PAROXYSM: Zombie Roleplay - Launch Details

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Jan 14, 2012
just found out ill miss the first week bc of a study trip to rome; leaving on the 14th and returning on the 21st.

u bet ill be around after tho.
potential nvm here
if i dont shake this stomach bug by tomorrow i'll be there for the launch n hook u all up with a nice café


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Jul 12, 2017
I like horror, but I haven't seen alot of the more iconic zombie films. Always leaned more into Sci-Fi horror like The Thing and Alien. But Dawn of the Dead, and Return of the Living dead I've seen and really enjoyed. So to celebrate this upcoming launch I'll put in some stuff from there to add to the hype.

^This one I just came across and really liked the sound of the track. Lucio Fulci is cool so I might give the movie a watch.

EDIT: Might as well share a throwback to when my friend and I did some half-assed zombie make-up on me in 2016. Cut up part of a skull masked and used some cheap fake flesh shit to mold it onto my face, along with some makeup and fake blood. Nothing special, just real cheap. Images are a bit shit quality too.

Idk why tf I kept my galsses on. After that we went to this Halloween party and my brother in law was that Nougat guy and I looked like the Glans so we re-enacted that one scene from the meh zombie show.

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