RR - The Vietnam War - Date: 7/21-23

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Oct 1, 2011

The Random Roleplay team is pleased to announce that the sign-ups for the Vietnam War Random Roleplay event are now open! If you would like to take part, reply with your character name, and you will be slotted into a squad. We will add more squads if needed.

If you would like to apply for a higher rank, such as Company or Platoon staff, please note in your reply, and the RR team will fill the slots accordingly. You will be slotted in as a regular enlisted in the meantime, however. Please note, these ranks are and will not be set in stone. Characters dying will be common, so promotions and new characters will be common.

Battalion Staff

Battalion Commanding Officer| Colonel R. King|DiBen

Company Staff

Company Commanding Officer|Captain J. Morgan|Gunnerstrip7
Company Executive Officer|1st Lieutenant S. Farker|LKC6
Company First Sergeant|1stSgt W. Kieran|scumbo

1st Platoon Staff

Platoon Commander|2nd Lieutenant D. Winters|Klyppen
Platoon Sergeant|SSGT. J. Kurtz|Brealaran

1st Squad

1st Squad Leader|SGT. E. Briggs|Helios
Enlisted|SPC. C. Martins|Snuggles
Enlisted|PFC. R. Snyder|Warmessiah
Enlisted|PFC. Rowe|Fudge
Enlisted|PVT. L. Hart|Mid
Enlisted|PVT. P. Madison|Adderall
Enlisted|PVT. M. Green|popo
Enlisted|PVT. L. White|7dast
Enlisted|PVT. A. Eagle|Anton
Enlisted|PVT. Anderson|doggo
Enlisted|PVT. R. Millender|McCrae

2nd Squad

2nd Squad Leader|CPL. T. Healy|TOMKEG1
Enlisted|SPC. ____|
Enlisted|PFC. A. Delacruz|stimpy
Enlisted|PFC. L. Donny|sevbear
Enlisted|PVT. Larkson|Tyler Franze
Enlisted|PVT. R. Baker|Wizard
Enlisted|PVT. B. Wilson|Jon
Enlisted|PVT. D. White|Juzion
Enlisted|PVT. A. Calkin|Mother
Enlisted|PVT. F. Person|M A G A
Enlisted|PVT. ____|

3rd Squad

3rd Squad Leader|SGT. D. Markowitz|NapDaddyWhac
Enlisted|SPC. J. Loyd|Benji Dooble
Enlisted|PFC. B. Price|diff
Enlisted|PFC. S. Sturgeon|Zigafu
Enlisted|PVT. L. Shaw|Cooljet17
Enlisted|PVT. J. Cameron|The Red Menace
Enlisted|PVT. G. Bishop|Mr. Ballin
Enlisted|PVT. E. Murphy|Zippo Raid
Enlisted|PVT. J. Heart|Levinx2
Enlisted|PVT. J. Amano|kingryan
Enlisted|PVT. D. Rosenberg|Patriot

4th Squad

4th Squad Leader|SGT M. Stark|Rionas
Enlisted|SPC. Z. Cherrin|Newticus
Enlisted|PFC. K. Conners|22wester
Enlisted|PFC. J. Smith|zap430
Enlisted|PVT. K. Williams|Airsoft
Enlisted|PVT. H. McGraw|Tuxxy
Enlisted|PVT. E. Richardson|Pro1914
Enlisted|PVT. S. King|Raklo
Enlisted|PVT. Hottle|Lawlman
Enlisted|PVT. J. Barone|Dementia
Enlisted|PVT. ____|
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Fig Jig

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Apr 19, 2015
Sign me up as SPC. A. Rodriguez 2nd squad, thank you

edit; shit what a birthday present


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Jul 12, 2015
Any squad.

Pvt. R. Baker.

please let me come i've been hyped over this rr since it was first came up with.


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Feb 21, 2016
Executive Officer if available.
Samuel Farker


goblin admin
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Media Team
Jun 20, 2011
I'm not certain if I'll be able to make it, but if I can I'd be happy to drop in as a more perihperal role like an APC driver or a gunship crewman


Dec 1, 2012
ill take cpl/sgt of 1st squad and edit this post with a name later

e; Sgt. E. Briggs
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