Event RR - Half-Life New America: Into The Wild

Sep 22, 2012
Since I saw this in the other thread,

I would say that going in and purging Xenian infestations wouldn't be their job, they are equipped to handle strays but not lairs. They would probably log it and call CIC or COTA as required.
What are the chances of seeing CIC or COTA (preferably CIC) during this weekend? Will they be pulled from the regular CIC and COTA boys and girls, or will it just be handled by admins as event characters?


nazi bastard
Sep 8, 2011
pirate pirate Would we be allowed to set up out chars before the event Friday or are we doing that tomorrow when it starts
The event starts Saturday morning. Due to the way the server transitions work we can't really have you set up your characters in advance unless we let you on the event server. I will say that we will spawn any clothing you want for these characters.

pirate pirate is there any room for cop passive at all or no
There is room for rural police officers to passive RP but not before the event they're connected to.


Fishin' Magician
Jul 9, 2016
it goes with the bucket and doesnt take me with it

problem solved its gone i no longer care and go back to hunting houndeyes
What if it just teleports to outside of the bucket (the side that you are on)

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