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Jan 29, 2015
Thanks for this. I've been a strong proponent of making CC/Eternity open source for some time now, cool to see it's finally joining the club. I hope this will encourage more community involvement and make them more accessible for studying purposes, or, if anything, provide a base for people to work off of in the future and at least ensure something of a legacy for them. On that note, it is a bit disappointing to see Legacy HL2 is still being held back, but I suppose these are already some pretty big steps forward nonetheless.
May 28, 2016
If you haven't heard the other bit of news, check here first.

TnB's always been something of an oddity in terms of the scripts used, whereas a lot of other communities try to leverage some premium or open source script like nexus/openaura/clockwork or one of the many nutscript derived gamemodes we've done most of our stuff using our own in-house developed code.

While this has certainly helped us it's also made developing for it somewhat difficult, back in 2016 I ended up writing the 23rd most popular vehicle addon on the workshop to serve as a resume for me to get in. As great of a decision that turned out to be it's also a bit of a high bar if you'd ask me.

So before taking off I figured I'd try and do something about this and make sure that even if nobody steps up to fill the shoes of a permanent developer the community will end up being able to take it upon themselves to keep the script updated.

... by open sourcing a good chunk of it.


Most of the info you'll need is in the wiki included with each repository but I'll answer some of the most common questions people are going to have below.

Where is legacy hl2/hlna?

Legacy is being left out since the majority of development work on there was done by other people and we'd rather keep that one to ourselves. HLNA on the other hand is such a mess that I'm just not going to bother, plus there's a decent chunk of code in there written by Drewerth and I'm not dealing with the potential drama of releasing his code without his knowledge or permission there.

HLNA is available here. Same setup instructions as the other eternity versions.

Does this mean other servers can take the code and use it?

The code is licensed as MIT so yes they can do whatever they want with it, that being said the script has exactly 0 documentation and none of the content is included so unless they're really dedicated it's very unlikely to be worth the time and effort.

Can players contribute to the script now?

Yes? Maybe? I can't really say since I'm not going to be involved with those decisions going forward. I certainly hope that it ends up being the case though.

What about SRP?

The stalker script for the upcoming server is open source as well and can be found here:


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Dec 20, 2013
Take a good look at all of that, that's thousands of hours of work and effort people took for granted done by a variety of people.

Highly recommend using this as a means to learn to code if it's ever interested you.

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