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Hotpocket Unban Request

Discussion in 'ZRP Unban' started by ghosturt, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. ghosturt

    ghosturt New Blood

    United States
    Jul 7, 2011
    Original length of ban: Permanent.
    Time since ban: 4-5 years.
    Who banned you: Advantage
    Reason for original ban: Trolling & Toxic behavior.
    Reason for unban:

    It's been has been 2-3 years since Hotpocket had last played on the community. I have quiet literally known this man my entire life and we've been reconnecting over the past 2 months. He has completely flipped who he is. He deserves another chance.

    According to his forum profile it says he haven't been active in well over 4 years.
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  2. Kashaving

    Kashaving Legend

    United States
    Sep 16, 2015
    That's a negative Ghost Rider.
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  3. Gangleider

    Gangleider speak into the shell
    Non-Roleplay Department Administrator Developer

    Jun 11, 2007
    fella's got a lot of explainin to do before any discussion is even on the table, a short paragraph won't cut it
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