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Nov 29, 2015

HLNA Donations

HLNA specific donations are officially open for business. You can access the donation panel by clicking "Donate" at the top of the forums OR through this link here.

So, what's changed?

TnB is switching over to a monthly subscription system as opposed to a single-time payment, which will also cross over with the forum contributor role: Having the Silver or Gold package is grounds for being given the Contributor role on the forums. Contact an admin with proof of your purchase/proof of your in-game Contributor badge and we'll assign the Contributor role on the forums.

Each package comes with some amount of additional spawning permissions (ragdolls, effects, more props), as well as additional starting credits for each new character you make. You start with 350 credits for every new character with the Gold subscription, meaning that with an additional 50 from your first ration you can immediately buy the most expensive business license. Gold also gives you the boon of starting each new character with the Donator bag, which is a 4x4 backpack- the largest backpack item in the script, that can neither be dropped or placed in a non-stash container. You can ask for this backpack on your existing characters if you have the Gold contributor badge.

Cosmetic perks include a togglable Contributor badge, a toggleable scoreboard title, and a customizable physgun color.

You can see all of the perks for each package listed in the donation store. Additions to the packages may follow in the future.

Donation FAQ:

Q: How will player model donations be handled?
A: Right now we're in talks with Dave about possibly making it so that Gold contributor can have permission to use all public heads, but this is not official as of this time and thus the handling of player model donations remain unchanged as of this time. (May also toss in the bonemerge tool to Gold, we'll see.)

Resolved. Gold donators can use all public heads. If you ask an administrator to set your model, PLEASE be sure to reference the donator spreadsheet and ensure it is public beforehand. Failure to do this will result in this privilege being removed from you.

Q: How will weapon donations be handled?
There will be a thread in the future on weapon donations for HLNA, right now we're still ironing out the specifics of the matter.

Q: Now where could my pipe be?
hhhh bingus
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Feb 14, 2015
wait if the donator backpack cant be dropped or stashed is it just always on your back 24/7? what model does it use?

Scone !

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Jan 16, 2015
It specifically says non-stash container. You can stash it it looks like, you just can't drop it to prevent you giving it to others
Dec 9, 2014
Guess I aint donating today, because paypal wont post its transactions to my bank or my bank wont display the verification deposits one or the other. Double checked the account info and its correct but rip.
Sep 21, 2012
Kill it with fire.

Kill it with holy flame.

I for one am receptive to weapon donations, if only because it's a good way to add weaponry to the server... So long as we're talking the nice stuff and not, personal gluon guns and fully semi automatic AR12s with baby killer HE ammunition.


I had strings, but now I am free.
Nov 29, 2015
There's no way in hell we're going to allow weapon donations to supersede the quality of the server. Any donations for new weapons are going to be filtered for being appropriate for the setting, balanced with the rest of the weaponbase, and likely distributed in an IC manner.

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