Pending Siberia unban appel

  • Attention
    • Do not post useless +support.
    • Do not post personal vouches.
    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.
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Feb 17, 2019
Name of character: (Siberia Character) Didn't make one yet
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104956355
Original length of ban: Perma
Time since ban: Don't know i don't remember getting banned
Who banned you: Doesn't say who banned me
Reason for original ban: Poor behavior
Proof(If Applicable):
Reason for unban: I'm trying to join the Siberia RR and when i'm trying to join it's saying that im banned. Can I please be unbanned to attend the RR, Don't know what caused me to be banned, Don't know how I got banned and i would wish to RP during the RR
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