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Apr 1, 2018


('hel') - Teutonic word. Meaning "to cover," cf.

Operation Hel serves the partial clearing of recent bandit activity within the AO of the Bakersfield Company. With the simultaneous uprising of another group under the mantle of SkyNet, it is in the best interest of Tech-Com to partially shift it's focus on several individuals who are in charge of gangs which have expressed severe hostility towards allied forces in an active manner.
Due to the reconnaissance and intelligence work of the Long Rifles, we have received information on the expected key individuals of this big organization as a whole. The person who has shown the largest amount of activity is named Josh Parrish - once employed in Tech-Com before deserting at the rank of Staff Sergeant after killing his commanding officer.
According to the collected information, this organization proves to possess somewhat of a structure. The key individuals each take over a task in their bigger operations. While Parrish remains their head tactician and leader, another ex-TC called Connor Jackson leads on the main infantry corpus of the group. More identities are to be found out during the operations, but the main focus lies in shutting down the group for good.


These events will be spread on a longer period of time and are dedicated to a smaller portion of players with Delta in the focus of all. The events themselves are based on human vs human S2RP, primarily in a smaller area like a house. Therefore, there will be sabotage, ambush and house-clearing missions with the goal to e.g. capture key individuals for interrogation, etc. The antagonist characters Jackson, Schmidt, Simmons and McFarlane are each responsible for a specialized purpose in the group (recruitment leader, infantry command, drug production and trading) which are to be shut down by the characters deployed from the side of TC individually before hosting a raid to capture the leader of the group. The dupes and the events themselves are designed to offer multiple ways/options to approach the operation - whether it would be shutting down lights, CS gas or the deployment of a sniper assisting the breaching teams from the outside. If the players want to go in loud, they can. If they want to bomb the place and hope whatever they are looking for survives the impact, of course. Even if they are looking to smuggle in a set of people to take care of the operation from the inside, they can do that too. It will be solely player driven, and no real boundaries are set.
Dates, briefing times, event times, etc. will be posted in this thread once the time comes!


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Apr 1, 2018

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Bakersfield, Bakersfield. This is Papa Bear. How copy? Over.
Papa Bear. This is Bakersfield. Loud and clear. Over.
Papa Bear copies. Stand by for mission report. Long-Rifles gave us a position to start off Operation Hel with, precise coordinates to be exact. While this is more than enough information for us, there is nothing else we know about the location other than it is supposed to be a drug lab'. It's quite new and it seems like our new friends aren't good at keeping secrets, not this time atleast. We're not expecting a whole lot, so we will try to get what we can - let it be someone to interrogate, probes of whatever they're swallowing or a few documents. At this point everything we can get our hands on is a step forward.

Be prepared for everything behind these doors - junkies, killers, anything in between.
Papa Bear. Over and out.


July 2020
18th, Saturday
18:00 (6pm) EST

Total: 10/10
Drug Laboratory Inhabitant: 5/5
TC Team Lead: 1/1
TC Team: 4/4

Please message me if you would like to participate in the event! :)
Discord: Moondy#1437
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144875248
Forums: Mooondy Mooondy
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Apr 1, 2018
Deployment 'Tactical Superiority' served the clearing and examination of a newly established drug laboratory within the close proximity of Baseplate. The building itself consisted of several floors, including basement, roof and three standardized floors. Inside, the deployed team found a large amount of drugs along with several amounts of substances used for the creation of such, aswell as information regarding more locations worthy to check out.

Hoyt RainesLance CorporalFireteam Leader
Sullivan KingPrivate First ClassPointman
Wyatt Carter2nd LieutenantBreacher
Valeria LaetiliaCorporalMedic
Mike ErwinPrivate First ClassNon-lethal Specialist

The team consisted of a total of five individuals that have offered participation within the deployment. The local prosecuting element of Operation Hel has chosen Lance Corporal Raines as a Fireteam Leader, who then assigned the four other individuals to their according roles.

The team began deployment after briefing at around 17:58 under the clearance of Concorde. The team arrived at the target area at around 18:04, beginning tactical insertion. Combative contact has been established with the local hostiles at 18:14, the engagement itself lasting 21 minutes total.


During the combative engagement, Rainstorm and attached forces have neutralized a total of four hostile elements - a major percentage of such offering active resistance. One of the total of five hostile elements has been detained by the deployed operatives.


Within the building, Rainstorm has acquired a large amount of Cocaine and Methamphetamine - where as both did not fit the common external description of such, hinting to a specific modification of the drug that is subject for examination within S.B. to evaluate and collect further information. It is assumed that the hostile group as a whole is utilizing substances for enhancement of certain attributes.


All in all, deployment 'Tactical Superiority' has been deemed a full success with minimal losses. The engagement between Tech-Com and SkyNet after the initial completion of the mission has been handled accordingly.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event! <3 Special thanks to Kiwi, ABlazeOfGlory, BelowTheBelt and everyone else who helped to design and manage the event. I hope it was worth your time and am excited for the upcoming stuff I have planned. :D <3

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