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    This new world is a dark and confusing one. Here's a brief primer on how to drop yourself into it:
    • In a sudden attack, Reagan and Gorbachev are killed in the midst of a Cold War flare up in East Germany.
    • The nation is destroyed by a limited nuclear strike from NATO. The ensuing conflict is soothed by a coalition of religious powers behind both sides of the line, who gently apply political and moral guidance to the martial rule systems that sprang up in the leaders' wake.
    • A harmonious path is carved out by this alliance, known as the Coaxial Initiative, and later, the Panaxial Coalition.
    • The USSR joins NATO in the Trans-Quadrant Partnership in 1997.
    • Theocratic demagogues rise worldwide, most bearing loose affiliation with the Panaxial Coalition.
    • In a series of power moves, the people's republic of China emerges as a unifying superpower in Asia.
    • Climate change, proxy wars between the PRC and the TQP, drought, and famine result in humanitarian crisis in most nations not in the "developed world".
    • "Violent and disturbing" subcultures arise in the underground, both mirrored and warred with by organized crime.
    • President Gabriel Shaw has been in power since 2004, a former variety entertainer, televangelist, and senator.
    • In 2018's New York City, the political sphere is divided between mafioso puppets and religious zealots. The latter is currently in power: Mayor Lissandra Harlow.
    • Drug use, infectious disease, and crime riddle the streets.

    In a sentence: in 2018, a faith based culture has overtaken the liberal world order, urban centers have become dumping grounds for societal waste, and social norms are highly conservative.

    Click here for extended universe details.
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