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Dec 10, 2015

2027; The war on the machines has been raging for two decades, with no semblance of peace in sight. Every advancement made on either side is matched, both powers locked in a lethal war of attrition as the body count rises. There is no victor, yet humanity's numbers dwindle by the hour. The time has come to move on the coast.

A push must be made. Ground gained. A real victory unmatched by machine or man. For nearly half a decade, the ruins of Los Angeles have been tilled by the footfalls of artificial soldiers. Every breath of life choked from the city, the former front line lays dormant. A push is to be made. Bakersfield will be the tip of the spear.

Bakersfield Company, 1st Infantry. You are to assault the following coordinates at 18:15. [CLASSIFIED] A bombardment has been commenced and aerial assets have been dispatched in order to secure an opening for your arrival. Expect heavy resistance. Landing will be contested. 15% Casualties predicted. Once the first wave has been secured, you will move to secure the objective and terminate any hostile elements. Standing orders are to secure a position and await reinforcements.


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