LuffyH + Aceteam Ban Request

  • Attention
    • Do not post useless +support.
    • Do not post personal vouches.
    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.
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Leave me alone
May 25, 2011
100% joined the server, friend gave me 3b,i said "im bored im going to raid someone, left faction never asked for help and raided that pyro guy for 3-4b then joined back to the faction,Btw you guys should work on ur rules a bit they are fucking utter shit
Oh no. Our Base Wars server is bad. Whatever shall we dooooooooooo.


Jason Killer does not exist....
Feb 12, 2012
Could you make it perma? since normal banter isnt allowed and ur not clearly cabable of being a decent admin whos just on a power trip because hes meaningless life has no other purpose than making the tiny stick between ur 2 legs bigger by "Hey look at me guys i can ban people mwuahaha obey me"
perma? say no more. you dont mind if your friends join you, do you?

owned LoL.


Jun 25, 2015
i just wanna see bungo live out his dream of opening a successful retirement home

whys everybody gotta be so bad and mad
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