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Dec 25, 2015
The biggest fucking irony is the people who sat around in the tower who I expected to die first for letting everyone in actually lived to the end, and everyone else who fought and escaped all died or got assimilated.

I also thought half the camp was infected when in reality I was the third or fourth Thing total.

And then the storage shed happened and about eight people got fucked up...


Jun 25, 2015
The biggest fucking irony is the people who sat around in the tower who I expected to die first for letting everyone in actually lived to the end, and everyone else who fought and escaped all died or got assimilated.

I also thought half the camp was infected when in reality I was the third or fourth Thing total.

And then the storage shed happened and about eight people got fucked up...
i only went because i liked the maintenance team :(


Dec 3, 2012
Didn't take any screenshots myself sadly, but got a bunch of logs saved from the entire event though, cleaned up some of them:

** Charles Polcutt steps forward, holding out his hand. "Matthew, there are more of you then there are of me. I think you could win if I was infected."

Aaron Stewart: We'll burn him alive if we have to. Alright? Get up there and draw blood.

Jillian Fuller: T-Tie him down, yeah? Cut him - carry the blade to the center of the room.

Jillian Fuller: Let it drip - set the blood on fire.

Charles Polcutt: Shut up, Jillian.

** Matthew Reo raises his icepick 'Right, right, turn around. Just to be sure.'

Charles Polcutt: I am tired of your screaming and crying.

** Aaron Stewart takes a step back, raising his flamethrower.

** Charles Polcutt turns, holding his hand out.

** Jillian Fuller scurries for her flare. She strikes it - lighting it up and filling the room with a bruning, red hue.

** Matthew Reo stepped over behind him, moving over to the left so as to Aaron has a clean line of firing if need be.

Jam Junker: [YELL] Christ!

** Matthew Reo after setting up, he pricks him in the hand that he reached out.

** Jillian Fuller tosses the flare on the ground. She backs up behind the flamethrower -- on the barricade.

[L] ** Juan Marcelo keeps eyes on the opposite room. The flashlight's beam cuts through Jillian and casts a shadow.

(Charles Polcutt) ** With his hand pricked, he moves away, going around the couch to sit down. **

[L] ** Matthew Reo took a step back and lowered the icepick.

Charles Polcutt: Just light the thing on fire already.

Charles Polcutt: I'm hungry.

[L] (Jillian Fuller) ** The room's illuminated by a flare! **

** Aaron Stewart turns his aim downwards, at the small collection of blood.

Juan Marcelo: Somebody watch the barricade, man! Don't let these assholes outta' sight!

(Aaron Stewart) ** The trigger is pulled and a small poof of flames is dispersed. Covering the blood. **

Charles Polcutt: [YELL] Don't eat my food, Juan!

Juan Marcelo: [YELL] Fuck you, fatboy!

Charles Polcutt: [YELL] Kiss my ass, wetback.

Juan Marcelo: [YELL] You ain't gettin' SHIT.

Johnny Chalk: [YELL] You aren't getting jackshit you British fuck!

Johnny Chalk: [YELL] You're gonna steal all our god damn food!

[L] ** Jam Junker flinches at all the yelling.

Juan Marcelo: [YELL] We're fuckin' CLOSED.

(Richard Nichols) ** The flamethrower sparks up for a mere second before it fades out, the tank out of fuel. **

Jillian Fuller: No--

Jillian Fuller: No!

[L] ** Matthew Reo turns to Jillian 'The flare!'

** Charles Polcutt lets out an exhasperated sigh. "Fucking...."

** Aaron Stewart frowns, taking a look at the meter. "Ah shit.."

** Jillian Fuller jumps down. She grabs the flare she'd just set up - quickly tossing the dwindling flame against the blood pile.

(Richard Nichols) ** The flare lands next to the blood, rolling over it, with some sick twisted sense of humour, the wink is aimed upward,s avoiding the pool. **

** Aaron Stewart adjusts the fuel tank, turning it open completely.

Jillian Fuller: I--

Jillian Fuller: FUCK!

(Aaron Stewart) ** Again, he tries it. **

Jillian Fuller: Use another flare-- I'm not going near the blood!

** Jillian Fuller goes back to her spot, on the barricade. She turns to the people inside.

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] He-- Hey! INside!

Olivia Griffin: [YELL] No!

Juan Marcelo: Somebody get that fuckin' barricade down! At the far end! We're ditchin' this joint!

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] No-- We-- We know how to test it!

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] It's in the blood!

Olivia Griffin: [YELL] You aren't coming in!

Jam Junker: [YELL] Fuck off with your flamethrowers an' guns. Fuck your tests! Cabin fever!

** Viktor Sanchez pushes away from the terminal and off towards the barracade.

Juan Marcelo: [YELL] We ain't infected with this AIDS shit! We don't need to fuckin' test!

Viktor Sanchez: This is our place!

Matthew Reo: [YELL] Olivia! It's me, Matthew! At the very least hand us one of the gas lamps! We need a source of heat!

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] Fine-, just-- Test the blood! Whatever this is-- It can mimic people! You need to test everyone's blood! I'm serious-, it attacked us!

Olivia Griffin: [YELL] I -- hold on!

Viktor Sanchez: We're SAFE.

Viktor Sanchez: We'll give you a lamp for a gun.

[L] (Richard Nichols) [EVENT] ** The blood shoots upward, a hysteric whine being heard as it latches onto the ceiling and then leaps for Markus. **

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] No you're not! Anyone of you could be a fucking monster! You need to test your--
Viktor Sanchez: This is survival and we wanna fuckin' live.

(Charles Polcutt) ** As soon as the blood lurches forward, the doctor begins to change. His neck extends, blood gushing from holes the stretched skin provides. Arms extend, claws jutting out of them, his large bulky stomach rupturing open to reveal hundreds of tentacles and huge, bonelike teeth jutting around the edges. **

(Charles Polcutt) ** The Thing has arrived **

Juan Marcelo yells in Spanish!

Viktor Sanchez says something in Spanish.

Olivia Griffin: [YELL] What?

Viktor Sanchez: [YELL] JUAN. EL DIABLO.

Viktor Sanchez: [YELL] We GOTTA GO.

** Jillian Fuller doesn't shout anything coherent anymore. She charges the barricade with all her might - trying her hardest to get in.

[L] ** Matthew Reo yells out 'HOLY SHIT!' as he backs away, holding the pick infront of him in one hand, and reaching for the flare he got in one of his coat pockets with the other.


Jillian Fuller: [YELL] FUCK-- WE NEED FIRE, NOW!

Jam Junker: [YELL] We got it open!

** Markus Gray screams as the blood makes a dart for him. He takes off down the hallway, dropping his gun down into his arms as he makes a mad dash down the hallway.

Olivia Griffin: [YELL] Run, go!




Aaron Stewart: Shit, shit!

(Olivia Griffin) ** The lamp is left within reach! **

Juan Marcelo: [YELL] MOVE, MOVE!

Juan Marcelo: [YELL] C'mON!

** Jillian Fuller snatches up the lamp, spinning. She doesn't know what to do with it.

(Charles Polcutt) ** The Thing's eyes bulge, blood shooting out as the head begins to wave around, the creature charging Jillian with a low, moaning cry. **

[L] (Richard Nichols) [EVENT] ** The blood lands where Gray previously occupied with a noisy splat, then it turns, taking off after him into the darkness and vanishing. **

[L] ** Matthew Reo pops the flare as the thing charges forward, illuminating the room and holding it infront of himself, along with the ice pick.

** Jillian Fuller has a burning oil lamp in hand. She doesn't know what to do with it - and in her fit of panic, she tosses it directly at the CHarles-Thing!

[L] ** Aaron Stewart fumbles around with the flamethrower, trying desperately to get /something/ working. Out of options, he pulls down the trigger and hopes for the best.

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] Aaahhh!

(Jillian Fuller) ** Hopefully, if it actually works, it'll douse the monster in oil - setting it ablaze! **

(Richard Nichols) [EVENT] ** That inhuman scream can be heard echoing within the hallways of the base yet again, unsettling all those around to listen. **

(Charles Polcutt) ** As soon as the Charles imitation grabs the front of the thrower and pushing it to the side, the other large, clawed hand headed straight towards Aaron's neck. **

(Charles Polcutt) ** The oil douses half of the creature, but it ignores that. More important things to do. **

[L] ** Matthew Reo outright slams the end of the burning flare into the side of the creature while also slamming down the business end of the icepick straight into the thing's skull.

** Jillian Fuller ditches Aaron - what a shame, she doesn't want to die. She moves away, to the right.

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] Burn the oil!

** Aaron Stewart drops the flamethrower to the side, letting go of it as he tries to grab for the creature's arm. Keeping it AWAY from his neck. Screaming out all the while.

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] Aaaaahhh!!

(Charles Polcutt) ** The oil is set alight, and the thing screams, but it continues it's onslaught. The icepick does nothing to the creature, really, except aggravate it, sending it's loose hand towards Matthew while it tries to heave itself onto Aaron, the teeth and sharp tentacles jutting towards the man's stomach **

[L] ** Jillian Fuller pants in fear, watching the sight with tired, frightened eyes!

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] Gah! H-HELP!


** Aaron Stewart continues his struggle, trying to rip the creature's arm loose of his neck as his legs join the fray, kicking for his life.

[L] ** Matthew Reo pulls away slightly from the monstrosity to avoid the loose hand being thrown at him, dropping the flare on it, continuing to hold onto the icepick after it was stabbed into the being in an attempt to tear away a chunk of the monster with himself as he takes a step back.

(Charles Polcutt) ** Several of the sharpened tentacles just into Aaron's stomach, the teeth too short and stubby to do anything, really. He is lucky enough that the thing can't get at him with it's arms, even though unnaturally long. It pushes with all it's might, trying to force more of itself into Polcutt's former friend and colleague, a sick joke in and of itself. **

[L] ** Matthew Reo once more, he tries to chop straight into the burning monstrosity after dropping the flare on it, in an attempt, as futile as it might be, to save Aaron.

** Jillian Fuller grabs a-... cardboard box? Yeah, uh-... oh! She tosses it at the creature's flame-engulfed side, hoping that by spreading the area of the flames, it'll help the creature burn faster.

(Jillian Fuller) ** Jillian's acting on impulse - she's acting in fear. **

[L] ** Aaron Stewart keeps at it, trying desperately to get the creature to release it's neck. Screaming all the while.

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] Gaah! Get it off me! GET IT OFF ME!!

(Charles Polcutt) ** The fire begins to take ahold of the Thing, and it loses it shit. With an unnatural scream, it lets go of Aaron, and begins to fling itself around, trying to put out the flames. The cardboard box simply catces on fire, and doesn't do much. The Thing begins to sprint towards the door, possibly knocking into Matthew in it's firey escape attempt. That terrible scream continues all the while. **

** Jillian Fuller backs away - she doesn't want to burn, and she's scared of such a fate!

[L] ** Matthew Reo as he sees the thing fling itself back and starts charging backwards, he knows better than to block its path and moves out of the way, not like he had any choice there.

(Charles Polcutt) ** Frantic flinging and running intenisifies. **

[L] ** Matthew Reo kneels and takes hold of the dropped flare, throwing it at the monster.

** Aaron Stewart stumbles forward, catching himself with his hands as he collapses. "H-Holy shit!"

(Charles Polcutt) ** With a sickening crunch, the top half of the body breaks off, right at the torso, and it begins to run towards the door, the torso rolling around, pretty much putting out the flames. **

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] No-- Give the fire tinder! Make the flames continue!

(Charles Polcutt) ** On the other hand, the legs remain, still on fire, and still losing its shit. It screams, rolling around the room as it tries to put out the fire **

** Jillian Fuller rushes back towards those carboard boxes from earlier - tossing another one on the rolling torso of the monstrosity!

[L] ** Matthew Reo looks around, then moves over to the cabinet and does the same, taking one of the cardboard boxes of it and throwing it straight at the thing.

(Charles Polcutt) ** The legs roll around, flames pretty much out, though a cardboard box helps the flames along. The torso is pretty much out the door, some bony spider legs beginning to sprout, though the smoldering flames continue for quite some time as it screams down the hallway. **

[L] ** Matthew Reo doesn't stop when it comes to throwing shit at it, collecting more and more things off the cabinet and throwing them straight at the monster.

** Jillian Fuller has another idea. She rushes for the feeble wooden table - grabbing it by two of it's legs and spinning -- slamming it down on to the legs with as much force as she can muster, an effort filled yell bursting from her lungs.

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] YaaaAARRGH!

(Jonas Jorgan) ** There are footsteps behind the locker as something suddenly flies out towards the locker, flinging it aside. Whatever did it is out of sight of anyone, but there was defenitely something back there - It just threw the locker across the room. **

(Charles Polcutt) ** The legs scream, odd, but the flames increase, the slacks Charles' once wore now burnt away, exposing the burning skin underneath, it seems like something is trying to grow out. After a while, the thing stops moving. Congrats, the legs of the First Thing are dead. **

** Aaron Stewart almost immediately shoots up as the locker is flung aside behind him, he stumbles onto his legs and starts moving to the door.

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] Shit sshit SHIT!

[L] ** Matthew Reo holds his icepick forward as he hears something slam into the barricade behind him 'What the fuck?!'

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] RUN!

** Jillian Fuller is still holding on to the legs of the table - which is now cracked in half, and half in flames - and she uses this to her advantage! She tosses the burning fire-wood towards the barricade, hoping to catch something-- anything alight.

** Aaron Stewart glances over his shoulder for a brief moment, getting a glance at the other beast before turning fully. Legging it.

** Jillian Fuller chases after Aaron, after that. She's not particularly in a mood to die today.

(Charles Polcutt) ** Another scream is heard, the torso fully escaped. **

(Jonas Jorgan) ** The face of Jonas-Thing comes into view, and almost as soon as it sees the group, it's shape begins to become more grotesque. A tentacle flies out towards Reo's leg in an attempt to trip him up as he runs. **

(Jillian Fuller) ** Jonas just had half a burning table tossed at him. **

(Jonas Jorgan) ** Oh. Jonas backs up quickly,letting out an alien scream as the burning table barely touches his leg. It buys them time, though. **

** Jillian Fuller lets out a scream as she runs with Aaron.

[L] ** Matthew Reo turns and runs after the other two, yelling out 'JESUS CHRIST!'

Jillian Fuller: [YELL] FUCKING RUN!

[L] ** Aaron Stewart stumbles past the chairs, exiting the room like his life depends on it. It does.

** Jonas Jorgan withdraws, going back into the shadows from where it came. A small comfort at least, to anyone watching it leave the area.

[L] ** Matthew Reo god damn sprints with the others.

Aaron Stewart: Reo, get the comms.

Aaron Stewart: Get anything, try anything!

** Matthew Reo shut down the drill and laid it upfront against the table right next to himself, then began trying the comms.

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: Hello? Hello? Does anyone read us?

[L] ** Matthew Reo frantically tries the radio to call in any sort of support through the storm.

[L] (George Meyers) [EVENT] ** Nothing but static and silence. **

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: [YELL] Is anyone out there? Does anyone hear me?

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: [YELL] We need help!

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: [YELL] The antarctic multi-national outpost was attacked by these things! Send help! Send the fucking military!

Aaron Stewart: [YELL] Try the emergency channels! Try something!

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: [YELL] I repeat, we need help! These things are killing us! They turn us into them and multiply!

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: [YELL] They fear fire! Send help! We are still alive!

[Stationary Radio] Matthew Reo: [YELL] Please! Send help! I repeat, the antarctic multi national research station needs help!

(Richard Nichols) [EVENT] ** As the snow mobiles vanish into the wasteland, testing their luck at escaping with limited fuel and supplies, the things that inhabit the base go dormant, disappearing into dark corners. The living that are left have no means of communicaton. No power. No food. They are alone and cold. **

[L] (Aaron Stewart) [EVENT] ** As the door opens, Aaron swings around. **

(Joe Moore) ** Joe appears in the doorway. A lost, bruised, and limping man. **

Joe Moore: Jesu-...

** Matthew Reo as the door opens, he immediatelly reaches for the drill and turns it on.

[L] ** Aaron Stewart spins around as the man appears out of nowhere. Flamethrower trained on him. He waits.

** Matthew Reo trains the drill on him in turn.

Joe Moore: Don't-... do that. I... got lost-- they ha-...

Joe Moore: They ran. All.

Aaron Stewart: I'm... I'm sorry.

Joe Moore: You can't do this, don't do this.

(Aaron Stewart) ** With that, Aaron pulls down on the trigger, lighting Joe up in a sea of flames. **

** Matthew Reo keeps the drill trained, ready to impale and shred him to pieces incase he tries anything.

(Joe Moore) ** Joe's gone for good-- he lets out an ungodly scream as he's slowly turned to ash. Though-- Aaron's random selection for Joe's death was reasonable-- Limbs sprouting from its body from where limbs had not been before. It charges head on into the mining drill, though-- it's already ablaze and dying, in the end, not putting up a good enough fight. **


[L] ** Matthew Reo pushes the drill forward onto the ground in order to impale it onto the floor, shredding it to pieces.

** Aaron Stewart flinches as the person in front of him suddenly explodes into action, backpedaling as he lets loose another burst.

(Joe Moore) ** Notably, between flames, Joe's hand swell up like balloons. His fingers sprout longer... into something that resembles spikes. Though, it's too late. As the thing that once represented Joe collides with the mining drill, it collapses, struggling on the ground. **

(Joe Moore) ** More screaming, too. **


** Matthew Reo keeps the drill forced onto it, continuing to shred it apart as he drives it all around it and cursing loudly 'Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!'

(Aaron Stewart) ** In response to the screaming, Joe is covered in one last burst of fire. **

(Joe Moore) ** The beast slowly goes limp, the alien, unrecognizable bits turning a nice... dark singed tone. **

Aaron Stewart: W..we need to go.

** Matthew Reo drives the drill around its remains some more to ensure it is very, very dead, then pulls it out 'Y-Yeah, we should go.'

Aaron Stewart: There's going to be more. They've definitely heard us.

** Matthew Reo turns the drill off to conserve fuel 'Was-was this the seventh? I lost count.'

(Joe Moore) ** The thing doesn't offer any more response. The poor tentacles now going permanently limp. **

[L] ** Aaron Stewart turns, chills running down his body as he makes his way to the door. "I- I don't know."

** Matthew Reo follows along, watching the rear.

** Aaron Stewart takes a deep breath, releasing a sigh.

Aaron Stewart: We're fucked, straight up fucked.

** Matthew Reo exhales loudly 'It's all gone wrong. First we lost our teammate, now every other person we stumble upon is one of them!'

Aaron Stewart: Just-

** Aaron Stewart turns to the PC, stowing his flamethrower away for a moment.

** Matthew Reo continues watching the area, to ensure nothing stumbles upon them.

Aaron Stewart: Alright, let's go. There's only one place we can hold out.

Matthew Reo: Which one?

** Aaron Stewart takes a deep breath, continuing on. "Dorms, everyone's stuff is still there. Maybe there'll be food, water."

Matthew Reo: True, our best shot.

Aaron Stewart: Our last shot. Everything else is either dead or trying to kill us.

(Context for this one, Rabid walked over to a window and watched us on his infected thing)
Matthew Reo: [YELL] Fuck off before I shove this into your face!
** Aaron Stewart remains silent, wandering past.

** Aaron Stewart begins to climb his way inside, shining the flashlight in a wide arc as he does so.

** Aaron Stewart swings the flamethrower back, attaching it to the backpack as he turns to Reo.

** Matthew Reo looks at all the cases and the suitcase with a smiley sticker on it, shaking his head 'Can you imagine it? All our coworkers, all these people we knew, are now these monstrosities.'

Matthew Reo: It... it makes me sick.

** Aaron Stewart shakes his head, his usual voice having turned a lot more depressed. Almost devoid of any feeling. "Come on, we've got to block off the entrances."

** Matthew Reo nods a few times, his voice becoming similiar after all the things he saw.

(Aaron Stewart) [EVENT] ** Camera pans out, screen fades to black **
(Aaron Stewart) [EVENT] ** Roll credits **
(Matthew Reo) [EVENT] ** To be continued? **
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jumbo shrimp

Jan 17, 2017
that storage shed was a fucking nightmare

2 people getting assimilated was enough, then a third and fourth burst through either exit and sprinted inside. that shit was insane
Dec 25, 2015
2 people getting assimilated was enough, then a third and fourth burst through either exit and sprinted inside. that shit was insane
If it helps I was planning to bring the flares as I said I would and try to sow confusion. I'd spent like, 30 mins in the radio room and missed the fact the other team was escaping, so ended up walking into the shitstorm in the storage shed instead lmao

I broke cover and tried to eat someone then let them escape, left, then faked my death when the Tower team left by being shot.

Then I ate someone else with a broken leg and we spent the next 30 mins IC hunting Tank/Matt and fucking their supplies over before going off into the storm to freeze and wait for a few hundred more years.
Jun 25, 2019
Team USA| George Halls. | Junior research assistant. He really just helps the big guys carry out experiments, getting equipment, throwing things away the others can't be bothered to since they're much too busy.
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