Resonance Aftershock - Quotes & Screenshots


The Shaman
Feb 15, 2015
this was a fucking blast. i took pictures of everything from beginning to end, and tried to include as many people as possible in em. also i think some of the images broke because theres too many... i will fix and add more later



May 26, 2011
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(Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** Somewhere off in the desert, a few faint gunshots crackle off. **
Nick Greaves: Man, fuck!
Nick Greaves: Get in, we gotta show this shit.
Marcus Green: [YELL] This is one hell of a trophy. What kinda alligator is this?!
Marcus Green: [YELL] We got us a gator!
Marcus Green: [YELL] I never seen one like it!
Nick Greaves: [YELL] That ain' no alligator, motherfucker. Looks like one of those kimono dragons they got out there.
Marcus Green: [YELL] Kimono fuckin' dragon!
** Marcus Green clambers in.
Marcus Green: What are we gonna' do with it?
Nick Greaves: Fuck, I 'unno.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Ay', kid.
Marcus Green: [YELL] Where's the butcher in this piss hole?
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Y'all wanna see a real trophy? Y'won' catch this in LA.
** Theo Miller tries his best to ignore the racket outside.
[L] (Lennon Whitley) ** ''Next time y'hop into my car like it's fuckin' yours- You're gettin' yo fuckin' nose broken.'' Lenny' declared, pointing at David. **
Marcus Green: Yeehaw, motha fucka.
Marcus Green: Y'all ever seen a kimono dragon like this?
** Maya Ramirez stares.
[L] (Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** A Chevy El Camino pulls into the lot, a tarp sheep draped over the back. Fleshy material hangs loosely off the back. **
** David Rosenberg holds his hand up to David, as if telling him to shut it, "The Hell is that?"
[L] ** Lennon Whitley looked back to Nick, suddenly, he forgot all about David. ''Jeez- What th'fuck?''.
Marcus Green: Pull that tarp off, Nick! Show em' what we got!
** Nick Greaves glances over his shoulder, tugging at the AR-18 settled behind his seat.
Lennon Whitley: Looks /huge/.
David Rosenberg: My word.
Nick Greaves: This, my good man, is what I think is one of those rare kimono dragons.
Maya Ramirez: Que chingado?
Lennon Whitley: Huh- It looks fuckin' rare.
Lennon Whitley: Never seen anythin' like it.
[L] ** Nick Greaves tugs the tarp sheet back, revealing a large, amphibian-esque creature with a mass of tentacled spines at its front.
Lennon Whitley: Jesus...
Nick Greaves: Me an' my boy ran into it an' bagged it.
Marcus Green: I didn't know we had them around here. Didn't know they spit acid, either.
Marcus Cross: Shit, we eatin' good tonight, 'eh!?
Lennon Whitley: Man- That's a good catch...
Marcus Cross: Goddamn.
** Maya Ramirez walks up and inspects the trophy.
Marcus Green: I ain't eatin' it, let's take this thing to a taxidermist! Or a rug!
** Rudy Navarro rolls up and turns his engine off. "What in the goddamn is that?"
Marcus Cross: Ya'll gone and caught yourself el chupacabra.
Marcus Cross: Call the fuckin' media.
David Rosenberg: That's wild.
Marcus Green: Kimono dragon, rare one. You see... it tried to eat us, had to put it down.
Nick Greaves: Here, watch this for me man.
Lennon Whitley: Seriously- This shit is crazy,
Rudy Navarro: A fuckin' Kimono Dragon, huh?
Maya Ramirez: What the fuck is kimono dragon?
Rudy Navarro: Ain't that one of them Asian things?
Lennon Whitley: That- I guess.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Ay', George!
[L] ** Lennon Whitley slips back inside the store.
Marcus Cross: Can you eat those damn things?
Marcus Green: Someone musta' got it as a baby and let it loose in the desert once it got too big.
Marcus Green: Either that or it ate them.
Maya Ramirez: This pendejo looks out of this world, chico.
Theo Miller: Huh. Maybe somethin's up with it?
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Georgie, can I borrow ya' phone?
[L] (Nick Greaves) ** Nick hollers into the store, an AR18 held under his arm. **
Theo Miller: Either way, I wish you a good day. See ya' round.
Axton Munoz: [YELL] Yooo!
Lennon Whitley: Dude- Try mine. If it's showin' up wit' an error three times in a row- Something's gotta be up.
George Cliff: Prob'ly got filed wrong, if you know your license is good. Take it easy.
Axton Munoz: [YELL] Rosenburger!
** Theo Miller turns, looking towards Lennon. "Somethin' wrong wih my ID, or license..."
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Georgie! Seriously, man!
Theo Miller: Guess we ain't buyin' today.
Lennon Whitley: Yea'- Somethin' wrong wit' you in general.
** Theo Miller makes way for Nick.
Nick Greaves: We got us a kimono dragon, rare thing bagged out there!
Nick Greaves: Ya' gotta see this man, it's a beau.
Theo Miller: What the fuck is goin' on out there, anyway?
Lennon Whitley: Yea'- Dude. That thing is /huge/. Has fuckin' tentacles!
George Cliff: Kimono dragon? Hell, I'll check it out.
Theo Miller: Tenticles?
Theo Miller: What the fuck is that?!
Theo Miller: Good god.
Lennon Whitley: I don' know!
** Rudy Navarro sticks his key in the ignition and turns his bike back on. He gives the Kimono Dragon one last look-over before heading off in the other direction.
Marcus Green: You should of seen the acid it spat. It melted right through some old aluminum on an aircraft out in the boneyard.
** George Cliff crosses his arms. "No doubts about it, it's a leopard squid. Saw one in a book."
** Nick Greaves jabs at George's shoulder, "Can I borrow your phone, man? I gotta call this into the show."
Axton Munoz: Yo, like-... what the fuck.
George Cliff: Sure, use the one in the back
Axton Munoz: That's one big ass squid.
** Avery Smith steps up to the truck.
[L] ** Nick Greaves slips past them to the phone at the back
[L] ** Lennon Whitley sniffled. ''You're gon' be famous- Bub- What?''.
Theo Miller: These people are nuts.
[L] ** Nick Greaves sets the AR18 underarm, then starts dialling into the phone
David Rosenberg: [YELL] Hey!
David Rosenberg: [YELL] If any of you need to get out of the heat, come into the bank. You can relax in the A/C for a bit.
Theo Miller: Something's wrong with my ID, and license. Maybe you wanna try, Lennie?
George Cliff: 'Scuse me.
Axton Munoz: [YELL] Anybody want some cocaine?
[L] ** Lennon Whitley makes way!
[L] ** David Rosenberg unlocks the door.
Theo Miller: You wanna try gettin' me that M9?
George Cliff: Y'all gonna stand around or buy something?
[L] ** Nick Greaves starts dialling in a few buttons on the antiquated phone, before he can dial something in.
Theo Miller: I mean, gettin' /you/ that M9.
Lennon Whitley: Bruh- 'Fore I try an' buy anythin', check my shit.
** Theo Miller turns towards Axton. "Naw. Not my thing..."
Theo Miller: Respectable.
George Cliff: [YELL] Hey! No sellin' drugs in my store, or buyin' guns to sell them illegally!
Axton Munoz: [YELL] Wh-... it's legal, man!
Axton Munoz: [YELL] I swear!
** George Cliff points to Axton and Theo. "Get the hell out!"
Theo Miller: Yeah, I'm goin'...
** Theo Miller walks out. "I'll catch you later, Lennie."
Lennon Whitley: Man- What'cha doin'? Don' do that shit on th'mans uh- Turf!
George Cliff: Yeah, you get it.
George Cliff: Get /me/ arrested for that shit.
** Maxwell Wallace slides inside the store.
[L] ** Lennon Whitley turned back to George. He slid two cards towards him. ''Yea'- I get it.''.
** Maxwell Wallace nudges the lady, "You in line?"
Nick Greaves: Ay', WOKE FM? I got a helluva story for y'all here, talkin' about strange stuff. Me an' my buddy were out in the desert when we ran into this huge lizard. We think we bagged us a rare /kimono dragon/, like it seriously was big - 'bout as big as a tiger.
** George Cliff checks Lennon's detials in the computer. "You're good. So, what can I do for you?"
[L] (Lennon Whitley) ** One of the cards was a driver's license, the other, a firearm's permit, good only for a handgun, nothing bigger. **
Theo Miller: [YELL] Make way, fellas. Gotta get on the road!
Nick Greaves: Gave us a lil' fight, tried to spit fenom at us but we got it down, S'got some weird kinda squid mouth.
Lennon Whitley: Ah- One o' them pistols, maybe? That a glock?
(Linda McCauley) [EVENT] ** Throughout the day, local gossip confirms that many residents' dogs and cats are turning up missing. **
[L] ** Lennon Whitley points over George's shoulder, at the rack of rifles.
George Cliff: Sure. Glocks are the most reliable handguns out there. Five hundred.
Nick Greaves: Jus' lettin' y'all know we're gon' get this trophy on display in Brimstone so they can see this baby.
Lennon Whitley: Aha! I can do that- How much are rounds, tho'?
[L] ** Nick Greaves sets the phone back on the hook, then glances back to Cliff, "Thanks, Georgie."
Avery Smith: Yep, mostly cause of the weird activity recently. Didn't think I'd need the piece until today.
Harry Manto: What the hell is that?
Nick Greaves: C'mon Marc, les' take this down to the waterin' hole.
Nick Greaves: Boys'll wanna see this beaut.
Brandon Hunter: I am a hunter, so maybe I can help with getting that thing mounted.
Marcus Green: Never know, man. You see the military convoy earlier? Something's up. Maybe this ain't a kimono dragon afterall. Maybe it's an escaped government experiment.
** Marcus Green waits a minute then starts laughing "Just kidding, thatd be crazy."
** Avery Smith shrugs and chuckles, "The radio was talking just like that. Anyway where you boys headed?"
[L] ** Lennon Whitley didn't notice! He was focused entirely on his transaction.
Ofc. Buck Randalph: So... What is this?
** Harry Manto Panted a little as he got in line
Brandon Hunter: A score.
** Maya Ramirez loses interest and leaves.
Marcus Green: Gonna' be at the airfield later, we're there all the time.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] C'mon, man. Les' get this baby to the waterin' hole.
Brandon Hunter: Officer.
Marcus Green: Officer, this is our kimono dragon.
[L] ** Nick Greaves sets his AR-18 on his lap, climbing into the truck.
Brandon Hunter: This is a score of a lifetime.
(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** For those loyal listeners, the local radio station takes a break from the music to bring another updtate. It's the first host again. "Good evening, Brimstone. That was 'Weird Science' by Oingo Boingo, a little tribute to our egghead friends up the road. Lot of weird happenings in town lately. We had a caller in earlier about what I can only imagine is some kind of...mutant or something..." **
** Ofc. Buck Randalph blinks a few times and shakes his head, "...Right, alright. I think this is enough crazy shit, I'll just go with what you've said and move on."
Avery Smith: Airfield huh, right. Well my names Smith, if you guys need anything let me know. We're looking for guys like you, just in case.
Loccie Pham: Hah.
** Loccie Pham points at Buck with giggles.
Marcus Green: Green, that's Nick.
** Marcus Green gestures to the guy in the truck.
** Loccie Pham makes way.
Avery Smith: Right, this is uh...
Marcus Green: Here's my home phone number.
** Avery Smith points at Hunter.
Avery Smith: What's the name, again?
Brandon Hunter: I am Hunter.
** Marcus Green writes it down and passes it to him. "Show up at the airfield later if things get worse."
** Avery Smith grabs the number, "Will do, thanks."
** Marcus Green rests his shotgun across his lap after picking it up off the floor.
Marcus Green: Watch your toes.
Avery Smith: Hunter you got a car?
(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** A click can be heard as the answering machine plays back a caller's message: ""Ay', WOKE FM? I got a helluva story for y'all here, talkin' about strange stuff. Me an' my buddy were out in the desert when we ran into this huge lizard. We think we bagged us a rare ~kimono dragon~, like it seriously was big - 'bout as big as a tiger..." **
Newton 'Newt' Miller: What the fuck.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Man, pull over.
Quinn Rich: Jesus, man.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Y'all boys wanna see a real beaut?
Stan Evans: Aliens this, aluens that... Causing-
Nick Greaves: Shit-
Jack Proctor: ...
Quinn Rich: You can't park. What the hell is that?
(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** The recorded message continues. "Gave us a lil' fight, tried to spit fenom at us but we got it down, S'got some weird kinda squid mouth. Jus' lettin' y'all know we're gon' get this trophy on display in Brimstone so they can see this baby. Meet us at the waterin' hole!" Click. **
Marcus Green: Kimono dragon.
Nick Greaves: Marc, you think the cops'll give us that bounty they put in for that baby snatchin' coyote?
Quinn Rich: That's a huge one.
Nick Greaves: Like, this thing looks like it coulda' ate a baby.
Newton 'Newt' Miller: I...
Hank MacLaren: [YELL] WOah.
** Quinn Rich pokes it.
** Stan Evans stops drinking, and raises a brow," That ain't no dragon I've seen, we're not in aussie land either."
Hank MacLaren: Yo.
Quinn Rich: Fuck me, that's some real leather... somethin'.
Marcus Green: Careful, it spat acid that dissolved metal.
Quinn Rich: What?
Quinn Rich: Kimono dragos don't do that.
Nick Greaves: Yeah, don' fuck with the merchandise.
Hank MacLaren: Yo. Can I take some of it's meat man?
Marcus Green: Good thing we got a truck liner.
Newton 'Newt' Miller: It spat acid? You're shitting me right?
Quinn Rich: That's some real bullshit. Kimono dragons don't do that.
** Jack Proctor steps forward behind the rear of the vehicle inspecting the alien creature in awe.
Quinn Rich: They don't look this big either.
Stan Evans: The fuck would it be doing out here? Biggest lizards we get are the size of mu palm man, and they don't dislove metal.
Marcus Green: Well, I did take a couple rips of the blue stuff. But... Im pretty damn sure it did.
** Stan Evans comes up to the window," Hey wait, you got a light man?"
Stan Evans: I need a light.
Quinn Rich: Every normal fuckin' hick needs a light. Jesus.
Quinn Rich: Look at this fuckin' thing.
Hank MacLaren: Hey driver in the truck.
Newton 'Newt' Miller: I don't think I ever seen anything remotely like that in biology class.
Stan Evans: Man my lighter died man, I need a light I need my smoke. I ain't a fucking hick.
Hank MacLaren: I'll give you 50 bucks if I can cut off a hunk of this here flesh.
Nick Greaves: Here, we gotta haul this thing in.
Nick Greaves: Get it on display.
(Hank MacLaren) ** **
** Stan Evans walks around to the back again.
** 'Buzz' Windrip watched Nick Greaves walk in with a FAL.
Quinn Rich: Does he not know it's rude to walk around with his firearm out?
Hank MacLaren: Naw
Stan Evans: [YELL] Do I get free beer if I do this?
** Maya Ramirez looks at Marcus and grabs her beer with a nod. "Gracias."
(Nick Greaves) ** It's actually an AR18, he's carrying it underarm. **
Calvin Reed: Yer puttin' this thing up in here?
(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** Frank's voice cuts back in. "Well, that's quite the story, folks. I'll have to take your word for it. I've got my own watering hole right here along with 5 years worth of canned food, and I'm stayin' right here. Here's a little country classic to calm your nerves: 'Angel From Montgomery' by Bonnie Raitt. Maybe a little later, we'll play the original version, too." **
** Loccie Pham exchanged the bill for some dollar coins, she kept the change and nodded to Marcus. "Aw, hell yea. I appreciate it."
Hank MacLaren: Look at this fucking thing.
Quinn Rich: [YELL] Hey. Don'tcha know it's rude to walk 'round holdin' that damn thing?
Hank MacLaren: Maybe the fucker is edible.
** 'Buzz' Windrip reclaims his nerves.
Micheal Reddings: What?
Nick Greaves: Ay', ma'am, you got a lil' space at the back for a lil' trophy me an' my boy bagged?
Quinn Rich: Dude.
** Marcus Green is just listening to the radio, his arm sprawled out across the top of the seat's beckrest
Stan Evans: Who's gonna wanna eat a lizard man?
Micheal Reddings: You want to eat that alien shit?
Quinn Rich: Dude, well..
Quinn Rich: Listen.
Stan Evans: I've ate lizards, they're tough as shit.
Hank MacLaren: Man if it is lizard it might taste good.
Loccie Pham: Sorry, sir. Is no my bar.
Marcus Green: High in protein. You see that muscle?
Hank MacLaren: Snake tast good out here man.
Marcus Green: Dense.
Quinn Rich: It might taste fuckin' good. Think about it.
Loccie Pham: I just sell foods.
Nick Greaves: Ya' gotta see this-
Stan Evans: They're all muscle dude.
Quinn Rich: You ever eat snake jerkey?
Hank MacLaren: Ye man.
Micheal Reddings: It's the migrants, man.
Nick Greaves: Real kimono dragon. Bagged it in the desert-
Quinn Rich: That shit... mm, mm-mmm! Eat it, man.
Stan Evans: Jerky-Fied, that's a different tale now.
Hank MacLaren: This ain't no fuckin lizard.
'Buzz' Windrip: Kimono...
Quinn Rich: Let's pop the trunk, brother.
Hank MacLaren: Wait hold up. It got two legs.
** Loccie Pham seemed to not quite believe him. "No thank you."
Newton 'Newt' Miller: Two fucking legs?
Nick Greaves: Nah, man-
Quinn Rich: [YELL] Pop the trunk, let's get it on display!
Hank MacLaren: How the fuck this thing walk with just two legs?
Nick Greaves: See these?
Quinn Rich: [YELL] It prolly got cut off!
Hank MacLaren: Woah.
[L] ** Nick Greaves points at the tentacles at the front, "See those? Gotta be its legs."
Hank MacLaren: Ye but...
Hank MacLaren: Hell no.
** Stan Evans knelt down and put his beer down, " Who the fuck cares, you know this is the reason all the kids are coming to town."
Stan Evans: To see lizards and shit.
Hank MacLaren: Wait holy shit the tail.
Hank MacLaren: This fucker has spots I ain't never seen before.
Hank MacLaren: Hey.
Marcus Green: Pure beef.
Hank MacLaren: AR guy.
Hank MacLaren: You mind if I take a hunk of this see if it is edible?
** Stan Evans pokes the side of the thing, " Got any gloves man? Like workers gloves, lizards are slick as shit."
Marcus Green: Careful with the haul, don't ruin the skin too bad.
Loccie Pham: Huh-
Hank MacLaren: AR man.
Hank MacLaren: Can I take a hunk of this here things skin?
Stan Evans: Ruin the skin? It's a lizard, they're like leather already.
Nick Greaves: Nah, man - we gon' fin' us a taxidermist.
** Quinn Rich backpedals.
Hank MacLaren: Yeh.
Hank MacLaren: But Will ye need the flesh inside?
Nick Greaves: I mean if y'all wanna touch it sure, jus' don' mess it up.
Stan Evans: [YELL] Anyone got fucking gloves man? Working kind.
Marcus Green: Touchin' is fine... no cuttin' chunks off...
Hank MacLaren: Holy fuck.
Hank MacLaren: This fucker got acid and a tail.
Hank MacLaren: Fucking scorpion shit.
Nick Greaves: Go on man, give it a feel.
Hank MacLaren: Hm.....
** Hank MacLaren Gets out a small rod and pokes the eye.
Hank MacLaren: You sure this thing dead?
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** As the downed monster is disturbed, a hoarse growl from its mouth springs it into action! The spindly tentacles at the thing's mouth flail wildly as the creature determines their surroundings, eyes flicking every which way. Once it realizes it's in danger and out numbered, it looks to the nearest person to display their prowess on! **
Hank MacLaren: [YELL] WOAH.
** Stan Evans looks over what he got, " Man, as long as it gives me a grasp I guess-"
** Hank MacLaren Fucking jumps back.
Hank MacLaren: [YELL] OH SHIT.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Woah, fuck! Marc, I thought you put some buck in this thing!
** Tomas Cantillo quickly removes his .38 from his waistband.
** Stan Evans backs up.
Quinn Rich: [YELL] What the hell!?
[L] (Nick Greaves) ** Nick falls flat on his ass **
Marcus Green: [YELL] I did, I did! What the hell!
Stan Evans: [YELL] You don't even know how to hunt man?
Quinn Rich: [YELL] I'm shittin', what's going on! Tell me!
Hank MacLaren: Shoot it!
Jesse Bulle: [YELL] GOLLY!
Reginald Pham: [YELL] What in tarnation?!
Hank MacLaren: [YELL] Shoot it!
Stan Evans: [YELL] You left the thing alive, didn't even slit its gullet?
** Jack Proctor is startled by the sudden awakening of the beast. He moves well back before hitting the ground.
[L] ** Reginald Pham hustled by the group and into the storefront!
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The creature centers their eye on the attacker, in this case being Hank! The large creature leaps forward with its strong legs, landing on top of the down Hank. Their spindly tentacles dig in to Hank's face with a gruesome amount of force, their barbed edges tearing right through the skin layer. **
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Fuck! I ain' know, I thought buck an' some five-five-six was enough for this kimono!
Loccie Pham: Honey-!
Loccie Pham: Kimono out there...
Loccie Pham: I'll get the ol' shottie?
Maya Ramirez: [YELL] Dios mio!
** Newton 'Newt' Miller stumbles back as well his hand going into his right waistband to draw a revolver.
** Tomas Cantillo fires two .38 rounds into Ziggy, running back after and tripping.
Reginald Pham: Git' the shotgun, Sugar!
Marcus Green: [YELL] Get in the damn truck Nick, the kimono dragon is alive!
** Hank MacLaren Felt the tentacles dig into him removing his skin He pulled out his knife to go and shove it into ziggy's eye ball.
Stan Evans: [YELL] Five five six? They're heads are like fucking bricks man- Hol'ee hell.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] What about our fuckin' trophy?!
Newton 'Newt' Miller: [YELL] KILL IT!
[L] ** Nick Greaves scrabbles to his feet, fumbling with the AR-18.
** Jack Proctor starts crawling away in extreme horror due to the close proximity of the beast and the gory display infront of him. He doesn't stop crawling not wanting to give it a chance to catch up to him.
Stan Evans: [YELL] You ain't lettin that thing destroy the watering hole, kill it.
** Quinn Rich peers through.
Quinn Rich: Heheh!
Quinn Rich: This is fuckin' amazing.
Axton Munoz: [YELL] What the FUCK!
Jack Proctor: [YELL] Shoot the fucker!
Hank MacLaren: [YELL] Help Oh god My FacE!
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The smaller rounds do next to nothing as they impact the thick skin of the super predator. As Hank gets the knife in their eye, he only causes the easily tempered animal to get angrier. A sickening crunch which reverberates through the block is heard as Ziggy feeds Hank's skull into their mouth and closes their jaws with several hundred pounds of force. **
[L] ** Marcus Green fumbles for his shotgun behind the seat and swings the door open, he pumps it starts to take aim at the beast.
** Tomas Cantillo rises up from the ground and runs the fuck away into an alley.
** Hank MacLaren Entire skull is cruntched up as the biker rolls up his body falls flat now. Headless. He looks like a fucken dead manicen.
[L] ** Reginald Pham went to move Quinn out the way as he pumped the sawn off shotgun in his old hands. The old coot was grumbling some backwater slurs.
Axton Munoz: [YELL] ** Axton jumps off his bike and unslings his shotgun from the shoulder, clutching it at the waist towards Ziggy's center. "MAN-- LIKE, WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT!"
Marcus Green: [YELL] It killed Hank!
** Harry Manto Appeared holding a Wood broom of all thing to use as a weapon
** Newton 'Newt' Miller backs off when he sees the beast not flinching he turns and starts making a run for it.
** Quinn Rich turns around, thumping into the bartender's thing. "What the--!"
Stan Evans: [YELL] Whadda you meanit killed fucking Hank man?
Loccie Pham: I ain't never seen nothing /like/ it, boo.
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The creature leaps forward and twists, their salivary glands starting to soak with a green liquid. A roar and hiss attempts to ward off the crowd as it preps to attack. **
[L] ** Marcus Green wrenches the door open and clambers back in, trying to get clear of the monster.
Quinn Rich: [YELL] It killed him! It--
Quinn Rich: [YELL] Oh!
Marcus Cross: Shoot the damn thing! Shoot it!
** Quinn Rich flees.
** Loccie Pham leans against the glass, a HUGE grimace cemented!
** Rudy Navarro backs off, arms raised.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Down, you sum'bitch! Gaw-damn kimono-
Stan Evans: [YELL] Fucking kill it man!
Rudy Navarro: [YELL] What the hell?
Axton Munoz: [YELL] ** Munoz sends a slug at Ziggy's face, bracing against his bike.
Marcus Green: [YELL] Jump in the back of the truck let's GO GO GO.
[L] ** Reginald Pham stuck the shotgun out the door and fired off a buckshot towards the creature in the street! The old man didn't leave the doorway though.
Tomas Cantillo: [YELL] **Tomas runs across the street to the PD.
Marcus Cross: Aw, fuck, it's gonna' come this way now.
** Harry Manto Moved sizeways to get the Body away
** Jack Proctor gets up off the ground holding onto the bin for support. He observes the creature spray its corossive green liquid across the street.
[L] (Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** The fellow in the camoflague vest squeezes off a shot at the eldritch monstrosity, only for its salivary glands to retract, then swell. **
Marcus Cross: Bro, this shit is fucked. Straight fucked.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] What the FUCK?
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The buckshot and slug cause the creature to fire prematurely. It's skull begins to cave inwards as it squeals, sending the viscous liquid toward the back of the white pickup. Yellow blood begins to seep from their open wounds as they try to retreat. **
Tomas Cantillo: [YELL] **Tomas fires off five shots towards the bullsquid.
Stan Evans: [YELL] I swear it's them kids faults, releasin fucking australian beasts out here to get people- NOW ITS GONE AND KILLED HANK.
** Harry Manto Griped onto the Dead guy by their vest pulling them back
[L] ** Reginald Pham ducked back inside now having done what he could. The shotgun was passed back to his partner in elderly crime.
Reginald Pham: Welp! That's a darn shame I tell you.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] A trio of police officers appear. The first, spearheading with his beard, slugs away at the bullsquid.
Axton Munoz: [YELL] ** Munoz ducks and braces against his bike, ultimately confused and horrified. He pumps the shotgun and presses it to his shoulder once again, firing another slug at the target's center. A glance doesn't get made towards the liquid's result just yet, Axton probably oblivious to it.
[L] (Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** A good spread of the viscious fluid spatters across Nick's shoulder and jawline, visibly crackling on impact. At first, he swats at it like a man wiping away snot, before rapidly beating at the point of impact, his disgruntled shouting turning to agonised screams. He stumbles backwards, tumbling into the pickup as his skin reddens and cracks. **
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Gy-fuck, fuck, fuugh!
Loccie Pham: Just picked up a sleeping salamander.
[L] (Marcus Green) [EVENT] ** The driver peels out, burning rubber with a loud screech and roar of the engine. It leaves a trail of melting metal as parts of the metal siding starts to run like wax. **

[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** A spark erupts, the gun store bursting open as two cloven hoofed creatures in metal harnesses emerge. **
Sheriff Moses Foley: [YELL] Get inside!
Timothy Rose: [YELL] OH, FUCK ME!
Joan Brooks: [YELL] Oh shit!
(Rick Donovan) [EVENT] ** "... get back to town, Eric. Now." **
Sweeps: [YELL] Shurr.
Ben Ayred: [YELL] Vest guy, get in the fucking bank!
Alvin Faulkner: [YELL] What are we lookin' at?!
** Thomas Farrer takes cover as it's blown open.
Ben Ayred: [YELL] Kid who needs a haircut, get the fuck in here!
George Cliff: Hey! Get the hell outta my store!
** Timothy Rose slowly backed up, raising his hands into the air. He made his way around the van, "F-Friendly...alien? I am fri-en-dly."
Dep. Fiona Bloom: We need to get inside!
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** The forefront creature suddenly sprints forward, slashing a claw at George's throat. **
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** The surrounding antlions click and shake as they circle their prey. **
Ziggy: [YELL] Galuuuuungaaaaa.
Thomas Farrer: Behind you.
Timothy Rose: [YELL] WHAT HAPPENED!?
** Jesse Bulle bolts into the bank.
Dep. Fiona Bloom: Fuck- FOLEY. WE gotta GO.
** George Cliff is slashes in the throat. "AAAAAAAAA"
Thomas Farrer: Lemme in the van!
Sheriff Moses Foley: Let's get the hell out of here.
Tom Henry: [YELL] Blokes, behind you!
Ben Ayred: [YELL] Cover the doors with the coaches and shit!
Thomas Farrer: Lemme in the fucking back!
Joan Brooks: [YELL] **As he sees George get his throat cut, Brooks backs the fuck up, right into the creature, trying to get a nice new paint on the building.
** Sheriff Moses Foley turns around, face to face with Ziggy. "Ah shit..."
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** Ziggy looks to Moses, starting to form a ball of green energy in their hand. "Galuuuungaaa." It stamps their foot into the ground, sending a shockwave across the ground! The van begins to fly forward, screeching across the ground. **
Joan Brooks: [YELL] FUCK!
[L] (Dep. Fiona Bloom) ** Fiona shoots the shotgun at the antlion on the roof, hollering all the while. "Fucking RUN!" **
** Thomas Farrer stumbles back, under the roof as it flies foward, he keeps his .38 rised.
** Sheriff Moses Foley the officer raises his shotgun. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* Three shots all aimed right at Ziggy's big ass head.
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** The antlion on the roof explodes into a blast of green blood as it dives off the roof towards Bloom. **
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** More of the man-sized insectoids begin to drop down from the roof,the sound of their distinct wingbeats filling the air. **
[L] (Antlion ) [EVENT] ** Another bug follows it's brethren, landing just shy of the van, chittering, open maw. **
** Timothy Rose zoomed into the bank, grabbing for his PPK and struggling to load a mag in.
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** Ziggy lets out a warriors roar as they're shot! The first two shots send the warrior into a spiraling cry as blood begins to seep from their head; on the third, the hulking beast cries and moans, falling onto the dusty floor. **
Thomas Farrer: [YELL] **Thomas trains his .38 onto the alien as it jumps down. He fires off a couple shots into it as it lands.
[L] (Dep. Fiona Bloom) ** **Fiona jumps back as the goop flies in her direction, just barely avoiding getting slammed to the ground by the corpse. **
** Joan Brooks raises his gun at the giant Bug from what he thinks is Star Ship Troopers. He lets off a blast of buckshot from the small weapon he had at the things mid section.
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** Another one drops down from the roof next to Bloom. It readies a talon. **
[L] (Dep. Fiona Bloom) ** Fiona cries out in panic as she frantically fires the shotgun at it, too. **
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** Stepping past George, no longer concerned with the downed man, Sweeps briefly glances backwards to witness their comrade-in-bondage downed by the sheriff. It loosens a shrill cry in an agonised dialect, before loosing a green jolt of electricity towards the sheriff. **
[L] (Antlion ) [EVENT] ** The alien is easily dispatched, yellow blood exploding from it's now mangled body. It slumps over, now a number of feet away. **
** George Cliff crawls to the safety of his store, bleeding from the neck.
George Cliff: [YELL] N-no! My store, ransacked!
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** Another blast takes the antlion by surprise. It collapses onto the ground, impaling its talon into the concrete with a disturbing crack. **
[L] ** Joan Brooks turns his attention to Sweeps just as he fires onto the poor Sheriff. He takes aim, getting ready to pop another load of buckshot into another alien.
Dep. Fiona Bloom: Get on the PA system, sound the call to get inside! These things are all over!
** Sheriff Moses Foley is tossed backwards, throwing him on his ass with a groan. "Fuckin' christ," He tries to reach for his shotgun but fumbles for a moment.
Joan Brooks: [YELL] Fuck you bug eyes!
Sweeps: [YELL] Shiiiiiiiiiaaaaargggh!
** George Cliff stands in his shop's doorway with an Enfield held in his hands like an axe.
[L] (Dep. Fiona Bloom) ** Fiona turns her shotgun to 'Ziggy' on the roof, next. She holds off on firing; watching it closely as she stumbles along towards the other people. **
Dep. Fiona Bloom: They are SWARMING! Get everyone inside!
John Wilson: Whats this
** Thomas Farrer keeps his .38 rised, watching the fight go on.
** Timothy Rose vaulted over the couch, pointing his PPK forward, "This better be fucking WORTH IT!"
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** Sweeps rapidly stomps their left hoof downwards, a flicker of green energy erupting from their claws that sends a shockwave reverberating throughout the immediate icinity, disorienting and staggering the group. **
Alvin Faulkner: [YELL] Man, the hell was that?! I'm seein' double!
[L] ** Dep. Jake Baquera runs up, only to get sent backwards a pace or so. He stumbles, his weapon in hand.
Dep. Fiona Bloom: Just keep the fucking doors closed till we g-
** Thomas Farrer stumbles back as it sends the shockwave, he falls against the door. "Oh shit!"
[L] (Calvin Reed) ** ** Reed falls back from the force of the blast. Dust kicks up in his face too. **
[L] (Dep. Fiona Bloom) ** Fiona is interrupted by Sweeps, she stumbles into the van. **
** Timothy Rose got knocked back against the couch as soon as he decides to vault it. It wasn't such a bad landing, but it was still a knockback.
** Tom Henry falls backwards from the shockwave, surprised.
Timothy Rose: [YELL] OH-
** George Cliff charges Sweeps and brings his hefty rifle down upon the alien in an overhead swing.
[L] ** Joan Brooks lets off a blast of buckshot just as the stomp happned, sadly for him it goes up, probably only a few pellets hitting the vortigaunt if anything at all. He stumbles back, trying to pump his small weapon again.
(Houndeye) [EVENT] ** From the PA System, a worried female voice is audible. She states, pretty quickly - "Alright - Everyone, you /need/ to get inside! The bugs are swarming, get inside!" She repeats this several times. **
Brenton Valentine: [YELL] BEHIND US!
(Sheriff Moses Foley) ** The sheriff pulls the trigger. Another shot at Sweeps. **
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** Sweeps begins to pace forwards, green blood spattering across the ground behind them as a few pellets of buckshot strike their hindquarters. **
Dep. Fiona Bloom: [YELL] Foley! We should get everyone to the station!
Joan Brooks: [YELL] Its behind my van!
Sheriff Moses Foley: [YELL] Let's get them there now!
Sheriff Moses Foley: [YELL] Get to the station!
Dep. Fiona Bloom: [YELL] Everyone! To the station, go!
Calvin Reed: [YELL] Someone check on Cliff- fuck.
Dep. Fiona Bloom: [YELL] Police station NOW!
Dep. Fiona Bloom: [YELL] GO.
Joan Brooks: [YELL] Come on man!
Detective Delaney Jones: [YELL] You heard her! Get over to the police station! Come on!
Sweeps: [YELL] Shiiiiurgh!
Detective Delaney Jones: [YELL] Let's go, let's go! We've got your back! Move as a group!
Jim Gray Jr.: [YELL] Fuck-
Calvin Reed: [YELL] Is Cliff okay? Whatever- help us drag him into the station.
'Buzz' Windrip: [YELL] GET SOME!
'Buzz' Windrip: [YELL] GET SOME!
Joan Brooks: [YELL] Come on Tim!
(Sweeps) [EVENT] ** As Sweeps flees from the scene, a few of the man-sized bugs apprehend it, only to be eviscerated by a green glow. **
(Antlion) [EVENT] ** Antlions begin emerging from the shifting sands on the periphary of town. **
Sweeps: [YELL] Urugh... shirr... talluon gurr...
** Avery Smith pulls back the hammer on his .38, prepping it to fire.
[L] (Sweeps) ** Something bursts behind them. **
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** Inside the bar, the backdoor begins to judder. **
[L] ** Maya Ramirez twitches at the sound and looks at the backdoor.
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** It judders again, a faint thrum erupting from within. **
[L] (Sweeps) [EVENT] ** Eventually, a jolt of green energy rocks the door, bursting forth. **
Maya Ramirez: [YELL] MIERDA!
Joe Abernathy: [YELL] Ah! It's a fucking monster!
** Maya Ramirez jolts back, recovering from the blinding light and dust.
** Avery Smith averts his eyes from the bright light, he crouches down as the door breaks.
Ryan Williams:!
** Maya Ramirez recovers, raising the rifle once again. She looks afraid as all hell.
[L] ** Sweeps paces inside the room, their engorged red eye flicking from one part of the room to another. A gurgling sound thrums from their small opening for a mouth, an almost shrill tone to it. Green fluid is smeared across their side, tears rent in their flesh.
** Joe Abernathy stares at the creature, frozen in fear.
Sweeps: Gallum turr-
** Avery Smith recovers and stands up, "Get the front door cleared." He keeps his gun pointed in the general direction of the creature.
(Antlion) [EVENT] ** Moments after the Antlion attack subsides, a small utility vehicle with Black Mesa marking rips through the middle of town, stopping for nothing and no one. Up in the air, an Apache trails close behind. **
** Joe Abernathy quickly steps over toward the front door, grabbing the sides of the cabinent and attempting to lift it up.
** Maya Ramirez regains her composure, looking at the creature. She musters the most harsh voice she can, screaming "OUT!" and motioning her rifle to the door. She's very scared.
(Antlion) [EVENT] ** Missles detonate in the distance. The apach'e rotors grow distant for a time before they begin to grow with intensity again. **
Sweeps: Luuurrrr......
** Ryan Williams struggles to move the cabinet
** Joe Abernathy groans as he slowly lifts up the cabinent with Ryan's help.
[L] (Sweeps) ** The hoofed creature shifts into a forward stance, their claws balling together, before a hue of green light erupts, jettisoning an electrical energy towards the two armed figures. **
** Avery Smith dives to his left as the creature fires its attack. The beam singeing his shirt and burning part of his stomach.
Sweeps: [YELL] // cant a zigga get a drink around here
** Maya Ramirez looks like she's rammed by a bus to anyone watching. She's tossed behind the bar by the thing's beam, dropping the weapon in the meantime.
** Joe Abernathy quickly turns around upon hearig an electrical zap. "Oh shit!"
Avery Smith: [YELL] gahhaa
[L] ** Sweeps backpedals and sprints towards the restroom door, batting at it with their claws.
** Ryan Williams now frantically trys to move the cabiniet out of the doorway
[L] (Sweeps) ** An audible rattle and clatter of metal erupts from within the bar's bathroom. Maybe this creature had a bad case of the shits? **
(Avery Smith) ** The cabinet finally is shoved out of the way of the door. **
[L] (Sweeps) ** Or, more likely, it's tearing the place apart. **
** Joe Abernathy rushes toward the back of the counter, checking up on the condition of Maya. "Hey!" He shouts, giving her a jostle.
** Ryan Williams goes to Avery's side "Can you walk?"
[L] (Sweeps) ** The sound of water gushing forth and something splashing around in it pours from the bathroom. **
** Ryan Williams put out his hand to help Avery to his feet
Sweeps: [YELL] Shiiiiiiyurrrrrrr-
[L] (Sweeps) ** A shrill cry erupts from within the bathroom. **
** Avery Smith rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up with the help of Ryan.
Ryan Williams: Let's move
Ryan Williams: ok
[L] (Sweeps) ** The bathroom door bursts open once more. **
** Joe Abernathy wraps his arms around Maya, heaving as he lifts her up. "Oh shit!"
** Ryan Williams picks up the rifle
** Maya Ramirez is lifted up.
(Rick Donovan) [EVENT] ** The wind in town picks up as dark clouds begin to form high up in the sky. **
** Joe Abernathy watches as the creature exits the restroom, slowly carrying Maya toward the exit. "Let's go. ."
[L] ** Sweeps barges past the pooltable, sprinting out the backdoor.
[L] (Sweeps) ** The blood apparently washed from its flank. **

(Ziggy) [EVENT] ** A duel of two species is seen upon the elevator coming to the bottom. Each rip and tear limbs off each other ruthelessly. **
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] SHOOT WHEN ENGAGED.
Delia Harper: [YELL] Get back! They're spitting something!
Detective Delaney Jones: [YELL] Shit! I'm out!
(Big Chungus) [EVENT] ** A shrill roar erupts from within the compound. **
(Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The underground portion of the bunker is alive, by all means. Gentle humming and chittering emits from the large hives growing out of every crevice. Some might call the sight beautiful, but what lurks inside is the opposite. **
(Big Chungus) [EVENT] ** Emerging at the top of the slope, it rears its upper carapace and loosens a roar. **
(Big Chungus) [EVENT] ** Kicking and stomping its legs, it begins to gain pace down the slope, charging towards Callaway. **
Detective Delaney Jones: [YELL] CALLAWAY! NO!
Timothy Rose: [YELL] HEY, HEY! WATCH OUT!
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] OPEN FIRE-
(Guard) [EVENT] ** It continues on its charge, half-slamming into the brake-point for the tram unit, buckshot slamming into its armoured carapace. It loosens a growl, then begins to turn its bulk towards the detective and Quinn. **
Timothy Rose: Get knocked into somethin-
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** As the antlion skitters into the room behind them, it only take a moment for them to pounce upwards! Several razer sharp appendages pierce through the plywood, only inches from their feet. **
Detective Delaney Jones: Oh my Jesus Christ.
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** The smaller Antlion's in the back shuffle forwards, preparing to jump. **
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The angry appendages keep working at the plywood. One gets stuck, though-- causing the lion to cry angrily. **
[L] (Guard) [EVENT] ** The Guard snarls, its head rearing upwards as Delaney scrambles atop its head, bucking and throwing her weight off in the direction of the nearby steel tram. It's going to be a painful ride. **
[L] (Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The joint is popped off with the .44, causing the antlion to audibly fall to the catwalk below. It whines in pain-- they're safe for now. **
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** The antlion soldier on the right gets cut down by buckshot, the other one beside it rears and launches itself into the air, soaring over their heads towards the back of the room. **
Quinn Rich: [YELL] Shit! Shit!
[L] (Guard) [EVENT] ** The Guardian continues on its charge, finally losing momentum as it digs close to the hide, spinning in place as much as its bulk can allow. It prepares to rear for another charge. **
[L] (Antlion) [EVENT] ** The smaller of the otherdimensional beings flies towards Jake, limbs outstretched and ready to pincer the poor Deputy. It goes limp mid air, but still slams full force into the Deputy. **
Dep. Jake Baquera: [YELL] ACK!
[L] (Guard) [EVENT] ** Just as it prepares to gain momentum, the grenade bursts a few metres behind the guard, scattering shrapnel and a shockwave into its plumed back. It loosens a shrieking snarl, losing the momentum for its attack, staggering forward briefly, before rearing its weight into the tram behind which Delaney and Foley are hiding, its weight enough to pry it from the rails. **
Timothy Rose: [YELL] I GOT IT, I GOT IT!
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] - DON'T FUCKIN CELEBRATE YET,
Diego Rodriguez: [YELL] OH SHIT
Guard: [YELL] Uuruuuruk!!
Dep. Jake Baquera: [YELL] Dee!
[L] (Guard) [EVENT] ** Still in the moment, the Guard clambers atop the rail and draws its bleeding mass over, charging towards them. **
[L] ** Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway is running off with Rose!
Tom Henry: Bloody 'ell, we really are being invaded.
[L] (Guard) [EVENT] ** Thick, carapaced legs pound the concrete floor, bounding towards them, before a final burst of buckshot shears into the creature's 'underbelly', loosing a spew of innards across the floor. It skids, its weight buckling beneath it as the momentum carries it forward, collapsing atop Joan's prone form. **
(Antlion) [EVENT] ** David Rosenberg's gutteral screams can be heard echoing down the elevator shaft, eminating from the top. After a few seconds of the frantic cries, they go silent, and they're only left with the charging antlion guard before them. **
Alvin Faulkner: [YELL] Man, who'sat?!
** Timothy Rose struggled to go with Callaway, trying to be free.
Timothy Rose: [YELL] BROOKS! NOOOO!
** Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway let him go, then.
Calvin Reed: [YELL] She's fucked up.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: - shit,
Thomas Farrer: [YELL] NO! WHAT THE FUCK!
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] Tell me Jones is gonna live people!
** Dep. Jake Baquera falls onto his knees.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: He's gone. He's gone, man!
[L] ** Tom Henry breathes out from his nostrils after landing the killing blow. The tension in his arms remain, "A fucking alien. Gor blimey." He mumbles.
Calvin Reed: [YELL] Don't worry about it for now. We've got her. Someone check on Sheriff Foley.
Calvin Reed: [YELL] Go.
** Ofc. Jin Lee sprints over!
Ofc. Jin Lee: -Shit, shit, Sheriff, you good?!
Joan Brooks: [YELL] IT HURTS!
Ben Ayred: Get the thing off of him!
Thomas Farrer: Shit!
Ben Ayred: Wait!
(Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway) ** The weight is hugely underestimated. Brooks's internals likely crack, break, or squish. **
(Joan Brooks) ** Its on his lower half, not torso **
** Calvin Reed pushes himself up.
** Thomas Farrer slings his Enfield around his back with the sling. "Oh fuck- you're alive!"
Alvin Faulkner: [YELL] OH GOD, FUCK, SHIT.
(Ziggy) [EVENT] ** The facility is a clear battle ground of dozens of different species. Fighting tooth and limb, each species fights to be on the top of the food chain; the humans are but a mere interference between their battle of intergalactic prowess. **

[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** As they approach, the distinct odour of humidity and rotting meat lingers in the air. **
(Ziggy) [EVENT] ** Something further down the hallway cries a cry of pain each time a grub is stepped on. **
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] Mother-
(Worker) ** A small worker tends to grubs, moving between the Queen and the newborns. **
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** A hulking creature with a luminescent carapace lurks amidst the mass of mache filling the corridor, shuffling and shrieking as a grub is injured or interfered with. **
Sheriff Moses Foley: [YELL] Hey!
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** It appears to be intertwined with the nest. **
[L] ** Calvin Reed cautiously moves up towards a corner, close to the opening. He's barely peeking around to see the two aliens.
[L] (Worker) [EVENT] ** The smaller of the two tends to the grubs, occasionally brushing up against the much larger Matriarch. **
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** She lurks and writhes in the mass, ignorant to the interlopers. **
Sheriff Moses Foley: [YELL] We are going through the vents.
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Then, after the mass of voices enters her catacomb, she appears to glance upwards, her head rearing high, loosing a low-pitched snarl which resonates throughout the structure. **
Sheriff Moses Foley: [YELL] Get over here, into the vents
[L] (Worker) ** The worker slowly turns its head to Calvin, but is quick to move its attention back to the grubs. It seems too preoccupied with the grubs to deal with those who wandered in. **
[L] ** Calvin Reed reacts in what might be the worst possible way. His weapon is raised towards the Worker though he doesn't shoot for now.
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Additional antlions appear to seep through the mass of larval structure behind the Matriarch, forming around the center of their hive. **
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] Quit bein fucking morons and get up here!
[L] (Worker) [EVENT] ** The worker, clearly realizing the imminent threat, braces its body against the Queen, hugging tightly. **
[L] (Green) [EVENT] ** A warrior emmerges from deep within the hive, mounting itself atop it's Matriarch, clinging on. **
[L] ** Calvin Reed Reed backs away from his covered position and goes further back in the room. He's still staring bullets though, simply waiting for one of them to make the first move.
[L] (Worker) [EVENT] ** The creatures pay little attention to Reed, simply sheltering their Queen. **
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** As the group approach from the rear vent, a mass of entangled, bloodied flesh drops loose from a segment of webbing in the hive, a dictaphone clattering across the ground in front of it. **
Maxwell Wallace: whats up
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** It lands in the cluster of grubs near the queen's chamber. **
[L] (Vortigaunt ) [EVENT] ** As they crawl through the vents, echoes from all over the massive facility reach them. It's as if they're in a different world, back in time. Back to being snivveling mammals, hiding in a world with forms of life at their apex. **
[L] (Ofc. Jin Lee) ** From the vent, a grenade is tossed! It's directed for the Matriarch, as the thrower cowers back. **
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** It bursts in one of the alcoves beneath the queen's mass, shearing through grubs and larval extract alike, the matriarch herself spewing a visceral fluid from shrapnel wounds. Shrieking, the entire hive in its infancy seems to judder as she tears loose. **
Matriarch: [YELL] Uuuuuuruuuk!
[L] (Worker) [EVENT] ** The worker bug who moved to investigate the sound of the clinking grenade is immediately eviserated in the blast, exploding into a fireworks display of limbs and yellow blood. **
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Holding back little, she slams her weight into the chainlink fencing, causing it to warp and buckle. **
Matriarch: [YELL] Uuuyyyuuuurghk.
Ofc. Jin Lee: [YELL] ** Fuck it! The grenade-thrower sprays into the Matriarch!
** Key Jamar closes the vent back up
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] GO.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] GO.
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] For FUCK SAKES.
Dep. Jake Baquera: [YELL] For/WARD/!
Joe Abernathy: [YELL] Hurry up!
Dylan Grensky: [YELL] Get out!
Timothy Rose: [YELL] MOVE!
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Viscera spattering beneath her mass, the matriarch sluggishly turns towards the source of the gunfire and tramples over the ruined nest towards Lee. **
Timothy Rose: [YELL] // IM FREE.
'Buzz' Windrip: Oh! Oh! OH OH OH!
** Detective Delaney Jones continues to hang onto Foley like a backpack.
** Sheriff Moses Foley raises his shotgun and begins to fire into the big ole bug.
** 'Buzz' Windrip lifts his weapon to his jaw.
** Ofc. Jin Lee sprays everything she has left point blank, the sheer look of terror plastering her face.
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** The only thing resting between the Matriarch and the group are the tattered remains of her nest, which she is rapidly tearing and clambering through, bucking against the hail of fire. **
** Dylan Grensky lifted the barrel up towards the lingering figure as it started back towards him, the man giving off one hollar and probably only one shotgun blast.
Delia Harper: [YELL] The door!
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] Door, get the door!
Matriarch: [YELL] Uruuyrhk!
** Timothy Rose presses the fucking button.
Matriarch: [YELL] Iooooouyrgh!
[L] ** Dep. Jake Baquera pushes through the commotion, he swipes his card!
** 'Buzz' Windrip mulls on whether he should add to the fire or blow his own brains out.
(Timothy Rose) ** It wasnt the door button. **
** Sheriff Moses Foley fires more rounds at the momma.
Timothy Rose: [YELL] IT DIDN'T WORK!
[L] (Green) [EVENT] ** Another alien charges from behind, eager to defend it's Matriarch. **
** Dylan Grensky racked back on the pump, cycling the smoking shell as he continued to fire another shell to the center of its nose and neckline, two shells and it was dry.
** Joe Abernathy reaches into his back pocket, taking out a molotov bottle along with a lighter.
[L] (Vortigaunt ) [EVENT] ** From the far end of the hallway, a harsh green glow can be seen gleaming. A transfixing, viridian energy, it ceases soon thereafter, and a pained howl can be heard, before the stomping of hooves draws closer. **
** Newton 'Newt' Miller raises his revolver firing three shots in quick succession towards green in a panic.
** Ofc. Jin Lee hotfoots back, drawing her .45! She fires into Green, yelling. She's clearly not very happy, and can't actually see the hive so she has no idea of much
Ofc. Jin Lee: [YELL] Man, I hate this place.
** Dylan Grensky pulled the trigger and heard a simple click. He'd orientated the shotgun from one hand as he reached under his vest, retrieving the concealed .38 which he started to pull as fast as the trigger would let him.
[L] ** Alvin Faulkner lets out a terrified scream and sends 12 gauge flying in the Matriarch's direction, friendly fire be damned.
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Spattered with a hail of gunfire, the matriarch rears her head and swings it back and forth like a bat, swatting at those within her reach, unrelenting. **
** Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway thinks he'll go full deaf.
** Ben Ayred would take the shots at the large glowing green mass of the Matriarch, hoping to make some kind of wound
Matriarch: [YELL] Uuuruuuuurghk!
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] Shit, SHIT SHIT!
** Ofc. Jin Lee is tossed, slamming into the cold, hard ground!
** Sheriff Moses Foley gets smacked in the chest, sending himself flying into those behind him. A loud "FUCK" escapes his throat.
[L] (Green) [EVENT] ** Like clockwork, the audacious antlion is cut down, it's momentum carrying it just short of Clancy's feet, exploding into a mangled mess of organs and fluids utterly alien to humanity. **
Newton 'Newt' Miller: Eughh...
** 'Buzz' Windrip's clobbered with two humans.
** Delia Harper catches Jin, the air expelling out her lungs as body slams against body.
** Detective Delaney Jones is slammed right back with Foley as a result. She grunts, and falls limp against him - right to the ground if he steps forward again.
** Dylan Grensky felt his finger pulling on the trigger causing the wheel to click rapidly, the thing swinging its head sent him smacking into the direction of Deliah and sending the old man fumbling in the nest with a heavy thud and a painful yelp.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] .. fu-UCK-
[L] (Vortigaunt ) [EVENT] ** A massive vortigaunt appears behind Jamar and batters him aside as if he were a pest, it's going for the Matriarch. The vortigaunt emits a howling, flanged bellow and begins to charge green energy in it's hands. **
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Still fighting the mass of detritus in her path, she edges closer, each swing threatening to crush another's bones and organs. **
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] Woah woah! LET EM FIGHT, LET EM FIGHT!
Timothy Rose: [WHISPER] // n u t
[L] ** Alvin Faulkner feigns losing consciousness, slumping against the wall and praying that the Matriarch won't get to him in time.
** Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway pulls his body out of the scenario. God damn, he hit the shells hard.
** Brenton Valentine presses himself backwards, trying to avoid the entire mess.
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Her mass encloses on Foley, Lee, Harper and Jones, casting a luminescent glow over the four of them. She brings her mass upwards, then rears down to crush them with a ton of force. **
** Newton 'Newt' Miller keeps pressed against the wall as the big momma swings her head his eyes focused on the Vortigaunt behind.
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] DELIA! BABY GIRL NO!
[L] (Vortigaunt ) [EVENT] ** The large vortigaunt that has arrived on the scene doesn't even seem to notice the humans, instead it's attention is singularly placed upon the antlion matriarch. It finishes concentrating the teaming viridian energy in it's hands and unleashes a blinding arc of lightning. The matriarch is fried from the inside out. The vortigaunt changes it's stance, still completely ignoring the huamans as if they were a pest, and watches the matriarch. **
** Dylan Grensky had shoved his person further and further into the nest beside him when the bright creature had came down just mere inches from his person, barely scraping by an injury while his person simply shielded himself as he fumbled through the wheel gun's cylinder through the mess to reload.
** Sheriff Moses Foley is still struggling to keep his breath.
[L] (Matriarch) [EVENT] ** Crackling and twitching , the Matriarch's form lifelessly slumps forward, spattering the foursome with her liquified, cooked innards **
** Dylan Grensky shuffled underneath the creature on top of him, coated in this strange liquid on his forearms and his pants. His eyes widened and darting all around as he looked more or less traumatized, having a severe relapse.
[L] (Vortigaunt ) [EVENT] ** The vaguely humanoid figure surveys the room, watching for an adequate threat to present itself, but otherwise seems completely complacent after felling the matriarch, content to allow the human pests to scurry away. It's central eye focuses on the antlion hive, where a pool of larvae are seen squirming about, no doubt what drew the creature here to begin with./ **
[L] ** 'Buzz' Windrip watches the hulking vortigaunt in utter bewilderment, considering the previous fried townspeople. Still, he gets to action, trudging through the viscera both human and antlion to grasp at the creature's carapace. He hooks a few fingers around its sizzling innards and pulls with insufficient might.
(Ofc. Jin Lee) ** Jin's lower half vanishes beneath the creature, as she wails in pain. A mess of blood, burns and godknows what else below her, she's not in a good state. Evidentley in great pain. It seems the strike, and crush - her attempted escape didn't do much. **
'Buzz' Windrip: Hey, help me! Help me!
'Buzz' Windrip: GET THEM!
Newton 'Newt' Miller: Let's leave now!
** Sheriff Moses Foley is covered in whatever the green goo is and is struggling to catch his breath right now.
** Timothy Rose fucking hopped down from the door frame, slowly making his way past the vortigaunt.
[L] ** Key Jamar starts to move it afterwards as he realises the vortigaunt doesnt give a damn about him, stumbling off to the rest of the group, hand on his head
Officer Thomas Harper: [YELL] Get them out from under it! MOVE!

(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** The Bus lies straight ahead, nestled between to downed aircraft. **
(Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** In the distance, something approaches, rumbling along as it kicks a thick cloud of dust between the highway and airstrip. **
[L] (Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** As it approaches, they witness an M2 Sherman tank with a Panthereye roped to the back. **
Stan Evans: [YELL] Now that's a tank.
Sheriff Jake Baquera: God damn.
Bob Baker: [YELL] Holy shit!
Marcus Green: [YELL] Hello boys.
Bob Baker: [YELL] It's them.
Stan Evans: [YELL] Back in the good old days.
[L] (Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** The driver's hatch pops open, and a face swathed in bandages pops out. **
PVT Alistair Goddard: [YELL] Jesus... You hicks have everything out here.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] Who the fuck is that?
Lennon Whitley: [YELL] Nick- Y'crazy motherfucker!
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] Is that-
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Ain' you sum'bitches a sight for sorry fuckin' eyes!
Brandon Hunter: [YELL] You guy room in there?
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] Greaves you sonovabitch.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Ain' no goddamn kimono gonna keep Nicky boy down!
Avery Smith: They're the guys that shot that lizard thing...
Sheriff Jake Baquera: [YELL] You boys doing okay?
Marcus Green: [YELL] We're preserving history, boys. Good thing we had a hell of a lot of firepower in the past.
Frank Gaston: [YELL] You mad sons of bitches.
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Marc's Uncle Cass got one of these motherfuckers locked up in his garage.
Bob Baker: [YELL] He can take out the Big fucker with the tank.
Sheriff Jake Baquera: [YELL] You got rounds for it?
Detective Delaney Jones: [YELL] We need your help. Please.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] - the fuck're you headed, anyway?
Marcus Green: [YELL] We'll take point in the convoy, we'll blast whatever gets in the way, and we're gonna get outta here!
Marcus Green: [YELL] Where we headed?
Stan Evans: [YELL] Sounds like a blast 'eh?
Sheriff Jake Baquera: [YELL] Black Mesa.
Brenton Valentine: [YELL] // we need another car
Brandon Hunter: [YELL] That's tank have room for another person?
[L] ** Marcus Green climbs back in and closes the hatch tightly, after yelling out "Lets get the hell out of here!"
Nick Greaves: [YELL] S'a tight space.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] Quit yappin. We're losin daylight.
Ofc. Clancy U.H. Callaway: [YELL] C'mon.
[L] (Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** The remaining crewman climbs back into place, sealing the hatch shut behind them, before drawing the Sherman into a donut. **
Stan Evans: [YELL] A tank in the desert? Like a damn oven.
Lennon Whitley: [YELL] Tank takes point! Th'aliens gotta know we're cool!
(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** Those loyal listeners still on the CB hear Frank's voice cut in. "Just a right at the bend, then a straight shot. **
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Shoot 'em, Marc!
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Turn the gaw-damn convoy roun'.
[L] (Lennon Whitley) ** Is it cold? **
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Waste 'em, Marc!
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Fuck you, ET!
James Treble: [YELL] DRIVE
Ben Ayred: [YELL] GO GO GO!
[L] (Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** Frank slams on the accelerator, aiming to run over the grunt with the massive truck and continue on towards Black Mesa. **
[L] (Gargantua) [EVENT] ** The otherworldly giant wasn't gone, apparently. It launches into a headlong charge at the panthereye-clad tank, roaring an ungodly loud roar. **
(LCPL Gregory Scott) [EVENT] ** The otherworldly giant wasn't gone, apparently. It launches into a headlong charge at the panthereye-clad tank, roaring an ungodly loud roar. **
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Woah, fuck! Marc, gettim-
(Frank Gaston) [EVENT] ** Frank cuts in over the CB. "Mark? Nick? Your country appreciates your sacrifice." **
(Marcus Green) [EVENT] ** The tank's turret struggles to turn, but the gargantuan life keeps the machinery from turning. The tank fires a shell obliterating a nearby house in a desparate attempt to fell the giant. The creature easily rips the hatch off the tank and blasts the insides of it with biological napalm, incinerating those inside. **
Detective Delaney Jones: [YELL] GOOO!
Lennon Whitley: [YELL] Y'motherfucker! Y'killed 'im!
Lennon Whitley: [YELL] Fuck you!
Nick Greaves: [YELL] Marc, getta outta here brother, get out-uuayyargh!
(Nick Greaves) [EVENT] ** The agonised screams of Brimstone's Bubba Duo are immediately drowned out by the organic weapon. **
(Gargantua) [EVENT] ** As the group flees, the creature bellows out a massive battle cry, victorious. **
Sweeps returned with a vengeance
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assorted screens. thanks for letting me help out guys!


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This was a really fun event, had a good time through it all, even when a bug from start ship troopers crushed Joan


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can we just appreciate that the grenade in the heli was completely player driven


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Yeah the Osprey explosion was not in the script at all. It was cool, made MSgt Barry go crazy/go stupid with revenge in the end

I'm incredibly pleased with how this turned out


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I didn't take any but I'm very disappointed nobody played any hit songs from the late 90s obnoxiously.

Also if the aliens hadn't invaded there was gonna be a war between the Backstreet Boys fans and the Nysync fans and WE ALL KNOW WHO WAS GONNA WIN THAT WAR, DON'T WE?



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are we going to continue this RR with the follow-up of resonance cascade and up to the 7hw?


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Mar 18, 2018

One quiet Sunday, a single rookie police officer attempts to make peace with beings not of this planet. In a time of crisis and panic, making friendly with those who kill your kin seems like an impossible feat, but one stubborn officer manages to break the mold.

After much protest, forewarning, and even a headcrab scare, Lacey is okay’d to go talk to the hoofbeasts. She’s on a mission of education - not just for herself, but for the people of New York. Crawling through the uncomfortably small and hidden hole that leads to the hoofbeast’s hideout, Lacey greets five alien faces.

Soothsayer: We will welcome the Lacey.

** Soothsayer hobbles over.

** Steven Bloom points a finger at Novak, "She ain't stupid, guy. You're the one that kept trying to rile up the aliens into a fight."

Yuru: There are concepts and feelings that no words could describe in detail.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: If the Staff Sergeant asks, we never let her inside. Got it?

[POLICE] Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Y'best- We're waitin' by th'door.

Zilla: We welcome you.

Yuru: The Lacey.

Soothsayer: You are of a higher caste than the rest of your kin.

Soothsayer: We respect this...

Virginia: The soothsayer and Gretel were locked in debacle as well over our choice of approach
with humans. Perhaps our species are not so different.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez brushes her shirt off. She rubs her forehead and takes a deep breath.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I'm sorry. About them. About all of this. They-- They won't listen to me.

Zilla: They are afraid.

Zilla: We understand as much, given our own circumstances.

Yuru: Would you partake in the Parasite?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: The... what?

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez blinks at Yuru.

Yuru: Parasite is a delicacy.

** Yuru holds the mangled remains of the headcrab from outside. **

Soothsayer: You are not coterminus.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: You-- You... /eat/ those?

Soothsayer: Unlike vortikind.

Zilla: Of course.

Yuru: Naturally.

Soothsayer: We eat whatever we are able to find.

Soothsayer: As we have, for eons.

Zilla: Please-- be seated, for your comfort.

Virginia: With deeeelight.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez glances up and around. She's quite overwhelmed by all of the voices. Her brows are persistently furrowed with anxiety.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay, okay. Just... one at a time, please. Okay?

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [YELL] Rest of you civvies, back off! Return to your homes!

Soothsayer: What would you like to know?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... Well... what you are, I think, first of all.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I mean-- what /are/ you? You're not like the other aliens.

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: [YELL] Don' make me tell dispatch to get a van over 'ere, alright? Go home, c'mon.

Soothsayer: We are vortikind.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Vortikind?

Soothsayer: Vortigaunts, singular.

Yuru: In your tongue it is Vortigaunt.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... Vortigaunt?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Vortigaunt. Vortikind. Okay.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Where are you... Where are you from?

Soothsayer: We have learned your language easily, as it is conveyed through a far more primitive means than that of flux shifting.

Soothsayer: We departed our world long ago...

Soothsayer: [YELL] Eons!

Yuru: The homeworld, far from this Universe.

Soothsayer: It has long been conquered.

Zilla: Our planet is long lost-- but we arrived here from the same place as many of your other visitors. The parasites, the larger fauna.

Yuru: In your tongue it does not have a name.

[POLICE] Ofc. Andrija Novak: Lacey?

Zilla: We shared a mutual 'home' of sorts prior to our arrival.

(Ofc. Lacey Nunez) ** Lacey's name is chirped through the radio. She lifts a hand to answer, then drops it, deciding to turn it down. **

Virginia: The borderworld...

Yuru: Your scholars named it Xen.

Zilla: Yes. The Borderworld.

Yuru: This is known. The Borderworld!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: You mean... Black Mesa? The scientists that started all of this?

Soothsayer: The Xen...

Soothsayer: Our refuge.

Soothsayer: Black Mesa...

Soothsayer: Our salvation.

Yuru: A low point in our existence.

Soothsayer: The Nihilanth...

Soothsayer: Our enslaver...

Zilla: Those at your... 'Black Mesa' drew the attentions of our former master.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez has to scan her head like a survey drone through all the vorts. She steps in an antsy manner, and does her best to listen.

Yuru: Using machinery to manipulate Vortal power.

Yuru: Most unnatural.

** Soothsayer hums, tone deep.

Zilla: It sought refuge here, by force. It utilized us as warriors, against our nature.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: O-Okay. Okay. You were... you were captured? You were saying something about-- controllers.

Zilla: Yesss.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Who are they?

Yuru: Enslavers.

Yuru: They Controlled.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: They're aliens, too?

Zilla: The Nihilanth fled from our world, with us along with us. It constructed an army-... a force to defend itself and take a refuge by force.

Zilla: They were.

Zilla: We believe your kind to have slain those that made it to this place.

Zilla: Most of them.

Zilla: Without the Nihilanth... we cannot say what became of them.

[POLICE] Ofc. Andrija Novak: Nunez? Are you okay?

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez slowly nods.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay. I'll-- I'll tell you about us, okay?

** Zilla nods slowly.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez takes a deep breath. She rubs her mouth, then begins a poorly planned speech.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: This planet is called Earth. It's the only planet we've ever known. The-- the humans, I mean. And animals, and plants, and everything.

Virginia: You named your planet...

Virginia: Dirt?

Yuru: What of the other planet we have seen in the sky?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: We--... We didn't choose it. People before us did. A really, really long time ago.

Zilla: Ah. You lack our vortal memories-... your history cannot be known to you instinctively, then.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez nods with Zilla.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: We don't remember what Earth is like back then, but we know because of... of stuff like science, and The Bible.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: But something changed.

Soothsayer: The Bible...

Soothsayer: I have heard of this text.

Virginia: Who is the Bible?

Soothsayer: The powers mentioned in it...

Soothsayer: Almost Vortal.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: It's... It's like...

Yuru: Perhaps a Soothsayer such as you.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez looks to the concrete.

Soothsayer: Perhaps...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: It talks about what created this place. Some people believe that God created the Earth, and the trees, and the people.

Virginia: The Bible is likely a most revered prophet.

Soothsayer: The Bible is a text, kin.

Zilla: Akin to the Nihilanth's creations. Albeit-... not with such hostility in mind.

Soothsayer: Containing the word of prophets...

Virginia: A text?

Soothsayer: Yes.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Yeah. And the prophet is Jesus Christ.

Soothsayer: Interesting.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: His dad is God, and his mom is the Virgin Mary.

Yuru: This is reassuring that The Humans have prophets.

[POLICE] Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Lacey- People gettin' antsy. If y'can, let us know you're doin' good in there.

Soothsayer: Salvagery may yet be averted.

Soothsayer: Describe your culture, further.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: But-- But something /changed/. Before why-two-kay. Black Mesa opened something up that brought all you aliens over here, and our lives aren't the same.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez finally chirps to her radio.

[POLICE] Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I'm okay. They're telling me about themselves.

[POLICE] Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Okay- Okay, good. Keep safe in there, girl.

Yuru: What is that?

Virginia: Do they have a tether similar to our own?

Yuru: Perhaps...

Yuru: Vocal tether...

Soothsayer: The device you've spoken into.

Soothsayer: What is it?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Huh? It's--

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: It's my radio. I'm a police officer.

Virginia: Not the Vortessence, but another force...

Soothsayer asks something in Vortigese.

Soothsayer: Radio.

Soothsayer: Police officer?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I have to use it to talk to my friends outside. They're telling me they're getting nervous.

Yuru: The Radio...

Zilla: A device to allow communication.

Virginia: Ahh... the Radio.

Soothsayer: This one enforces..what?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... well, the Law. I enforce the law. I serve and protect. You know?

Yuru: Is an officer part of a warrior caste?

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez seems full of pride as she explains this.

Soothsayer: The Law.

Soothsayer: A code.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Exactly.

Virginia: Do all humans possess connection to the Radio?

Soothsayer: -the Lacey.

Soothsayer: Allow me to speak with your kin.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: With-- with the other Officers?

** Gretel stomps over, eating from a bag. It's utilizing all limbs.

Soothsayer: Yes.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I-I don't know if I can do that. It's illegal for people who aren't police officers to use our radio transmission.

Soothsayer: Your resistance is noted.

Soothsayer: Perhaps you do not wish to speak?

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez flinches with Soothsayer's notation of resisting. She tugs her radio off her collar.

Soothsayer: Thank you.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: N-No! I do! Just--...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Please, I could really, really get in trouble.

Gretel: Perhaps we should recognize that there are... consequences... for The Lacey, as well.

Soothsayer: Consequences, yes...

Zilla: Forgive us. The concept of--

Zilla: Such an isolated species is an unusual one.

Soothsayer: This one will not speak, then.

Soothsayer: Keep your tether.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Are... Are you sure?

Zilla: Yes. It is a curiosity to us, not a necessity.

Soothsayer: Assure your kin that we mean no harm.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I will. I'll do it now.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez clicks the button on her radio. She speaks into it.

** Soothsayer gazes at Lacey.

Yuru: The Humans are reliant on machinery.

Soothsayer: Not unlike our former masters.

** Virginia recoils at the thought.

Zilla says something in Vortigese.

Gretel says something in Vortigese.

Soothsayer says something in Vortigese.

Soothsayer says something in Vortigese.

Gretel says something in Vortigese.

Zilla says something in Vortigese.

Gretel says something in Vortigese.

Yuru says something in Vortigese.

[POLICE] Ofc. Lacey Nunez: They're really, really smart. They're from across the whole Universe. It's a lot to take in, but... I'll explain when I'm done. Okay?

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez takes her finger off the button. She clips her radio back to her collar, and takes a deep breath.

Zilla: We came here unwillingly.

Zilla: You see-

Zilla: Your 'Black Mesa' attracted our Master. It sought a refuge from greater powers - saw your planet. It seized all of its might, including ourselves, and sought to take it.

Zilla: With its destruction, the portals it held open...

** Zilla waves a claw to the sky.

Zilla: They went wild.

Yuru: The unluckiest of Vortikind were the ones who found themselves in Black Mesa.

Zilla: We are not warriors, not on the level of your Military caste seems to be. We followed because that is all we knew. It seized our minds from us.

Zilla: Forced us through the breaches.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... Does... Does it do that with /all/ of the Xen? The spiders, and the things with tentacles, and the things with millions of eyes?

Zilla: It did not control them, but yes - it sent them through too.

Gretel: Almost comedic.
Gretel: They are similar to your own pests, The Lacey.

Zilla: They are mere animals.

Zilla: Instinctual beings.

Zilla: They do not intend to cause harm anymore than your own fauna no doubt does.

Yuru: There are other sentient species who did our Controller's biddings.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: They hurt us. They hurt our families. Why did you bring them with you?

Zilla: We did not.

Zilla: The Nihilanth sent them through. When it died, it lost control of the portals.

Zilla: The Borderworld continues to disgorge at random.

Zilla: These 'storms' you have suffered from are as uncontrolled as weather.

Soothsayer: We are ecstatic to be rid of it.

Soothsayer: Moreso, even.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez pays attention to Soothsayer.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: That's what I wanted to talk about.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I-- I heard you yesterday, and a few more of you. You told us there were aliens in the sewers, that they'd--

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: That you were going to help us get rid of them.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [YELL] Hey, numbnut one and two!

Gretel: The Hive...

Soothsayer: Yes.

Zilla: Ah, yes. The Myrmidont nest.

Gretel: The Lacey. I wish to make you understand.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez slowly peers towards Gretel.

Gretel: Such a statement was for our own protection. It is true- the hive persists. It is present.

Gretel: Yet, it is a near impossibility to rid of such pests.

Yuru: An intelligent race though not sentient.

Zilla: If left unchecked, they will spread. Rapidly. They are voracious and predatory.

Zilla: All is prey to them.

Gretel: You must keep it contained. For the protection of your kind. If an individual were to rattle them too far...

Gretel: I fear the most for us all.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: And... and they're underground? In the subways, and the sewers?

Gretel: Correct.

Zilla: Yes. They are subterranian.

Zilla: They surface in great numbers to feed.

Yuru: I am sure The Lacey has noticed that they only venture on the heated days of Earth.

Zilla: To feed their young.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: But-- that's... that's how we get around the city. If people don't have cars, they have to use the subways. We can't just close the whole city off.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: People want to see their families.

Zilla: Your structures will not be enough to disuade them, if they wish to turn them into tunnels for the hive.

Gretel: If an individual were to try and cross, they will see nothing but their demise.

Yuru: What they claim as their nest they shall defend to the death.

Yuru: For the good of their tribe.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez furrows her brows with great concern. She looks to the concrete, then back at Gretel.

** Gretel stomps forward.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] Enough!

Zilla: They are not willfully cruel - they are mere animals. But it changes little.

Zilla: They will see you as easy prey.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] Ya sit down, ya shut the fuck up.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez looks towards the yelling outside.

Gretel: I do not care for how you handle the issue. I am simply informing you of it.

Gretel: If your kind wish to tackle the impossibility of fighting the hive, so be it.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I--

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] If you wanna argue, do it where civvies can't see ya.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I want your help. /We/ want your help.

Gretel: Our help?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: We need it. Really, really bad. Earth can't die like this.

Gretel: Fear means nothing.

Yuru: The hive shall remain below.
Yuru: The domain above shall belong to you.

Yuru: Such is their nature.

Zilla: We can assist in stemming them.

Gretel: The Lacey. You are... Lucky…

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez glances to Yuru, then Zilla. She takes a deep breath.

Gretel: My kin are foolish enough to believe cooperation is kindly functional with your species.

Gretel: I disagree. Yet, the hive is... A rather growing threat.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... Look.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I really, really trust you. I know you killed Officer Justice, and-- and terrorized people, and everything, but...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: It's our last hope.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I don't want the planet to die. I don't want to die. And I want everything to go back to normal.

Zilla: There are ways to adapt to present circumstances.

Zilla: The hive can be slain, given the correct application.

Gretel: To return to a state previous from our arrival will be impossible. However, your way of living does not need to cease to exist.

Zilla: Indeed.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay. I-- I know you understand that...

Zilla: We have seen your species are adaptable.

Yuru: Perhaps the hive has upset a balance of nature...

Zilla: You have tools to overcome your shortcomings.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... Some people don't like you. Really, really don't like you. They'll try to hurt you, but they're not /us/. They just don't understand. I'll tell the Mayor, and he'll tell everyone, or something.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I just-- will you please, please help us? Help humans, and help the Earth?

Zilla: You are each islands. We acknowledge not all share your wisdom.

Zilla: -- We cannot help an entire planet. But we can help the area in which we stand.

Zilla: And from that, you may learn.

Yuru: Helping the Earth is mutual. For as long as we are here it is also our abode.

Yuru: Helping humans is a far goal.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: It's all I ask. Help New York City.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I don't have any rights to say this, or have you believe me, but I promise. If you help New York City get rid of these aliens, I promise that we'll protect you and live with you happily for the rest of your time here.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay?

Gretel: Very well.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez smiles with grand relief.

Gretel: I do hope we have not provided with the wrong impression, however...

Gretel: The Lacey-

Gretel: Do not mistake all of us for passivity.

Gretel: If treated wrongly so. Our kin have endured suffering. It will not persist peacefully.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay. I understand.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Do...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Do all of you have titles, like Soothsayer?

Yuru: Titles are reserved for only the most worthy of respect.

[POLICE] Ofc. Andrija Novak: Novak here, status report.

[POLICE] Ofc. Andrija Novak: Officer Nunez is inside a alien spot, they're talking.

** Lacey's radio chirps. She speaks into it briefly. **

Yuru: Prophets, poets, soothesayers...

[POLICE] Ofc. Andrija Novak: Three officers and two guardsmen are outside with us.

[POLICE] Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I'm almost done.

Zilla: Our names are impossible to pronounce with your tongue. At least in their entirety.

** Gretel holds out a hand. "You may call me 'Gretel.' A name of a story of your kind."

Zilla: Zilla. A shorthand on our full title. The closest this one can translate it.

** Zilla does the same.

Yuru: Yuru is the closest my name may be attempted in Human tongue.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez slowly looks back to Gretel. She eyes its claw, and pulls her cheeks up in a grand smile. Assuming all Vortigaunts offer the shake, Lacey goes down the line and clasps each claw, greeting them personally.

Virginia: I came upon this plane in a place called Virginia. The Lacey may address I as such.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay. Gretel, Yuru, Zilla, Virginia, and Soothsayer.

** Gretel's hand falls. It seems to realize what gesture it just made.

Gretel: ... Ah. I forget of your 'greeting'.

** Yuru shakes with all three of his hands, somehow.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Thank you for talking to me peacefully.

Yuru: Your attempts at peace are appreciated.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I'm going to let the NYPD know that you will help us. Okay?

Gretel: Hopefully the next time we speak, it will not be on a battlefield. Of course.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: ... Here.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez digs into her belt. She withdraws a mobile phone.

Yuru: It would be nice to leave this abode one day. To live amongst the flora on the other side of the walls that I saw when we met outside.

Zilla: Agreed.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: This is called a telephone. It's how humans talk to each other, like a radio - but it's personal.

Gretel: A telephone...

Yuru: The telephone...

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: If you need help, there are buttons on it that you can press, and it will call the Police. They'll come help.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez flips the phone open. She touches the buttons '9 1 1'.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Nine-one-one.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: That's the emergency number.

Gretel: What do these symbols mean? Are they of currency?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Yeah. People have telephone numbers. They're like... personal codes to contact someone.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: The New York Police Department uses the numbers nine-one-one.

Virginia: Numbers...

Virginia: Ah. I understand.

[POLICE] Ofc. Andrija Novak: Lacey, are you okay?

(Ofc. Lacey Nunez) ** Lacey's radio barks again. She speaks into it briefly.

[POLICE] Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Yeah. Almost done.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez offers her phone to Gretel.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: You can keep it.

** Gretel grumbles. It takes the thing awkwardly in their grasp.

Gretel: Nine-one-one.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Yes.

Yuru: You honour us.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez beams with pride as Yuru says so. She steps back and crosses her arms in front of her waist, then bows respectfully - which, admittedly, is a foreign and weird thing for her to do. But it felt appropriate.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Thank you, Gretel. Yuru. Zilla, Virginia. Soothsayer.

Yuru: Thank you The Lacey.

** Gretel doesn't seem as enthusiastic. Hard to tell with an alien, though. It gestures to the exit.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: It's, uh... Just Lacey.

Yuru: Thank you... Just Lacey.

Virginia: No less, we give our thanks, Just Lacey.

Gretel: Thank you, Just Lacey.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez expected that. Just like the movies. She flashes a goofy grin.

Gretel: It is time for your leave.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Okay. Goodbye.

Gretel: Goodbye, Just Lacey.

Zilla: Safe travels.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez offers a wave to all the Vortigaunts. She moves to the hole in the wall, and steps to the outside.

thank you so much to everyone involved - this has been a hella story, and there's a lot more logs i need to sift through. you guys are all awesome and i cant wait to see this whole story through. more logs to come
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Mar 18, 2018

Equipped with a heavy belt of knowledge and a new determination, Officer Lacey Nunez makes a split-second decision to address the town herself. After all, the sooner the people knew the whole picture, the sooner they could work towards turning things around. Whether it was naive trust in the people or just a dumb mistake, Lacey clambers up to stand on sandbags and speaks to New York City through a megaphone in front of the Precinct building.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] Okay, okay. Alright, guys, listen up.

** Claudio Mollina presses his culo against the barrier behind him, crossing his arms as he eyed Nunez.

** Emilio Morales finishes up the last bite. He claps his hands together and brushes them off on his pants as he chews.

** Pvt. Matthew Prior facepalmed audibly, smudging his goggles.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] I had a meeting with the aliens. The green ones, with the red eyes and the hooves. They told me a lot of really important stuff, so please listen up.

** Krystal Navarro puts her hands in her pockets.

** Claudio Mollina reaches for his scarred shoulder, tapping it.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [WHISPER] That the meanin' of life was nacho-cheese MREs? Shit I knew that.

** Emilio Morales looks towards his shoulder. He tilts his head.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] They are called Vortikind. Vortigaunts. They're sentient aliens from a place called Xen.

Cameron Perry: What is this? A comic?

** Krystal Navarro rubs her nose.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: Quiet down, let the lady talk.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] They were enslaved by something called the Nihilanth, which sought refuge here on Earth after Black Mesa opened up the portals. But along with the Vortigaunts, the other aliens came. Parasites.

** Brenton Valentine crosses his arms as he listens, brows furrowing.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Wait... Black Mesa?

** Krystal Navarro frowns. Her hands slip into her pockets.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [WHISPER] Man that stuff's bogeyman shit.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] They-- They want to get rid of the Parasites. Just like us. Those spiders, and the creepy things with millions of eyes, all those - they don't like Vortigaunts as much as they don't like us. And Vortigaunts have something called 'vortessence' that they can use to stop it.

** Emilio Morales gives Claudio's shoulder one last glance before turning his attention towards Nunez.

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] S' that th'shit that they used on my shoulder?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] Yeah, it is, Claude. The... The Parasites are underground. In the sewers, and in the subways. There's a great big hive in New York City, and it's threatening our people. But the Vortigaunts are here to stop it.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] Everyone, you really, really have to trust them. They have names and families and want to survive just like us - and they agreed with me and the New York Police Department that they would help us get rid of the Hive.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] If we work with them, we can save New York City. I'm really sure of it.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] The fuck's the Hive?

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Ain't the army supposed to protect us? Ain't the po-leece supposed to protect us?

** Pvt. Matthew Prior lifts his hand.

** Krystal Navarro's eyebrows draw together. She looks frustrated.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] -Yeah, what happened to the army?

** Meiko 'Menma' Honma peers at Lacey, growing more and more angry with every word she speaks.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] We're-- We are. We are, Greg. We're protecting you and the Army are protecting you, but we need all the help we can get. And the Vortigaunts are offering their help.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] Okay, okay! Enough!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] There is no Hive, there is no issues!


Things take a turn for the worse.
Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] Okay, okay! Enough!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] There is no Hive, there is no issue!

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra steps up, holding his hands up.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Y'all /said/ you could protect us. What's the walls for if they're /inside/?

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] What about that shit that tore up Chicago? The portal storm?

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Yo! This motherfucker lying? Is there a Hive?

Cameron Perry: [YELL] What the fuck's in the 'Hive'?!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [WHISPER] ... oh, great.

** Krystal Navarro's attention turns to Sierra.

** Pvt. Matthew Prior motioned for Nunez to get down, pointing at the ground behind her.

** Lacey visibly sweats once the voices rise over hers. She holds her arms in the air.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] Please, please, just-- LISTEN to me! They're not gonna hurt us!

** Gregory Buschmann adjusts his hat. He gives Nunez a concerned look from his spot.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] There are no issues, she's just heard some fairy tales from these aliens. Move along.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Prior, drag her ass inside.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [WHISPER] Girly you're about to cause a riot. Get *down.*

** Pvt. Matthew Prior moves to take her hand.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] They killed your officer, Noonez! How can we truss'em?

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] Nah, I believe the lady.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] The situation, is entirely under control.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] W-Wait! Wait, LISTEN!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Under control? They killed a cop yesterday!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: Under control my arse.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Hey- Let the fuckin' cop talk, GI Joes!

Thomas Farrer: [YELL] Shut the fuck up. Let the cop talk.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] I'm not lying! I'm deadly serious! Something's underground, and if we don't accept the Vortigaunt's help, it'll take over the city!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] This is entirely under control! Return to your homes!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] LISTEN TO ME!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [WHISPER] Prior! NOW!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: I have seen them first hand. She is telling the truth.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Yeah, under control like the walls keep shit out, huh?

Cameron Perry: Underground?!

** Pvt. Matthew Prior takes hold of her arm, attempting to drag her down with force.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Yeah, yeah! Why even /make/ the walls if they ain't--

Cameron Perry: Man, there's aliens underneath our streets?!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] There is NOTHING underground! The Military has it under control!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: If you don't believe me or her I will show you myself.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] We sweep the sewers daily!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] He-- He's LYING! He's lying!

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] Th'walls ain't in th'sewers!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] It is all under control!

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] The fuck is the military gonna' do about the portal storms on TV then?

Bob Baker: [YELL] The vorts inside now along with the crabs in the sewer and all of that shit.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] Return to your homes!

Bob Baker: [YELL] Shit's getting in.

Thomas Farrer: [YELL] Fuck off.

** Krystal Navarro takes a slight step away.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] What the fuck's in the tunnels, huh?

Cameron Perry: [YELL] You lying?!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] I am not returning anywhere.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] The situation is entirely under control!

** Brenton Valentine grits his teeth, eyeing the soldiers.

** Pvt. Matthew Prior growls and takes hold of the woman with both hands now. One on her belt, one on her arm. He pulls down- hard.

** Lacey is yanked off her podium. She falls back into Private Prior's arms - her important message cut short.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] GAAH! STOP! STOP, STOP!

** Emilio Morales looks around. He massages his knuckles.

Ofc. Harlow Groves: Take it easy! Damn!

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra eases back, bumping against the divider as the crowd grows agitated.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Look at these motherfuckers! You're going to get us killed!

Krystal Navarro: -Jesus Christ.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Hey-- Noonez! You alright?

[POLICE] Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Hey-hey, hey- What's going on!?

Steven Bloom: [YELL] Hey, what the hell are you doing to her?

** Pvt. Matthew Prior wraps his arms around the woman, trying his best to keep her still in his grasp as she flails.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Boy- The cops getting dragged away by the fuckin' army makes me feel /real/ safe.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] It is ENTIRELY under control! There are no X-Rays under the streets. She's just stressed, and seeing things! That is it.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] Listen to me! LISTEN to me!

** Meiko 'Menma' Honma clenches her fists before taking a deep breath.

Bob Baker: [YELL] Ey! Miltitary. You gonna leave us to die? Nuke us?

** Gregory Buschmann adjusts his cap, taking a step forward.

** Jason Ross shuffles into the crowd.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [WHISPER] Damn it girl, I'm on your side! But this isn't how we're gonna fix this!

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] S' th'military takin' over? Last time this shit happened it didn't went so well.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] You'll be right with us when they start digging through the dirt!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] Fine, I will show all of you then. The sewers are full of them.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez kicks her feet in the air, knocking sandbags off. She flails and wriggles and squirms.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Let me go! Let me GO! Listen to me!

[POLICE] Ofc. Harlow Groves: Not going well - is what's going on.

Krystal Navarro: [YELL] -Where's your proof that the shit doesn't exist!? Those things are already gettin' in through the walls, is that safe!?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I'm trying to help! I'm trying to HELP! Why can't you LISTEN!?

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] We have it all under control! We keep you safe, and we keep you fed!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] Now step back!

** Steven removes an apple he was saving for later, hucking it at Glenn. "Here's your damn food!" **

Jason Ross: [YELL] And you keep us suppressed.

Bob Baker: [YELL] For now at least.

Joshua Williams: [YELL] 'Ey! 'Ey, she's tryin' to help! Why y'trying to silence her, eh?

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Hey-- Let her go, army-man!

** Pvt. Matthew Prior keeps trying to drag her back towards the precinct doors, muttering obscenties under his breath.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Let the cop go, enh? If you got it under control, why do you gotta' drag her in kicking and screaming?

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Don't lie! An entire city got swallowed up!

Bob Baker: [YELL] Sooner or later the aliens are gonna get in.

** Claudio Mollina lowers himself, reaching for some small stone in the middle of the road.

Jason Ross: [YELL] What happens when the food supplies dry up? When shit gets too bad for you to handle.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] Claude! CLAUDE! CLAUDE, SHOW THEM!

** Brenton Valentine's shouts are drowned out by the police car.

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra finally flips the safety off on his MP5, ducking down with an apple splattering his helmet. That seems to get him to back up, hopping behind the sandbags.

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: [YELL] /QUIT/ that!

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] We /seen/ what happened to Chicago! They're /inside/ the walls already!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: You can't cover this up. An entire city was destroyed and I have seen the sewer, w- whatever things first hand.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] These military motherfuckers hiding the truth!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] I've got a family!

Joshua Williams: [YELL] Then let her talk! Huh? How do we know you aint in on it? This is already th' doing of the Government anyway!

** Claudio Mollina stuffs the rock into his pockets, instead unzipping his track-jacket and exposing his scarred shoulder.

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Whoa, hey, hey! Let's keep this civil now, come on!

Quinn Rich: [YELL] The Army always hide the truth! What do you expect?

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [WHISPER] You gotta get these people under control.

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] You want answers? This ain't the way to get 'em.

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] They ain't here t'harm us- not th'red-eyed aliens, at least.

Jason Ross: [YELL] You know we're fucked, stop acting like you can handle this.

** Emilio Morales scrapes the bottom of his shoes against the pavement. He points towards Claudio, trying to bring attention towards him.

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez continues to wriggle and squirm in the Army's grip.

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [WHISPER] You started this shit - they were pretty calm beforehand.


Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Alright, alright. We'll get you those answers. One at a fuckin' time now.

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra steps in to help Prior restrain Nunez, barking at Groves as he moves to drag her inside.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Control your fucking people, Officer.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Transparency! We deserve it! Everyone does!

Joshua Williams: [YELL] Then let her speak!

** Oliver's PA turns on, once more, his voice echoing off the walls as he yells at the crowd, ''Remain /CIVIL/. This isn't th'way to get anythin' done!''

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] If they were lookin' t'harm or fuck us over, why would they heal my shoulder?

Cameron Perry: [YELL] They're taking her away!


Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Give us one moment, we're getting information as quickly as you all are, I swear.

** Pvt. Matthew Prior nods to Sierra, grunting as Nunez smacks him in the jaw. He still tries to move back through the door.

** Ofc. Oliver Roberts hops out of th'car, now, ''Gah fuckin' dammit!''.

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] Let the fucking lady speak.

** Lacey is dragged into the Precinct by the military.

Steven Bloom: [YELL] Let her go!

Bob Baker: [YELL] Tell us the truth. Tell us the whole truth private parts!

[POLICE] Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Hey- Hey!

Steven Bloom: [YELL] You officers really letting them do that to her?

Jason Ross: [YELL] Why won't you let her talk!?

Steven Bloom: [YELL] Shame on you, too!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Listen, listen...

** A stone is hurled at the army-boys as they go into the precinct.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] They're fuckin' going to hide! The officers are letting their own get taken by the green!

Quinn Rich: [YELL] Foul! You are all nothing but pigs!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Get her in the back, somewhere.
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Mar 18, 2018

A raging crowd provides the background music to this apocalypse-style conundrum. Inside the ‘safety’ of the Precinct, Lacey’s voice has been made effortless against the National Guard who seek to silence her. What started as education, to the Military, develops into a schizophrenic insistence - but was the End really Nigh, and what was she to make such a claim?

Now in the lobby of the Precinct, both Officers and Military alike talk it through. Mostly. The sounds of near-violent protest persist throughout their conversation.

** Ofc. Oliver Roberts burst in right after Lacey and the duo of soldiers, ''What th'/FUCK/ are you doin'!?''

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] Folks! Folks! Quiet down! There's a whole lot of shit going on and we're trying to sort it out. We need you to be calm and work with us. Come on, folks, we're working it out.

** Ofc. Ethan Brandt stumbles up behind the sandbag wall, raising his hands.

** Amongst the commotion, someone in the back also got a bottle, throwing it.

** Ofc. Harlow Groves ducks his head.

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] We really gonna' start fi- Jesus, enough with the throwin'.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: She was gonna cause a fuckin' panic!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Tellin' people we got an X-Ray hive under the streets!


** As Prior moves through the door, the rock makes clear contact with his head. He stumbles back, letting go of Nunez.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] They're /inside/ the walls, officers!

Jason Ross: [YELL] Work with you? We're fucking unarmed, cities are getting demolished, and you act like you can fucking handle it!

Jason Ross: [YELL] Arm us!

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: An' what th'- Awh, fuck!

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [YELL] Fuck!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: WE DO!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: WE /DO/!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Shut the FUCK UP!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Why won't you believe me?!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: That isn't shit you tell scared people!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Listen, talk to me people. What do you want to know?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: But-- But I said the Vortigaunts are gonna help us!

Quinn Rich: [YELL] Why are you hiding the truth!?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Why are we hiding the TRUTH?!

Joshua Williams: [YELL] We wanna hear what she was saying!

Bob Baker: [YELL] How long till this city is overrun!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] She said there's a fucking hive underneath the streets!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] The truth.

Joshua Williams: [YELL] Before the army hushed it up!


Bob Baker: [YELL] How many days!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] A hive! Underneath the ground!

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] I wanna' know why you're dragging the cop in the station like some sorta' nutcase?

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] Let us hear th'truth, bofias!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] Nobody knows the truth! Not even she knows the whole truth, she got her information second hand from aliens. Calm down!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Now you've got a fucking RIOT goin'!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: BUT THEY NEED TO KNOW!

** Pvt. Matthew Prior rubs his helmet, feeling the brand new scuff mark on the laminate before drawing his rifle out again.

Bob Baker: [YELL] Tell us about the breach in the wall.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Why're you letting those green-skinned freaks /inside/ the walls when they killed one of your officers?

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: They don't need to know shit!

** A bottle narrowly misses Roberts. He nealy flings himself in, closing the door behind him, in a clear effort not to get hit by anything else.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Those alien motherfuckers know more than us! THEY GOT IN!

Bob Baker: [YELL] The one the military folks covering it up.

Jason Ross: [YELL] The aliens that we have seen use fucking magic!?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: They need to know that we have to shut the subways down! That we have to block off the sewers!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: We can't handle aliens if we gotta contain riots!

Pvt. Matthew Prior: Motherfuckers HIT me!

Joshua Williams: [YELL] So why is she being silenced?!

Jason Ross: [YELL] They probably know more than you all!


** Ofc. Lacey Nunez throws her arms in the soldier's direction. She slaps at his helmet and shoulders.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] LET ME GO!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] Nobody knows what's going on here and you're going to make it a lot harder if you turn against the people who are here to protect and serve.

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Maybe if y'didn't fuckin' try to /arrest/ 'er, she could explain it- Fuckin' let go o' 'er!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Prior! Drag this lady inside a cell.

Joshua Williams: [YELL] We ain’t! We just wanna hear her out!

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Do fucking /NOT/.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] I don't feel very protected when I'm lied too, officers!

Jason Ross: [YELL] The people in that damned city before trusted you lot and they got fucked.

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] Protect 'n' serve? Those fuckin' red-eyed aliens healed my shoulder!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Do you hear her? Does she sound like someone with valid information?

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: No, we're stepping in. When this interferes with the safety of the city, causing riots, we STEP IN.

Bob Baker: [YELL] Tell us about the breach in the wall! Tell us what the military folks really doing!


** Pvt. Matthew Prior shakes his head, pointing at the door. "Man we got bigger problems than her at this point."

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Do you hear yourself, dickhead?

Joshua Williams: [YELL] She got dragged off by force!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] YOU DON'T!

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Why didn't you fuckin' let 'er explain, motha'fucka'!?

Emilio Morales: [YELL] The green things were the one that protected Claude'!

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] She got somethin' that you don't, bofia!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: You get outside and handle that fuckin' crowd.

Joshua Williams: [YELL] Why wouldn't she be resistin'?

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] You'll hear her out when it comes on the tele - or the paper. This is a tense time. Just keep calm.

Jason Ross: [YELL] Why do you not arm us so we can defend ourselves!?

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: She knows th'most outa' all of us- An' y'wanna arrest 'er!?

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: You're not helpin' shit, guy!

** Ethan ducks yet another bottle. His skills are unmatched.**

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: She's incitin' a riot!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] Christ, enough! Enough! One at a damn time.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Tellin' people we got a hive under our feet!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] We're all struggling here. Calm down already! We're human beings just like you!

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Bring the lady back out, huh?

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Bring her out! Bring her fucking out!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] We know as much as you do, I swear.

** Ofc. Harlow Groves waves his hands dramatically.

Major Viktor Martinez: The fuck is going on out there?

Pvt. Matthew Prior: [YELL] Do you know what happens when a mob of people get scared and angry, nimrod!?

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Now you get the fuck outside and control those fucking people!

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Why're you letting the hoof-feet inside the walls, officers?

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez begins to sob. She goes limp in the officer's arms.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Please let me go.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Please.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I'm just trying to help.

Bob Baker: [YELL] For now at least! How long for us folks are killed in the street by the military.

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: An' what th'fuck do y'think th'people think when th'military is arrestin' th'police, huh!?

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] If you give us - ten minutes, TEN MINUTES...

Jason Ross: [YELL] Lay off the red eyes, they're chill!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] I'll get everyone here their information that they want.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Chicago didn't have ten minutes!

** Pvt. Matthew Prior shakes his head and keys his radio.

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Sergeant- Fo' fuck sake!

Niccolo Tempelli : [YELL] big nose

Joshua Williams: [YELL] We wanna hear it from her then.

Thomas Farrer: [YELL] Fuck your information. You don't know shit! You're kissin' the military's ass, bring that lady out!

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra eases the MP5 around, aiming it from his hip at Roberts. "You back the fuck up, we're doin' what we have to do to keep a riot from startin'!"

** Sgt. Jenna Crawford approaches the group, resting a hand on Nunez's shoulder. "Hey, hey. What the fuck is going on?"

Steven Bloom: [YELL] I want to know why you let them drag her off!

Steven Bloom: [YELL] She better not be hurt!

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] I wanna' have the lady speak, enh? She had something to say, even if its bullshit, I wanna' hear it!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] We have ten minutes - on my life we have ten minutes.

Krystal Navarro: [YELL] Bring her back!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] I knew folks in Chicago! They're fucking goners! When am I going to get more news on that shit?

Sgt. Jenna Crawford: [YELL] Hey, what the fuck?

** Ofc. Oliver Roberts looks to Crawford, nearly pleading, ''Get this fuckin' g-'', he begins, but stops, the firearm brandished against him.

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] You'll get your answers when the time comes! Come on! COOL OFF!

Major Viktor Martinez: Put that fucking weapon down private.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: All available callsigns, this is Two-Three. I need QRF to the Hell's Kitchen Precinct. Possible riot in progress.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Sergeant Crawford! Th-- They won't let me tell them about the Hive!

Major Viktor Martinez: Are you mad?

Jason Ross: [YELL] Your life ain't mean shit when a city goes down without effort!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Please! You gotta listen to me!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I talked to the Vortigaunts! I TALKED to them!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Let her out!

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra is holding onto Nunez with one hand, and his MP5 with the other. He glances up at the Major, face going pale, and the MP5 lowers.

Quinn Rich: [YELL] Let her out, man! Let her out!

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] Let 'er out!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: But the Military won't listen!

Ofc. Oliver Roberts: Jesus fuckin' Christ- Lower this- Guy!

Jason Ross: [YELL] Let her out!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: M-Major!

Cameron Perry: [YELL] LET HER OUT!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] This isn't going to get anyone anywhere...

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] Let the lady out, let the lady out.

Pvt. Matthew Prior: What-, Major?

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] BACK IT UP!

** Major Viktor Martinez gestures at Nunez. "Bring her up stairs."

Jason Ross: [YELL] Let her out!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] BACK UP, NOW!

** Sgt. Jenna Crawford points her index at Sierra. "Don't you dare ever raise a weapon at one of my men again."

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] LET HER OUT! LET HER OUT!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] Let the lady out, let the lady out.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] LET HER OUT!

** Pvt. Matthew Prior turns up to see the man on the stairs.

Jason Ross: [YELL] Let her out, let her out, let her out!

Quinn Rich: [YELL] What are you going to do, shoot me?

Quinn Rich: [YELL] Let her out!

Pvt. Matthew Prior: Uh... y-yes Sir!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: R-Right, yes sir, right away sir.

** Pvt. Glenn Sierra stows the subgun, dragging poor Nunez for the stairs.

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] Let 'er out!

** Sgt. Jenna Crawford glances up towards Martinez. She mutters to Nunez.

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] The public pays your pay checks! You need to do what we-

** Ofc. Oliver Roberts shot death glares at Glenn, ''She can fuckin' /WALK/''.


Emilio Morales: [YELL] Free the chick!

[POLICE] Ofc. Harlow Groves: We need some fast hands outside the PD. Crowd is out of control.

Sgt. Jenna Crawford: [WHISPER] Just do what they say and report back to me!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Contain the riot, then we'll talk!

Meiko 'Menma' Honma: [YELL] Let the lady out, let the lady out.

** Pvt. Matthew Prior holds up his arm, barring Roberts to move forward.

Jason Ross: [YELL] Let her out or we'll break her out!

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] Don't'cha dare touch that shit, bofia!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] This isn't fuckin' productive!

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez takes a long, deep breath.

Gregory Buschmann: [YELL] Hey-- Hey! Ain't no need for that!

[POLICE] Sgt. Jenna Crawford: Holy /SHIT/! I'm coming.

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] I'll do my best to let her out if you can back up from the damn barricade.

Claudio Mollina: [YELL] You ain't bein' productive!

Brenton Valentine: [YELL] Bring the lady back out, and people'll relax!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Come on lady.

** Ofc. Oliver Roberts groaned, ''Nun- You'll be good, you'll be good. Jus' listen to th'big man in charge, okay?''.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Please just let me go out and calm them down.

** Ofc. Harlow Groves takes a bottle to the chest. He stumbles and draws his sidearm reactively.

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: No!

Pvt. Matthew Prior: Sierra. I'm helpin' the cops, you got her?

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: PLEASE!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: Major's orders.

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: I-- They need me.

Cameron Perry: [YELL] Bring her fucking out! Bring her fucking out now! You lying assholes! You get fuckin' fed more than us, I bet!

Pvt. Glenn Sierra: [YELL] I got it, Prior.

Steven Bloom: [YELL] Gun!

Jason Ross: [YELL] Don't do your best, get her out one way or another!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: They need me out there!

Ofc. Ethan Brandt: [YELL] You're not going to get your way by threatening us.

Sgt. Jenna Crawford: Get out of my way.

Giovanni Valentinetti: [YELL] GUN!

Steven Bloom: [YELL] He has his gun!

** Ofc. Lacey Nunez yanks at Sierra.

Maxwell Wallace: [YELL] Oh, damN!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: Stop, stop!

Bob Baker: [YELL] He's got a gun!

Ofc. Lacey Nunez: [YELL] STOP! LET ME GO!

Ofc. Harlow Groves: [YELL] BACK UP! BACK UP!

Dragged on to the second floor of the Precinct, Lacey pleads her case to Major Viktor Martinez himself.

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