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    May 22, 2011
    We're going to be going forward with a few ground rules regarding use of the shoutbox in order to discourage the poor behavior that had become the norm and was acting as a very awkward and poor first face to present to any newcomers joining the community.

    1. No Politics. - Don't muddy discussions of history with politics.
    2. No Begging. - This means money, steam gifts, everything. It's annoying to see.
    3. No Blogging. - We don't care about your personal life. (What do we consider blogging? Constantly speaking about yourself and focusing conversation on you and about you.
    4. No fetishism/Sexual talk. - We're not fetlife, get over yourselves.
    Disregarding the rules can end up in you receiving a lengthy or even a permanent ban from using the shoutbox, if you're being particularly annoying you'll likely be met with a ban regardless of how well you can skirt the rules.

    The community leaders may add further rules if any are required.
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