ambush, whereas the 500 can provide immediate insight on the situation quickly, and then feed that back to slower, more powerful units. In a pitched battle scenario, they also serve a use as flankers, especially in a hit-and-run capacity, where they can keep humans guessing and shifting their disposition to make them more vulnerable to the frontal attacks Skynet favours.

As a 400 OR 500, provide a small roleplay example for any one of the following scenarios. Minimum six lines/one paragraph.
[*]You have joined during an Event and have come across a group travelling. What action should you take?

First of all, check with the other drones online, and potentially the admins, that getting involved isn't doing to cause problems. Events can be hectic at the best of times, and sometimes it's best to let players do what they're doing without impeding them; there could also be a timescale issue that, having just joined in, I'd be unaware of.

Assuming I'm given the all-clear to get stuck in (and that I haven't been told to do something specific, eg. hold them up, hurry them along), I'd run alongside or behind them, giving them occasional glimpses of me, so they can respond to being followed (potentially by ambushing me), and use my time out of sight to keep other drones informed about what they're doing and where they're going. If I attracted too much attention, I'd withdraw and try to find another angle, or just wait a while and then come back. If I saw a lone straggler, or a pair of them, I'd try a hit-and-run attack, especially if I thought it was a player-organised ambush intended to get me off their trail.

Assuming other drones are able to engage the group, I'd become a little more aggressive, moving in on exposed flanks and distracting people from the more dangerous drones. In theory my role would also involve separating players out from the main group, or confusing their lines by putting myself in awkward tactical positions, but that's not the sort of intelligence a T-500 possesses.


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May 30, 2018
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How long have you been in SkyNET?
Not really long at all. 4-5 days?

Describe the role Support Drones fill, and how it differs from the ones fulfilled by the 600 and 700.

Each bot in the Support Drones category has a different purpose: 400's (and their 450 cousins) provide artillery and long-range support. 500s' utilize recon, their Reaver cousins do infiltration work: T-20s sneak behind enemy lines to get detailed information, Widows doing the same: They're the resupply convoys, the artillery support, the heavy guns: The 600s, 700s, and 800s' are the front line: Defending key installations, T-400s, escorting support drones that are vulnurable on their own.

The difference is clear: A T-700 can perform recon, shoot a big gun, and infiltrate if given the right tools: But it cant do recon as well as a T-500, shoot a gun as big as the 400s', or infiltrate as well as a Reaver. 700s' are jacks of all trades: Support drones are aces of one.

Describe the differences between a 400 OR 500 and a 600/700 as well as ONE of the following:

A T-400 is a heavy weapons platform. Armed with heavy cannons and long-range armaments to take down heavier targets at the cost of maneuverability: They're a bipedal tank. A T-600, by comparison, is more maneuverable: Able to turn, adjust fire, and move far more easily than its' oversized cousin. A 400 maintains its' range from hostiles as best it can, using a buffer zone of infantry-models to be able to use its' more powerful weaponry: A T-600 simply advances, and advances, and advances until a target is dead.

As a 400 OR 500, provide a small roleplay example for any one of the following scenarios. Minimum six lines/one paragraph.

A T-500 strides across the sandy banks at a relatively high speed: Its' optics are scanning for contacts, maneuvering as best it can to prevent itself from sinking into the soft sand beneath it-- And then it spots them.

A group of Tech-Com infantry, armed decently with equipment that could easily destroy the drone: It relays its' data to a nearby T-800, informing it of its' discovery. Upon receiving the data, the T-800 gives the 500 the order to engage, with support being enroute.

The T-500 sprints at high speeds towards the targets: It prioritizes the one with the RPG, the entire party turning as it arrives within thirty meters. The Tech-Comm infantryman with the RPG brings it to bear--

Twenty meters. The T-500 attempts to evade, but it's had the bad luck of facing a hardened T-C Sergeant.

Ten meters. The RPG is fired, catching the T-500 in the lower half as it's closing. It fires its' plasma weapons in vain--

Five meters. The bot soars close enough to make it to where it wanted to be. Its' legs gone, it opens fire onto the Sergeant it had been targetting, point-blank: And it succeeds, pounding the T-C veteran with plasma fire before, finally, it's disabled. The reinforcements arrive to a single dead T-C sergeant, and the shattered husk of a T-500.


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Dec 5, 2011
Broly Broly and Shia Shia checked

i don't have time for the three others since im leaving in like an hour for like 4 days. enraged or whoever gets the new support sub lead thing will get to you. maybe.

if not ill check them when im back


Aug 19, 2011
Steam Name: Belowthebelt

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How long have you been in SkyNET? On and off for about five months

Describe the role Support Drones fill, and how it differs from the ones fulfilled by the 600 and 700.

They are the specialised role that standard drones cannot fill. Need something that can pave a way for other drones to move forward? Deploy a T100 and send it down the main road. Need something that can provide artillery? Use a T450 on the back line that forces TC to deal with it. There are a number of more specialised roles like the Driller that is used more for plot related events but all of them have roles of their own that spice up encounters with Skynet.

Describe the differences between a 400 OR 500 and a 600/700 as well as ONE of the following:
[*]The roll it fills

One could argue that there are similarities to the T400 and T600 in it's more rudimentary AI, resistance to ballistic weaponry, weakness to plasma and it's many weak points that humanity have began to exploit wherever possible. The main differences is in it's appearance as before Skynet began devising plans of infiltration they needed a hardy drone that could deal with the problems of it's time. So they designed this drone with an almost alien appearance to their form compared to the T600 that was supposed to mimic the human form and strike fear into humanity because of this. The other main difference is in it's weaponry. A T400 has a number of weaponry that can be used for an all manner of tasks be it suppressing targets with it's duel plasma weapons or using launcher to target clusters of targets hiding behind cover. While the T600 was stripped down to try and seem as human as possible from a distance. Most were equipped with high calibre machine guns but later converted to plasma weaponry as time changed.

Overall both are different because of the time they were manufactured. One was made to fill the void while the other was the more refined to strike fear into it's enemies once Skynet realised this as a means to win the war.

As a 400 OR 500, provide a small roleplay example for any one of the following scenarios. Minimum six lines/one paragraph.

** The hallway hangs in silence, bodies and empty cartridges litter the floor that weave between one another. A bright red light looms in the distance behind the shattered remains of a wall, it's metal supports on full display and a mound of concrete lines it's front. Behind it, this beast remains in-place, constantly analysing the path ahead without any remorse or reason, set on one intention; terminate.

Some ways off, behind closed doors, men and women plan for victory in room that has lost all meanings to it's past. A sudden idea is sprung like the first successful strike of flint and tinder across dry wood. With their idea filling them with the sweet warmth of confidence, they spring to action. All seems quite. Not a soul in sight. There is a sudden roar of explosives and bright light beams into a long lost chamber where the beast dwells. Before it can turn about it's set upon with the ferocity of a pack of wild dogs. As an act of defiance, a single rocket detonates within the chamber, collapsing the wall. But the beast is no more. Whoever is left can buy the dead and learn from what happened today. Never fight a T400 in close quarters.

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Mar 17, 2018
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Mr. Bagel™

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How long have you been in SkyNET?
1 Month and 4 days on official record, spent a few days here and there playing as a T-600 to help out during events and such.

Describe the role Support Drones fill, and how it differs from the ones fulfilled by the 600 and 700:
To put it in my own words, support drones are meant to be the macho men, the muscle and larger brother that can shove off bullies and only need to appear in order to send Tech-Com conscripts terrified for their lives. However support is in the name doesn't mean they're all drones with a huge exterior, of course different drone models in the support division have different duties and directives to complete. It should be fairly simple to compare Tier I support drones, such as the T-500 to a T-600 and T-700. The tactical in-capabilities of a T-500 are restricted to being less tactically effective as an T-700, however still having the near same amount of tactical abilities of a T-600, which isn't saying much of course. A T-500 is of course outfitted to be a lightly armored unit so it has a lot of mobility, frequently used for scouting. Which in turn means it isn't as effective in an combat environment as a T-600 and T-700 are, to their standards.

Other support units such as the T-704 and T-500R are both effective in combat in their own respective manners, the T-704 is best staying in an elevated position whilst being far away from the fog of war, it's not effective up close as more standard infantry drones such as the T-600 and T-700 are. Classified as a 'Sniper' could easily explain it's duties and functions, however it has been outfitted with an advanced CPU so it isn't idiotically firing at targets who pose a lesser threat compared to others, instead being able to identify the higher threat targets. An example target would be an soldier, or ally of Tech-Com outfitted with an Rocket Launcher, a target that would certainly halt SkyNETt's progress. However with a T-600 and T-700, not having such a level of strategic prowess are more prone to shoot whatever is within closest range.
With a T-500R, it's definitely a more covert model drone, not often to engage in the middle of a firefight head on against Tech-Com soldiers. It's services are best utilized at eliminating vital enemy support units, such as an RPG team or Tech-Com soldiers who utilize watt rifles to barrage our larger support units. It's capabilities far outshine it's chassis, as it can further cause distress among enemy lines as T-500R units can disable electronics within it's vicinity. Constant miss-communication will obviously cause more Chaos among enemy lines than a T-600 and T-700 simply eliminating targets whom have small arms.

Using these three support drones as prime examples, it should surely show how the role of the Support Division differs from standard infantry drones. Each drone in the Support Division has a role to play, and aren't all meant to be there leading the charge as bunker busters. Its own different variety of drones accommodate the aspects you wouldn't find from progressing as a T-700 and upwards in the standard infantry structure. Aspects such as increased mobility, increased accuracy, greater destructive capabilities and intelligence.

Describe the differences between a 400 OR 500 and a 600/700:
A T-400 drone is your prime example of what you would see in a 'bunker buster' style terminator. However acting like a brutish terminator, it doesn't have the same functions as your standard infantry drones, in this case being the T-600 and T-700. The T-400 is unable to use vocal communication with other drones or humans, unlike the T-600 whom are able to speak basic commands such as <:: ACKNOWLEDGED ::>, <:: ORGANIC IDENTIFIED ::> and more simple responses. However the T-700 is able to form basic sentences, meaning it's able to ask humans in captivity questions that'll help SkyNET learn about certain people of interest. Unlike T-600 and T-700 models, a T-400 has a thicker chassis which is able to withstand more incoming fire than it's standard infantry counterparts. The strategy between a T-400, T-600 and T-700 are different however, it isn't the the most powerful asset in front which can deal the most damage, instead it's the T-600 and T-700 models leading the charge and responsible for clearing the way of any incoming small arms fire towards the T-400. Its purpose is to disrupt and terminate enemy movement and personnel, all whilst making sure it isn't taking too much enemy fire.

For the T-500, I wrote an example above regarding the role in Support Division it provides, along with two other models. I intentionally put it there so I could give deeper insight into the few different paths in the Support Division one could take. Accounting for different preferable play styles rather than standard infantry drones such as the T-600 - T-700.

As a 400 OR 500, provide a small roleplay example for any one of the following scenarios. Minimum six lines/one paragraph:
As a T-400 patrols down an narrow street in an destroyed urban area, he hears footsteps walking the opposite direction, as if the footsteps were almost a block beside him. He turns, to meet the footsteps at the end of the street to where they're heading. The group of Tech-Com soldiers are huddling down the sidewalk, their faces seemed confident but one, the sergeant. The footsteps of the T-400 become louder, as the group begins to notice the increasing volume of the footsteps they already begin to see a large plasma cannon barrel poking around the corner and shortly after a towering robotic figure with glowing red eyes stare down the group of three. It only takes a matter of seconds as the Sergeant yells "With me! Move to a covered position." Being in a urban area, the nearest source of cover would be an exposed household which still provides few sturdy walls of cover. The T-400 does not hesitate, it opens fire with large plasma cannon blasts as the group moves to the nearest building for cover, forcing the group to crowd together inside. The T-400 now utilizing the perfect moment before the enemy can use it's most powerful weapon against such a large target fires his built in rocket launcher, firing behind the area of cover where the three are it knocks them out (splash damage in game). The T-400, ruthless until the end quickly barrages the corpses with it's plasma cannon so they pose no further threat to SkyNET. What might be the most important hour of their lives if they had lived was only another day for the T-400, it continues its patrol down the street until it ambushes the next foolish group of humans.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope it is to your liking. If you have any inquiries about this application feel free to send me a message via discord (Mr Bagel™#2551) or here on the forum.


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Jan 1, 2015
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How long have you been in SkyNET? from the start

Describe the role Support Drones fill, and how it differs from the ones fulfilled by the 600 and 700.
they serve very different gameplay purposes in terms of how quickly they can decimate players as opposed to relatively weak endo-type drones. they have a much more cinematic presence and in lore, are sometimes reserved for specific applications like base defense, fast attack, and reconnaissance, each model having a very different strategy in accordance with their loadout

Describe the differences between a 400 OR 500 and a 600/700 as well as ONE of the following:

t400s and t500s, while less intelligent than their late model endoskeleton counterparts such as the 700 or 800, have much less versatile, much more specialized abilities. t500s for example are less equipped for face to face combat, and are more suited to reconnaissance, harassment, and delaying opposing forces. this specialization comes at the cost of the versatility that humanoid endo-skeletons excel at, lacking armor as well as the variety of their loadout. humanoid endoskeletons for example, often re-use the same chassis to create new deviations such as the 600 grenadier, the 700 marksman, or the 831... being whatever the 831 is. lastly, and this can be said for the t400 as well, these older models do not have the intelligence that their newer counterparts do, so often may rely on greater direction from command than their newer humanoid endoskeleton counterparts may not. as for the t400 specifically, it boasts a number of design choices more preferable for it's role as maybe a squad support drone. it's heavy enough to take a beating, but not at great expense to it's profile and it's ability to provide close support to more modern endo counterparts. this can also be seen in it's loadout, being equipped with rockets and large caliber weapons. these support drones are arguably obsolete in the era of t800's, however, their unique weaponization still provides a distinct advantage when availible for use.

As a 400 OR 500, provide a small roleplay example for any one of the following scenarios. Minimum six lines/one paragraph.

[*]You have ambushed a Tech-Comm patrol of three soldiers, two privates and a sergeant. They armed with a mix of projectile munitions and RPGs, but they have not yet seen you. What do you do...
[*]You are going to take part in an assault on the defenses of a base. How would you do so?
[*]You are patrolling and have found what looks to be an out of bunker group. What do you do?
[*]You have joined during an Event and have come across a group travelling. What action should you take?
most likely, shoot a quick /r or /a and ask what the group is up to, if they're a part of the event that's going on, or if they're independent, so that toes don't get stepped on. if they're not involved, and i'm not making my way to an event, i'd stick to whatever my drone is designed to do. observe as a 704, harass from afar as a t500, or if i'm something really dumb like a t400 or other, probably start some cheesy s2m/s2k with them to build atmosphere.

[*]Design your own scenario.

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