LA Militia


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Apr 13, 2018

The LA militia is a humanitarian group consisting of guards and helpers, there goal is to help human welfare and that they are fit and ready for what comes right after, they do not wish to cause trouble and wish to stay away from combat unless asked, staying perfectly open for anyone in need of the help if they cannot find it elsewhere.

Faction Relations
Tech-Comm- Neutral (Haven't met, event for it do so look forward to it.)
Skynet- Enemies.

Rank Structure.
LHM- Lead Hospital Men, Highest rank in Helpers, Can promote and demote to any rank.
HM- Hospital Men, Fully
specialized medic, can recruit in Helpers and demote HA.
HA- Hospital Assistant, Still training medic, Can recommend in Helpers
HR- Hospital Recruit, New Training medic.

COS- Chief of security, Highest rank in Security, Can Promote and demote to any rank.
HSC- High Security, High Security rank, Can promote and demote to SC's or SR's

SC- Standard Security, Can recommend for new Security and Promotion of SR's
SR- Security Recruit, New
Security, lowest ranking

Multiple specifications can be used:
Emergency Medic Vehicle.
Weapon dealer (To anyone in the LA militia)
Field medic.
Overwatch (Like alpha boy's, less shooty more scouty)
Guarder (Like a MP)


Name | Rank | Job | OOC name
Jamie Blackleaf | Leader COS | Security leader/Trainer | Roachman
Alice Bishop | Co-leader HM | Emergency Medic Vehicle Leader/Trainer | ShadowninjaYT
Kevin Broady | HM | Head Medic | Cheeki Breeki
Mathew Dingle | HSC | Overwatch Trainer | Wasted.exe

//Discord: (Pm me if it doesn't work.)

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Apr 13, 2018
If anyone is interested in a medic role and that, message me either through discord or the forums, we are open and are free for recruiting and will be bring in officially when the event is on sunday or saturday.


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Apr 13, 2018
The event bringing this group and a Tee Cee back as well will be coming earlier then expect and will be held tomorrow, No time avalible yet but shouldn't be any later then 3:00 (for all you americans out there, british time aka gmt would be 7pm)


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Apr 13, 2018
sorry bout all of this not happening sooner then later, i'll try something out when trp gets its pop back when the glory of hl2 has died down a little

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