new to TnB


Saver of TnB
Jun 2, 2015
Hey.. Been RPing for about 5 years now and Im finally getting around to playing 'TnB' Or Taco N Banana. Hope to see all of You on server i been playing on S1 usually but I also like to hop on S4 caves and farm antlion to have fun with my friend Itstheend. Also does anyone know who Plays Claire Reens? im lookign to buy an Mp5 from him but he disconnected with my money XD

Anyway Hope to see al lof you on server thanks again...~OxyMoron-or [RWX] Jules

Me and Some of the Guys if U see us on server give us A shout or PM Lets get some RP going


low effort
Feb 27, 2013
Hey jules jules lemme know when you hop on the server (HL2 of course) and I'll see about gettin you introduced to some people I know a real cool guy named Luka Smajic thats a real killer he'll hook you up

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