Oct 5, 2016

"Colonel Algers."

"Székely. Why have you called? There's no point in delaying the inevitable."

"I wanted to save you the trouble of bloodshed, Colonel."

"A surrender?"

"A warning. Turn back while you can. You don't want to do this."

"It's far too late to save your skin now, Székely. Rather convenient of you to warn me, while my men are ten kilometers from the city limits."

"This isn't for me. Spare your soulless soldiers and tell them to go home. You know you won't win."

"They won't go home. They're going to march into your pitiful little nation, and burn it down. I'm doing the new world a favor by dismantling your fledgling red state. Don't subject your men to the struggle and lay down your arms."

"I'll see you on the battlefield, Colonel."

The Battle of Narva was the Epsilon Authority's attempt to invade, and subsequently conquer the territories of Brigada Roza, during the late months of the War of the Baltic. The battle took place across 2 days and 2 nights, finishing on the morning of November 26th, 2018. Brigada Roza's victory in this battle lead to the Epsilon Authority completely withdrawing from most of its possession in the mainland Baltic area, the War of the Baltic concluding soon afterward.

While the assault inflicted more casualties on the Brigada Roza militiamen than on the VIKTOR mercenaries the Epsilon Authority employed to fight the battle, Brigada Roza deployed tactics learned throughout the City 45 Uprising years earlier to great effect, inflicting enough casualties to force a retreat of transhuman forces. The complete repulsion of the attack galvanized Brigada Roza high command to mount a counteroffensive, and eventually chase all Epsilon Authority military presence out of the Baltics. The victory against what seemed to be the remnants of the Universal Union bolstered popular support of Brigada Roza in the area. This battle concluded the War of the Baltic, which, at the time, had been a continuous campaign of retreat of Brigada Roza militias across the territory they loosely held. With neither side possessing the proper military capability to keep pressing the attack, fighting halted. By January of next year, Brigada Roza established the Northwestern Republic, beginning the transition to a democratic civilian government.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed HL2 along with me!

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May 28, 2011
Alexander Novikov remained dedicated to the hipocratic oath and remained a surgeon until the ripe old age of sixty nine when he finally retired. Training many dedicated nurses before him to take his position. He died alone at the age of eighty five somewhere.


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Jun 20, 2011

Frank Gaston continued to run his radio station in the outskirts as his group's focus drifts away from music and rebel propaganda and more towards providing secure communications for the local resistance. To accomplish this, he utilized forms of frequency hopping and end-to-end encryption to frustrate the Combine's efforts to listen in on resistance transmissions. After the uprising, Gaston and his wife Azucena Gaston helped to develop a type of packet radio-based bulletin board system dubbed 'LamdaNET' to help people reconnect in the confusion and disarray left behind with the Combine's departure. Frank and his group continued to play all sorts of music on his repurposed radio station until he passed away from complications related to lung cancer a few years later.

Hannibal Remington Newport continued smuggling supplies and munitions into the city for a period of time, later joining the underground railroad and applying his smuggling skills to help move people out of the city. At one point, Hannibal nearly caught a bullet from an old friend name Renata, though both of them were wearing masks at the time and never discovered one another's identity. After the uprising, Hannibal utilized his knowledge of smuggling routes to facilitate the trafficking of illicit drugs until an airboat-related mishap forever hindered his ability to walk. Crippled and aging, Hannibal decided he was far too old for a young man's work. He settled down with a former compatriot named Kerry Chen and pursued training in an unlikely career choice: computer programming. As Hong Kong rebuilt itself using a hybrid of older human-designed computer systems and organic Combine terminals left behind, Hannibal helped design the city's new traffic management system. In his free time, he made computer games based on highly embellished, exaggerated, and sometimes outright false versions of his exploits during the Portal Storms and the Combine occupation of Earth. As Hannibal Newport's name faded from history, "Remington Zhao" was immortalized in Chinese post-occupation popular culture.

As synthetic cremators became standard, Roland Page was reassigned to chickenshit managerial duties overseeing the nexus' air conditioning systems. He was sacked after an HVAC system malfunctioned on his watch and resulted in the death of Vo Xuan Vu. In the Combine, termination of employment usually meant termination of one's life as well. His body was never found.

Jeb Hudson was later recruited by Droog Druzhinsky, an old acquaintance from his time in the canals, and joined him in his post-occupation operations in the Black Sea. Afterwards, he settled down with a woman named Ashley Vernon, a former resistance fighter from the City 17 region, and together they developed a crackpot gun-fu martial arts discipline based on the philosophy of 80's action movies and Fist of The North Star.

The seemingly-invincible alien scavenger Goblin died at the hands of a human scavenger. Through some weird quirk of its alien biology, the creature combusted and exploded when met with one of the chemicals commonly found in signal flares. A similar alien of the same species dubbed Giggler for it's strange vocal tic of hyena-like laughter continued to pester the humans of City 45 with impunity until it fell into a harbor and quickly became fish food. The aliens colloquially called 'trashmonkeys' are an ever present pest throughout Eastern Europe after the occupation.

After Vo Xuan Vu's former government posting during the 2006 Hanoi hacks came to light, the Combine reassigned all ZFT-related cases to GIS, deeming that Vo's vendetta against the group was too personal and emotional for him to appraise their threat accurately and dispassionately. ZFT remained a low priority for GIS until Vo's tragic death in a freak HVAC malfunction was discovered to be a deliberate hack credited to ZFT. Eddie Eldridge and several other city-based ZFT members fled to the outlands in an unusually high-profile road escape that exposed fundamental exploits in certain parts along the City 45's perimeter walls. From there, Eddie and his ZFT cohorts worked to provide the resistance with experimental weaponry and hacked-together technology. When Eddie did finally return to St. Petersburg, it was during the uprising, behind the controls of a stolen APC. Purely by coincidence, Eddie nearbly destroyed a fleeing APC containing Col. Russel Algers, but an ill-timed Gulf War flashback caused him to hesitate at a critical moment. After the occupation, Eddie successfully developed a solar-powered, arm-grafted device meant to monitor blood glucose levels for those with diabetes. After embarking on a week-long drug-fueled bender in Amsterdam with his ZFT compatriots Charlie Kensley and Jarvis Gent, Eddie renounced his transhumanist views (now the anarchist ones, however) and decided to embrace his own humanity, flawed as it may be. He was last seen shacked up with an American actress bearing more than a passing resemblance to Yi Wen-li.

Very little information on Vivienne Terhani exists after the occupation, only that she was at some point a citizen of City 45 and that she was responsible for fatally shooting Vincent Cvirka from the 6th story window of the Terminal Hotel with a battered Mosin Nagant. Much like other high-profile assassinations in history, this too is surrounded by wild conspiracy theories. The most ludicrous theory is that the assassination of Cvirka was staged so that he could go into hiding after the occupation, and that Vivienne was actually a member of his personal guard, but this claim is regarded as completely unsubstantiated and without proof.

Contrary to the casualty reports after the Black Mesa Incident, Master Sergeant Duane Barry of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit did not die during the assault on Brimstone, New Mexico. He came out far from unscathed, though; wheelchair-bound and left with debilatating brain damage that left him nonverbal, he spent his remaining life in hospice care, first in an Albaquerque veterans' home, then in a secure facility at the insistence of a sentimental Combine admin, and finally a nursing home in post-occupation Baja California. His final caretaker was an Iranian woman who confided in her patient her past exploits as a MIDNIGHT agent and staged assassination of some administrator.

Jeremy Winch had a brief romantic relationship with a Czech resistance operative named Kveta, but eventually broke off the relationship after deciding her vocabulary involved too many swear words. Jeremy met an unfortunate end after challenging an Adjutant to hand-to-hand combat while he was in Combine captivity. He won, naturally, but was put in front of a firing squad as a consequence for snapping the neck of a ranking officer.

Joe Ephraim continued to suffer from deliberately-induced dementia from recreational use of the active memory-hindering ingredient of the so-called "Breen Water", though the habit was brought on to distract himself of the grief of losing his son Beau in the Seven Hour War and the guilty of his own complacency in his country's surrender to the Combine while he was a member of the government. His efforts to erase his own memory were successful, and he lived his remaining life without ever remembering he served as a Delaware Senator from 1973 to the end of the Seven Hour War. He passed in his sleep, surrounded by caretakers that never came to know his real surname:
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Emilio Morales continues his in-city resistance activities. At the same time, there's an increase in his smoking and drug habits. He's gunned down by CCA amidst the escape of an op gone wrong.


Mar 29, 2020
Theodore Reed sleeps 20 hours a day, screaming Wolverines at other sewer dwellers, and shotcopping the foolish patrols that dare enter the seedy underworld. He still to this day sings songs to balance out the recoil to his automatic fire.

40100/Rainieri hits 02 and gets shotcopped by an anticitizen roaming the sewers seen screaming and singing at his victims. His last words being, ".//This is NLR right???" /me dies


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Azlan Khan, better known to the denizens of C45 as 'Massoud' plied his trade as an 'interpreter' for the 'fishermen' for years well into the Combine occupation of Earth, and although he'd never truly fallen into the traditional flag-flying resistance camp his business-minded sentiments did soften, due in no small part to the influence of those he'd worked alongside and done business with, including a passing vortigaunt Belowthebelt Belowthebelt that he'd once saved to gain a favour. No small number of arms and materials used to fuel the local uprisings that sprouted across the region had passed through Massoud's gloved palms on the way to their intended recipients - the man had contributed to casualties among the Combine's forces in triple digits without firing a single shot himself, save for a few sporadic occasions where his CA XCCR credentials hadn't let him slip through.

Peacetime - or at least the closest thing to it, saw no change to his business approach. Prior to a career-ending airboat incident, Massoud had leveraged an old partnership with a fellow smuggler blooregardo blooregardo to traffic contraband through the fledgling city-state until the discourse settled and the market dried up. But instead of retiring and settling down as Hannibal did, he fell back on the only thing he'd known for the entirety of his adult life - returning to his old profession plying trade across the Caucasus and Western Asia to so-called freedom fighters, militia groups and political movements, though as a matter of principle he firmly refused to do business with Islamist fundamentalists, recalling bitter memories of the Taliban descending upon the carcass of his homeland after the Soviet puppet government had collapsed.

Eventually, that same bitterness crystallised and reshaped into something else entirely - perhaps a change of heart, or perhaps it was a weariness of the same nomadic lifestyle and a resurgence of old memories from a time before the Soviets had dug their claws in. The few who might have vaguely remembered 'Massoud' catch word somewhere in the mid-late 2020s of a Pashtun trader of matching alias and description striking out in Kabul. Backed by a collective of mercenaries, former resistance fighters with no flag to bear and nomadic vortigaunts searching for the promise of a homeland, 'Massoud' leveraged old debts and mercantile networks to drive out the spectral remnants of the Taliban and those that followed them, effectively becoming the de facto ruling influence over a fledgling city-state that, in time, regained its ancient esteem as a wealthy, mercantile hub, empowered by the renewed need for the Silk Road. Fitting, in a way. Afghanistan had outlasted the many empires that had attempted to conquer it; the Combine were no different.
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"A mime does not live in a false reality. It is created through his performance. It is just as real as the world is around him... and his reality has just as much right to exist."

- Poppy, former French Construction worker and performance artist.

"Just 'cause it'll be over one day don't ever mean the evil will. I heard th' devil on the phone long before the Combine ever came. I heard 'im in the background of children crying
near their dead maw, or the folk who pay me just to have somebody to talk wid. Act like they still got a family. I hear 'im all the god dang time. He ain't gonna be fixin' to leave."

- Kerry Chen, former American 911 operator and escort.

"What we seen the Union do was no different in atrocity in the history of man. Only the scale changed, but the tyranny is all the same. Look at history. Read what happens to a dictator."

- Yi Wen li, former Chinese American actress and librarian.​


Aug 13, 2016
Francisco kept doing the only thing he knew what to do by now; fighting the Union, by any means necessary. Sabotage, kidnapping, assasinations and bombings were all common on his book, the Capitán and his band were known for their violent and unforgiving tactics waged against the Union. Any enemy left alive by them was marked with the Union's claw, sometimes in the upper-torso and neck, not by mercy, but, to warn the other of what was to come.

After the initial uprising, he set out with the remnants of Brigada, on their campaign against the Epsilon Authority on the Baltic Sea, seeing as their ideals were the closest to his and his band's own. Although, not in the main battlefields of the post-uprising war, the Capitán's dirty dozen of guerilla were sent behind enemy lines, disrupting supply routes and assasinating VIP; it was on his adventures throughout Algers' lands that he set free an old ally from City 45, a greenskin named Zul'Tuk.

The partnership didn't last between Brigada and Buenaventura, and after a heated argument over how things should be ran on their new territory, they parted ways, but not before Buenaventura took back his trustworthy bee-hand from Saoirse; his anarchist band set out to keep doing what they had been doing for years, now- not like they could stop by now, this was all they had been doing for years.

His life wouldn't be a very long one after that; his antics all over these new pseudo-countries weren't seen in a kind light by the law, and, during a discussion over a town and Buenaventura over a captured rogue unit, weapons were drawn upon. The town's sheriff, a disguised 330 who found himself in power, proved himself the winner; as a pulse-beam from his augmented pistol split Buenaventura's head in half, leaving a bloody battle to be had inbetween the town and his band.

Ernesto, the living bee-arm worn by Francisco, was later wielded by Kaz.
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lets be honest

every character mentioned here wakes up, blinks their eyes open through the misery and gets up to put on their little citizen jump suit and then they go and attend their work shift that they have no choice but to attend. when they complete it they collect their ration which is just enough to keep them going into the next day

they retire to what is described as their apartment and they try to sleep through the bad dreams in order to get enough rest so they can do the same tomorrow

there is no happy ending


Feb 15, 2015
lets be honest

every character mentioned here wakes up, blinks their eyes open through the misery and gets up to put on their little citizen jump suit and then they go and attend their work shift that they have no choice but to attend. when they complete it they collect their ration which is just enough to keep them going into the next day

they retire to what is described as their apartment and they try to sleep through the bad dreams in order to get enough rest so they can do the same tomorrow

there is no happy ending
yeah but i also have a lightsaber dumbass


Feb 16, 2016
lets be honest

every character mentioned here wakes up, blinks their eyes open through the misery and gets up to put on their little citizen jump suit and then they go and attend their work shift that they have no choice but to attend. when they complete it they collect their ration which is just enough to keep them going into the next day

they retire to what is described as their apartment and they try to sleep through the bad dreams in order to get enough rest so they can do the same tomorrow

there is no happy ending

Happy endings are more than just the tip after a trip to the massage parlor, buddy. They can exist. It was less than a year ago where we thought Half Life would never get a new game.

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