On Powered Exoskeletons

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Sep 23, 2015

On Powered Exoskeletons
Written by Cpl. Owens
Edited by Sgt. Altara​
We here at Charlie Labs have recently recovered four P-3 Powered Exoskeletons in working condition and a fifth test Exoskeleton, a P-2, in a half working condition from a CyberDyne subsidiary that was operating in this part of town before J-Day. Also retrieved was a wealth of documentation regarding the suit’s creation, specifications and eventual implementation for military purposes. Sadly they didn’t meet their deadline before the bombs fell however.

These models are currently undergoing field testing in a limited capacity. This will allow us to gauge the deterioration from the decades of storage along with possible applications in both combat and non-combat roles.

System Analysis
The suit is made of a lightweight titanium frame, similar to the construction of the bots we fight each day. This frame holds together all the key components required for usage. The first thing you will notice when entering the suit is the four locks that clamp together in order to bind the wearer to the suit while in use. These hold you in at the wrists and ankles. They keep you secured from the moment it turns on until you hit the off button.

It is powered using a batch of lithium-ion batteries contained in the back of the suit. These allow for three hours of use before a recharge is required. This is as simple as clearing out the power pack then plugging the batteries into a separate charging dock.

The power pack runs the two main systems. These are the integrated computer which processes the user’s movements through an array of sensors placed around the suit then once it is picks up the movement a series of electric motors will kick on to accentuate and strengthen your motions. This may be jarring at first as simple things like tossing your partner a STANAG will likely result in you chucking it at them like the great bambino in the classic movie The Sandlot, but you shouldn’t be giving your comrades black eyes so be careful and precise with your movements.


Dante, Dante! What do they do?
Well eager grunt or commanding officer who I should treat with more respect. These suits in their current form have a few key features to them. These include but are not limited to
  • Recoil reduction, according to field tests by troops like Cpl. Leopord it is possible to hip fire an LMG in these.
  • Increased carrying capacity. Even in his old age this suit allowed Lt. Baker to carry an engine block for miles in one arm.
  • Harder hits. I accidentally punched SSgt. Hayes in this and sent him to the dirt just going for a high five.
  • Rumble feedback. The suit vibrates near the groin area when you are close to exceeding carry capacity.
  • Armor system mounting. The current chassis allows for small arms mounting to parts of the frame.


nothing stops MY roleplay
Nov 15, 2014
This is a friendly reminder that the following don't actually work:
  • Your exosuit does not make you silent.
  • Your exosuit does not make you hand-to-hand proficient against Terminators.

Thank you have a nice day.
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