Just wanted to give a shout-out to TnB


Jun 23, 2011
As the title says, I just want to publicly thank everyone who were responsible for the inception of this community as well as are for its maintenance and moderation; as I recall my experience playing here I realize how influential my time here was for me as an individual and for my future prospects in life. I'm glad I spent my time playing here and was able to grow as a person, and I cherish the memories. Long live TnB.
If you want to, feel free to use the opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation in this thread. :happy:

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manic episodes are the source of 90% of my writing
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Nov 30, 2015
think its sort of a running gag that the people who play here say they hate being here, but even past all the bad stuff and the perpetual drama that ebbs and flows id much rather be here than any other gmod community.

also gotta give credit where credit is due, cause I wouldn't have nearly any of the friends I do now without this place.


Jul 9, 2016
id much rather be here than any other gmod community.
Oh boy what a compliment
True though. I don't know whether my life would be better or worse without TnB but it's definitely been a big part of my life. This has been a place to go when real life sucks and that's important. Lots of good times had on these make believe servers, maybe more to come


Kiruclanz 2.0
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Mar 7, 2015
big ups to tnb. went through a significant part of my adolescence here, and i'm a better writer for it.

def fucked up my sense of humor though lol.

Henry Ryan

Jun 21, 2019
Tnb has some of the best fucking memesters in the market and the dramas fun to watch i started off as a 12 year old edge lord and now i am a force of pure unadulterated confused typeing that somehow got me this one when TNB well dies off one day ill pour one out for it.
May 28, 2011
I've a lot of memories here and made a lot of friends. It was a place of refuge for me growing up as a baby Rooster from TRP to SRP/HL2. I've a lot of memories here and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm happy to have had something to look forward to growing up and this community has my un-divided gratitude and thanks to the players and the admins who work so hard. Even though I don't play here as often, I still cherish the memories and look forward to what they bring next.


Dec 28, 2015
When I was at the lowest point in my life, it was during one of my few hiatuses here where I changed aliases. I decided to come back while I was looking for an escape.

Considering the amount of people I've met, and have influenced me today to keep going and to set myself straight wether it was through meaningful roleplay on the server or conversations about the server that transpire into just heart-to-heart talks and general friendship, I don't regret any of my decisions from that point on.

My life has never been better any other time than it is now because of this place and I hope to a lot of people who are still here it serves it's purpose as a community, regardless of all the behind-the-scenes drama, frustrations and mishap that happens.

thanks tnb


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Mar 24, 2018
i dont understand what happens half the time here, but yes. good community mmmm
Apr 7, 2015
Came for the server content
Stayed for the forum content

All jokes aside, this is the only community I’ve ever found myself drawn back to year after year. There’s a running identity that’s unique to the community, and the burning passion that some people here have for their hobbies is palpable.
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