Mors expectet ( death awaits)


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Apr 1, 2018
Radio silence was upon the frequency, meant to be used by the team with the designation 'Ghost' to stay in contact with the Bakersfield company. The ether sends its usual sounds, and the chance of a call from the team become less likely with every second, minute and hour passing...

All of the sudden, the ether breaks up, and a voice sounds off over the frequency.

Ghost team to Bakersfield, Bakersfield come in.

The voice, matching to Meyers sounds rarely relaxed. No sign of stress, nor any sound of gunfight or anything similar are hearable.

Ghost arrived at the AO at 2300 yesterday. Had to lay low, we were compromised for around three hours by Ariel units, before they flew off. We've now setup our listening post and sweep the area to retrieve coordinates of facilities and transport routes. With the official now done, I'll start with the less official things. I'd highly appreciate it if someone informs Private Martinez, Corporal Birch and Private first class Valeria about my current status, which is green. If anybody wishes to speak to me or the other elements of the ghost team, inform me and I will work on setting it up at a specific time. Next report will be around this time tomorrow.

Ghost actual out. Stay safe Bakersfield.

The voice disappeares as quick as it sounds off. The ether taking its place once more. All that needed to be said had been brought up on the radio. Now it is to Bakersfield to either reply or wait for the next call...

// thought of doing another type of this, but this time someone of TC might reply to it in a similar way to make it somewhat of a radio conversation, if anyone likes to do so ^^


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Apr 1, 2018
Another dark and seemingly hopeless morning in Bakersfield... The clouds cover the sky, blocking every bit of sun away. Aerial hunter killers fly around as usual, scanning for their warm and organic prey, hiding somewhere in the ruins of an old world. The ghost team, which was meant to report back a day before already, was not heard of after their past transmission. The radio being dead, similar to the phones of the old world, which seemingly still await a call from family or friends.

The small five men team, somewhere behind enemy lines , stays quiet for several hours of the new day coming on. Few hope to hear the voice from their comrade, friend or partner over the more or less small device to be assured that everything is fine.

And as if something is watching from above the clouds, they break up. Showing the faint light emitting from the shining star, that then covers the surface of the ruined earth. And a signal is caught up through the antenna, and a man speaks through the radio device...

Bakersfield... Ghost team reporting.
We had to move due to an emergency, our ao is compromised, we're hightailing a different way.

The voice of corporal Meyers sounds more stressed and worried than normal, faint gunfire can be heard in the distance, and the grunting of other people in the background aswell. He continues to exclaim.

We were watching one of skynets transports moving further inside their territory and towards another facility, where they were dumping bodies. This behavior had been seen earlier already and written down in reports at Baseplate. Yet aerial units caught a glimpse of one of my men and engaged, stirring up the hornets nests nearby. We were lucky to get away with most of the equipment, but we are slower due to an injured individual. We are moving through the former Fresno territory and try to sneak through the enemy lines tomorrow.

All voices go quiet all of the sudden, before the roaring sound 9f twin engines emit. Meyers goes down to a whisper.

Will call back later. Wish us Godspeed Bakersfield.

The radio line, now dead again only transmits the typical sound of the ether. And the sun begins to be more annoying than a signal of hope, blinding people and forcing them back underground... And The ghost team, somewhere moving to Fresno, has to go above the underground, though the sun filled ruins of a former base of tech com, visiting it like a castle from the old world, but only with the threat still nearby...

And their further doing seems unclear, because death awaits them at every corner.


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Apr 1, 2018
Ghost actual to Bakersfield, Bakersfield come in... Can you hear me? God damit Bakersfield!

Meyers call sounds rather cut off and his voice under stress. The sound of gunfire now close to the man. Grunts and groans following aswell.

Ghost team ran into troubles. Our move over the Frontline did not went smooth. Two members have gone MIA after a T-100 got to us. I am currently with the remnants of the group, and any attempt to make contact with the missing members is futile. Assuming they are KIA.

The small moment of somewhat of peace, that allowed him to talk soon fades. Explosions nearby cause too many sounds to hear anything of Meyers for some time. Before he sounds off again.

We are moving, quickly. Our area is more than hot. Survivor groups pose somewhat of resistance to cover our retreat. I will return in roughly one and a half days. Maybe less, I am escorting the remaining members to the rendezvous point. We weren't able to see anything new or interesting. Make sure you -

The man now gets interrupted by another individual.

Meyers! We have to go, those fucking drones are moving in this complex soon and we can't carry Jeffrey all the way once they get here.

Fuck. Alright, we are moving. Pack the shit up and get him back on the stretcher. Ghost actual out.

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