Movie Night!


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Jan 14, 2012
Anri Anri has never seen toy story 2 lets force them to watch it with us

Also, put Annihilation on the list. It's pretty much always on German Netflix, so I can host it easily.
Doesn't fit the theme, but it's a really good movie.

Also whoever suggested Redline is now my friend.


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Jul 4, 2011
I'm gonna suggest a bunch of wildcards.

Drive. Fantastic movie.

Baby Driver. Fantastic movie.

No Country for Old Men. Haven't seen it.

Saving Private Ryan. Haven't seen it.

Hacksaw Ridge. Fantastic movie.

Jurassic Park. One of my all time favorites.

There's plenty more but I'll leave it at this for now.


Nov 14, 2012

Second alternative, I know it's in Russian but english subtitles are easy to find. It's one of the best modern time russian movies I saw. Effects, story, actors, everything is perfect.


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Feb 7, 2017
Anything directed by Akira Kurosawa or John Carpenter.

Preferably The Thing, Escape from New York and Yojimbo (I would've said Seven Samurai but that movie's long and I wouldn't like to waste the time of people that don't enjoy the type of movie.)


Sep 28, 2015
Terminator, and this

Second alternative, I know it's in Russian but english subtitles are easy to find. It's one of the best modern time russian movies I saw. Effects, story, actors, everything is perfect.
Most definitely this. Battle of Sevastopol was an amazing fucking movie and I loved it.

Can we add Stand By Me? It doesn't fit the themes except for the fact it's a classic.
Jul 21, 2015
Hey guys. I created a Strawpoll with a small selection of movies from the master list. Vote on the movie you want to see for the first movie night. I'll think of a date soon but otherwise, feel free to reply to this thread with date suggestions or what might work best for you. My goal is to make sure everyone that wants to come will be able to make it.


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Oct 8, 2011
i remember i used to do this
i put on A Serbian Film for 46 people and only 2 were left at the end
Jul 21, 2015

Metastream Browser Ext. for CHROME
Metastream Browser Ext. for FIREFOX

Yes, the browser extension IS REQUIRED!

Due to Rabbit shutting down, the next best hosting and streaming service for movie night in my eyes is Metastream. Extremely easy to use but it still does have its issues because it's still in beta and is very new.
While messing around with it, those helping me test it out voiced their concerns about the very broad permissions that you must grant when you add the browser extension, rightfully so.

Other users have expressed their concerns over this permission in their Discord. Response by the developer is provided:

Here's the source code:

To ease any concerns from you guys I went and got Hoplite and Gangleider's take on it. However this is not them guaranteeing anything, this is still under your discretion and for you to make up your mind about. Gangleider also didn't check every single line of code, he skimmed over it:

This is me trying to make the permission's situation as transparent as I can all in one post so you guys can decide for yourselves if this is something you would all be comfortable using for movie night. I'll try and find another application to use if you guys don't want to use this one, but I'm really liking Metastream.

Here's the FAQ
Metastream's GitHub
Samuel Maddock's GitHub
Samuel's Website
Metastream Discord

I'm posting a poll so you guys can vote.

Jul 21, 2015
Why not use the Cinema gamemode for Gmod?
Because it works for some people and for others it doesn't. It's hard to work with. That's an option but it's one of my last options.

Metastream has so far worked with everyone I've tested it with and it's got great sound, the quality is good, and it's very easy to load up and use. The permissions concern is the only concern and I wanted to dispel those concerns as best as I could.

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