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May 16, 2011
Some stuff Ive come up with that will imrpove / fix issues -

  1. low-tier vehicle use
  2. police vest and military vest
  3. watchtower restriction from base
  4. low tier military weapons > residential
  5. drag and force move options

1) Low Tier Vehicles

All of the basic road vehicles serve no purpose and are not worth using unless you have no choice. This includes-
Polanez, Lublin, GAZ, V3S, Tractor, Scrap Buggy, Bathmobile, Buhanka, pkm truck, fire engine, scrap APC, old trucks etc etc
Basic cars are too easy to destroy, not fast enough off-road, generally look bad, and just pointless.
If all of these started off with a fraction of fuel and all wheels 13% damage like the old truck in Postoyna, you would get so much more action and interesting things happen as people would use vehicles much more. Currently people dont bother, they just go for decent vehicles like the SUV, DSHKM or URAL - if not a helicopter.
Especially where you need to use 4 reinforcing to fix it up when it will still explode very easily. Its not worth the valuable reinforcing.
People will happily destroy vehicles left in or near bases just to be assholes.

2) Vests

Kevlar and steel plates are never used. Ever.
Make kevlar plates spawn in standard military bases, and steel plates spawn at Martin / Novi Dvor base.

3) Watchtowers used for glitching

Put a 300m restriction on watchtowers from your houses, so you can only build in your own base.

4) Low tier weapons

For example, the UZI, PPSH, Sa-v48, Mosin, SKS, Tokarev, M9, CZ83 and CZ75, APS, MP5.
None of these weapons get used because ammo is just as rare as assault rifles, and most people already have better weapons.
By making them spawn in residential, you will see people actually using them in spawn town combat and for new players just starting.

5) Drag and move

Taken from original Arma2. When someone is knocked out you should be able to move them, simple.

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