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    (It’s actually my first time writing like so, so if it’s trash grammar and such, then so be it. The main thing I’m writing this for is to show the hardships my character at the endure.)


    That’s all Dimtry was, a shadow...

    Chapter One - Meeting
    A man awakes in a cell panting, his legs dangle over the sides of the small metal bed. He stands up, his height not helping him in the underground bunker. He thinks about his name and home, Dimtry Vladikovijakoz, I was born in Minnesota....I road here in a truck and it crashed on the way here... He looks down to get the sad reality, his nun of a hand still there, he sighs and glances around, seeing his weapons on a rack neatly set there...A lot of care shown to them. He sighs and goes to the bathroom, right as he is about to go he hears the sounds of the footsteps come towards the cell, he looks over and multiple people enter, hooded and all.
    A lady sits down and talks “What is your name?” Her voice his firm yet proper, no distinct accent. Dimtry prompty responds with his name “It’s Dimtry...” she sizes him up for a moment, taking note of his height. She nods and says “Where are you from?” And Dimtry responds “Minnesota...” she nods again and says “A child of the north, Good. Do you support Tech-Comm?” In which Dimtry responds with “I’m not with them, so no.” She nods, and sighs...They have no need for him, she nods to a few others and they come inside, throwing a bag over his head and guiding him outside and away from their bunker, pushing him along as they bicker to each other. They stop Dimtry and remove his bag, and give his weapons back. Dimtry runs when told, vanishing into the country side.
    And he didn’t run to far, because he then watched them...Being a shadow of them, he watched battle after battle, until finally they find him watching, holding him at gunpoint they take him away...He chooses to join them, going through weeks of training and finally coming back. He is given the nickname ‘Titan’.
    ‘Titan’ Would follow them blindly, his first mission was to set up traps, which he did, his second was get water...He was a simple mule...Being used. He does as told anyways, until his first combat mission, they crawl across fields to get to a abandoned prison, moving swiftly through the prison in the shadows they reach a large window, a NR peeks outside while ‘Titan’ and a few Legionnaires keep watch, few minutes pass and then two gunshots go off, and the TechComm radio goes insane, and the NR tells the Legionnaires to run, the small group of 5 run to a tunnel in the prison, and crawl through it to a abandoned swimming pool, in which they hide for hours until the storm blows over. Weeks pass that he spends with the Republic, he leads a fellow Legionnaire around a small town...And then the sounds of footsteps fill the streets.
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