Racism in Our Setting

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    It's come to the attention of the administrative team that subjects of racial discrimination have become increasingly prevalent among the players, and it's gotten to the point where a clear message needs to be made. Whether it is the overuse of slurs among minority characters or outright committing hate crimes against minorities because you're bored, racism is not okay on this server. I understand that in a modern setting, racism is heavily tied into the history and current social issues of American society. However, racism like this is never okay, not even in character. It doesn't matter if if it happens in real life, it doesn't need to happen on here. It is a callous disregard for the comfort and feelings of the other members of this server and as such it'll be met with punishment. It does not matter if it's just between friends. Everyone is affected.

    Let me be painfully clear here:
    • Having uncouth racist characters who antagonize minorities with racial slurs will result in a ban.
    • Playing an exaggerated caricature of a minority character is racist and will be met with a ban.
    • Committing hate crimes in character will be met with a ban.
    This is a community built around collaborative writing, and nobody will be forced to put up with your racist fantasies. If you have questions about what is and is not acceptable, take it up with the administrative team.

    Thank you.
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