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May 16, 2011
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For over two years now DayZ Origins largest challenge has always been the Salvation City (Commonly known as Sector B) mission. The Devs have changed the NPC difficulty countless times with each update, making it harder and harder for players to get the valuable loot that draws them back.

What is Sector B?

Sector B resides on an island roughly 10k out from the North East coastline of Taviana. The island is inhabited by the "Rich and Important" who have fled the Zombie Apocalypse and set up refuge there protected by a private military force. On every 4 hourly server restart, the island will repopulate and also respawn the objectives - Two blue Ural trucks filled with rare weapons, ammunition, building materials and other equipment. To get the loot, players need to mount an assault that will often take the whole 4 hours to complete, and require the highest level of coordination, teamwork and general combat skill.

Sector B Layout

The island is roughly 2km in diameter, with a 50ft wall that runs the entire perimeter. Beyond the wall is a 50 meter killzone, followed by a chainlink fence, 100 meters of woodland, and then the beach.
Inside the wall, a long airstrip cuts the island in half from North to South. On the Western side is the main residential area and town, where most of the action will take place. The focus is a square courtyard with tall buildings on all sides. Further to the North edge is a warehouse complex, and then East is the key Hotel.

NPCs have M2 Machineguns mounted on roughly 8 rooftops, along with standard MGs to support them. Urban camo enemies will only spawn once, and always in the same place at key vantage points. Green camo enemies will respawn everytime a new batch of player reinforcements arrive at Sector B.

Getting to Sector B

Since the last few updates, getting to Sector B by boat became pretty much a void concept. Guards now patrol the beach and perimeter wall, often hiding in bushes or pine trees. It just takes too long and is not worth losing half of your men to just get inside. However if you must, there are 3 cracks in the wall around the perimeter - 2 of which will be randomly blocked each restart by immovable tank traps. The beach patrols can be completely ignored if you enter by air.

Ideally you need a heavily armoured but fast moving helicopter - The UH60 Blackhawk is an ideal choice, with an experienced and calm pilot. The pilot needs to know that for the next few hours, he will be flying back and forth between the spawnpoint at Kameni, picking up dead players and throwing them back onto the patience is a must. You can also do it with the KA60 or Mi17 - although the Mi17 is a much less maneuverable machine that can be tricky to keep under control at high speeds. You can also use the AN2 Biplane, although it makes picking up respawns at Kameni somewhat harder.
You team needs to be ready for Sector B BEFORE the previous server restart. You need to give yourself enough time to get there, fight the enemy troops, and evac. Always allow time for fuckups, because they will happen. At least 2 snipers are essential. Extra poorly armed members for the "meat grinder" are always preferable too.

The pilot should drop the first wave of players in the electrical substation area to the North of the courtyard. The walls here will give you plenty of cover once you have hit the ground. Ideally an eject altitude of 70 ft should ensure you reach the deck quick enough to avoid the machinegunners training on you. Your heli needs to bug out as fast as possible, passing over at max speed, and then heading directly for Kameni to collect those who will inevitably die in the drop.

Repeat this drop and pickup method until the first area has been cleared. Do not try to land the Heli on the first wave - if your pilot gets killed or the heli is damaged, you may not be able to get airborne again and will lose your transport.

Securing Ural 1

Upon landing, your team needs to focus and above all, stay alive. That means no running out into the open, no getting ahead of yourself. Take it slow, take out the enemy guards one at a time from cover. Focus on the M2 machinegun emplacements first as they are the biggest threat to you and your heli. Check the rooftops of the red apartments, the grey apartments and the yellow "Mayors house". Also be sure to check the staircase balcony of the red apartments opposite your drop zone, as enemies always hide there.

Once the immediate area is clear, move around and into the Mayors House with one small group of players, clear it, and then use the front facing windows to take out targets on the hospital and other courtyard areas.
Do NOT run for the Ural until the area is clear! If any NPCs are nearby, their heavy machinegun fire could hit the truck causing it to explode. If this happens, youve basically fucked up and the whole task is wasted.
Send out a single man to the Ural, attach 4 wheels, 1 bodykit and 1 engine (found inside) and then drive it round to the substation dropzone. Do not mess around giving out loot until its secure behind the walls. At this point you have two choices. You can either land the heli, load it up, and send it home with the loot to bank it, or leave the Ural in place and move on to fight part 2.

I would highly recommend quickly securing the Cinder Blocks, Reinforcing Material, Electrical Circuits, Screws and as much ammo as you can.

Securing Ural 2 & The Mayor

This part can be a lot more tricky, especially if you have triggered several waves of NPC reinforcements.
The second Ural sits in the middle of the island next to the airstrip with almost zero cover. A total killzone. You will need to take out the M2 Machineguns on the hotel to the east first, before sending the heli to it. Then you can consider flying over and dropping a team behind the hotel building. Rush them to the roof and begin providing overwatch. You will need to focus on the Air Control Tower, the M2 guns on the yellow courtyard roughly 500m away, the incoming troops, and always be careful of the M2 guns sat at ground level behind the orchard where you may drop in.
The Mayor usually waits inside the hotel at the top of the stairs, inside a small room. He carries a Gold Desert Eagle and will fuck your shit up if you dont drop him first. Be sure to grab the high level house blueprints on his body once hes dead.

Your men need to clear the entire airfield, before then sending over a group to the Ural. You will always face resistance from the far end of the landing strip, so make sure you have those sniper rifles zero'd in. This part takes the longest, as troops will take their time closing in on you and you can only pop up to take several shots before you draw their fire. Do not use the lower balconies in the hotel as the NPCs notoriously have the ability to hit you much easier there. Be sure to prevent any NPCs from reaching the hotel and coming inside, as that will give you serious problems.
Once the airfield is cleared, send out two runners for the Ural. Fix the wheels again, and drive it either behind the Hotel, or if you're feeling ballsy, to the same Substation LZ where you parked the other. The hotel is closer and easier, but when your heli arrives to pack up the loot, you may well find yourself in a crossfire from enemy reinforcements.

As usual, pack up the shit and get the fuck out ASAP. Dont piss around sharing out who gets what - do that when youre back in the air on the way home.
Avoid messing around trying to get extra helicopters fixed to take home - it will only waste time and more than one heli per team usually ends in disaster.

Dont get greedy.

Getting the Loot Home

Perhaps the most critical stage of the mission is packing the gear away into your base. This is when you are at your weakest. Players are in high spirits, tired, and generally are not paying attention as they try to unload the equipment. You should always send a scout into the base first to ensure no-one is camping it. If you land the heli, lock it or take it in turns to run to your houses and dump the critical loot first.
Always be aware of other players - the easiest way to do sector B is to let someone else do it for you. By holding the "i" key , anyone can see how many NPC kills you have - any more than 10 usually means a sector B attempt is underway, and if they know where your base is, they will happily wait for you to return and ruin your day.

Also be wary of enemy clans trying to interfere during the mission itself on the island. Hence why its always a good idea to load up your heli after Ural 1 is done and get the gear home before you do Ural 2. Enemy players will often simply fly over and use their gunners to spray the Urals and blow them up just to fuck you over.

"Cheap" / Cheat Methods

I dont condone these techniques at all........but they can result in earning yourself some quick gear if you do it right. This always seems to work better on higher population / laggier servers, as the NPCs do not react as fast to your presence.
This can often be a good idea if you have some time to kill near the server restart or if you think someone has already been to Sector B - perhaps they have left behind some loot in the trucks or died halfway through the task.
Simply load up your heli with poorly armed guys - throwaway Lee Enfield rifles are a good choice, and drop at the same spot. Once your men hit the ground, you can either try to take out a few critical enemies, or run immediately for the Ural in the courtyard.

Grab a large backpack each and then immediately pack it with key gear. If youre lucky, you may have up to a minute before the NPCs see you. Sometimes much less.
Then run straight for the Church to the side of the Ural, kill any guards inside or opposite the front door in the alleyway, and then wait in cover.......
.....and log out.

This automatically kicks you from the Sector B area when you respawn, dumping you in the ocean to the south east or west about 300 meters. You can then simply fly the heli over, and pick up the swimming men with full backpacks. Be careful because the beach patrols WILL be able to hit you at that distance.
You can rinse and repeat this method by picking your men up, emptying their bags into the heli gear and dropping them back in again and again until you have everything you want.

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