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    A lot of people have been asking me about this in the last week as HL2RP launch comes closer (dont ask me when, i dont know exactly).

    The new script will use a similar bodygroup system to TRP and ZRP, which allows for mix-and-match of clothes and headgear etc.

    Here is a simple overview of how it will work and to answer your questions........

    • Old HL2RP models will be void (2014-2018 era). They will not work with the new launch script. Sorry.
    • TRP and ZRP model heads will work. You will be able to use your TRP / ZRP model on the new HL2 server HOWEVER....please keep in mind.........
    • You will need to donate a $20 edit fee to have it updated to allow for headgear to work. For example, beanies, facewraps, gasmasks, and whatever else we decide to put in.
    • If you do not donate for the update/edit, the model will still work fine, but you will just not see the relevant headgear when the item is worn.
    • TRP headgear like Techcom helmets and the like will not be accessible on HL2. They do not fit the theme.
    • There will be no access to Donator weapons, at least during the early stages of the server launch. We will likely bring in some other perk similar.

    As usual, new model requests will be $60 as standard.

    If you donate for a model to be made for HL2........and then decide you want it edited to work with TRP (or any subsequent TnB server) later also, that will be a $20 fee again exactly the same as if it was the other way around.

    I am now OPEN to requests on this matter.

    Forum PM me as usual.

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    are 2010 donations cool yea?
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