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    The Paroxysm is fully underway.

    Based on the sparse shortwave transmissions that make their way through New York City, The Condition has spread internationally at a minimum, if not worldwide. Despite how widespread The Condition has been, the root cause remains elusive and the experience of those unfortunate enough to succumb to it varies widely, sometimes even appearing contradictory in presentation.

    Onset symptoms are as diverse as delirium, fever, hypothermia, hyperthermia, dizziness, incontinence, hydrophobia, light and sound sensitivity, cough, hives, polyphagia, and hemorrhage. Some victims experience all of these, others a small spattering, and some, nearly none at all until complete and total onset of The Condition.

    The Condition itself is just as amorphic. In some cases, vital signs are highly elevated, while others persist at what may as be zero or near zero state. Some cases present extreme agitation, while others a near apathy and nothing but reflex-like response to any stimuli. Necrosis presents either in extreme, moderation, or not at all, while abnormal, tumor-like growths are observed elsewhere. Most cases exhibit a complete immunity to pain and an insatiable hunger.

    Transmission is similarly uncategorized. The most common vector seems to be bite or other external trauma that comes into contact with diseased bodily fluids. However rumor has spread that both not every bite carries complete certainty of infection, and that some cases have developed all but spontaneously. Attempts at preventing infection with amputation and cauterization have varying degrees of success.

    Most who die of ordinary causes will reanimate with The Condition. This much has been made clear to those who are surviving the Paroxysm.

    Prognosis is simple: those suffering the condition persist in its state until they are killed.

    While some become delicate, developing brittle bones and a weak constitution, others can survive what would kill an ordinary human, and others still require complete and total destruction to end their suffering.

    The Condition is as evasive to categorization as it is rampant.

    It shows no signs of slowing.
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