Sep 27, 2015
Amy Krasinski contracts one too many of 330's venereal diseases and dies shortly after seeing the Wallace Breen Society propagated all over Eastern Europe. Jenn Lowry, of City 17's founding chapter, later writes a defamatory exposé on Krasinski published in the WBS newsletter, bestowing her several slanderous yet pithy nicknames including "Posthumanist papillomavirus", "Crab crotch", "the City 45 chlamydia coordinator", and many, many others. Unfortunately for Amy's legacy, they all seem to stick.

Gina Murphy dies in ZFT's coast workshop after leaving the aluminum foil on her microwavable casserole.

Armie does the same stuff Julian Harvey did last iteration.


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Dec 21, 2011

You see, man is stupid--phenomenally stupid.

That is to say, even if he's not totally stupid then he's so ungrateful that one shouldn't expect anything else of him.

For example, I should not be in the least surprised if suddenly, for no reason at all, some gentleman or other with a dishonorable...rather, shall we say, a reactionary and perhaps even sarcastic demeanor springs up admist the future reign of universal good sense and puts his hands on his hips and says to us all:

"Well, gentlemen, why don't we get rid of all this good sense once and for all, give it a kick, throw it to the wind, just in order to send all these logarithims to hell so that we can once again live according to our own foolish will?"

And this wouldn't matter either, but it's upsetting that he would undoubtedly find followers: that's the way man is made. I admit that twice two makes four is an excellent thing, but if we are to give everything its due, twice two makes five is sometimes a very charming thing too.

-Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground

Noted for his decorated pre-Occupation military service, Global Administration selected Col. Russell Algers and a number of former military officials to craft doctrine for something yet-missing from the Union’s arsenal: general-purpose bipedal infantry. Valued for their versatility in a number of off-world environments and occupations, Transhumans became a primary Earth export alongside general resource exploitation.

In these earlier stages of Occupation, the transhumanization project was as-of-yet imperfect. Certain subjects spotaneously failed in-field for any number of reasons; cardiac arrest from inadequate stimulant conditioning, inability to parse DISPATCH commands, or the inexplicable moments when friend-or-foe designation failed. Algers was assigned to a transhuman platoon in his "native" City 45 as a field observer to observe their efficacy and make reports to Transhuman R&D.

VIKTOR witnessed and perpetrated much of the Union's brutalities until the Uprising. Over time, the vacancy left in his heart by the deaths of his men during the Seven-Hour War was filled by these most stern of children--like a father, he was the one who tended to their wounds after a fight. They were his boys, and each bullet they took weighed upon him heavier.

After the forcible expulsion of the Combine from Earth, most transhumans were left aimless and slowly dying from the immense maintenance their perfect forms demanded. Not wanting to lose his children a second time, Algers spirited them away from the collapsing centers of "civilization" and sought to keep them alive by any means possible.

As it were, the future proved bright for these orphans of the Union: the vast warlordism that prevailed over Russia in the wake of the Combine meant that their strength was in high demand. The Colonel fashioned them into a mercenary band, serving various would-be kings and presidents and dictators in their grandiose schemes, as long as they had the saline reserves to pay. From St. Petersburg to Irkutsk to Vladivostok, VIKTOR would rove in search of employment for many years to come.

The road to Damascus is a long and winding one; Paul had a great number of questions he wanted the answers to. Broken out of his Graduate Institute by his grandfather, Paul escaped City 17 alongside his family and friends to eke out a meager existence on the periphery of City 45. His employment at one laundromat brought him a more permanent stay.

Nevertheless, the harrassment and violence he and his coworkers endured at the hands of "freedom-fighters" and metropolice alike wore down the youth's patience and sanity. One fine summer day during a dual visit from his more frequent tormentors, he left 161 with a mild concussion and 330 with permanent sterility. It was to be Paul's last gift to City 45. The laundry clerk was quickly jailed and sent off to a facility in the vicinity of City 17.

His resourcefulness caught the eye of one of his captors, a Romanian INSEC agent by the digits 19224. Plucking him from prison, she took Paul as a protégé and groomed him for work in the intelligence services, moniker Droog Druzhinsky.

Come the Uprising, Droog became her personal operative within a loose confederation of homeless Eastern Europeans. It unwittingly served the interests of the remaining INSEC in exchange for safeguarding their loved ones; through skullduggery and murder, Droog came to lead a particular band operating in the Black Sea area.

If he found any answers at all, they were not the ones he was looking for.

(shoutout to the most talented Nerdbird Nerdbird for the art!!!)

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May 24, 2016

Halle Lambert's life turns towards the worst when she was unable to control whatever darkness stirs within her. When everything seemed to be getting better, it got a whole lot worse.
The woman secluded herself from others with the abandonment of her lover, the seeming betrayal of a close friend, and burning bridges with former bandmates in a fit of blind rage. She was promoted into a manager position within the Civil Commissary and became married to the job. Halle was set for a transfer towards District 1 but then life quickly caught up with her. The girl became one of the first victims of 33090's fit of revenge from the actions of her ex-lover and was consequently ratted on. Lambert's life turned upside down and with the fear of the Civil Protection and her dark secret being discovered, she retreated outside of the city with the help of what was thought to be lost friends.

Eventually, this secret of hers was found out from the remnants of Sociounstable and they saw her as a point of advantage. While she would rather suppress it, they instead pressured her into honing it and using it to advance the efforts of the resistance. She stayed with them for a while and if/when they die out, she fell back into the growing groups of resistance that they left behind. Lambert slipped into the unfortunate habit of substance abuse when she isolated herself once again and unable to cope with herself.

When the Uprising comes and goes, she is left not knowing what to do with herself now being free to do whatever she wanted to. That sense of freedom overwhelmed her, used to life twisting her about and making decisions for her. She fell into a deep depression and on the brink of suicide, but she was broken out of it when she came into contact with a growing confederation of desperate Eastern Europeans and discovered that all three of her brothers were tucked into it.

Lambert hopped into the ranks when given the chance to directly keep them safe once more. While the crimes that she was made to commit under the confederation would've once despair her, she came to the disconcerting fact that she was numb to it. The girl made herself not think about it much and surprisingly started on a path of recovery from her addictions for the sake of her brothers, a promise she made to herself when she kept them safe during the Portal Storms.

Eventually, the band of bandits traveled closer to the Black Sea for a call of reinforcements and stumbled upon an old friend. Rage consumed her, reuniting with the man that doomed her from his selfish acts and attempted to murder him. While she was unsuccessful, the two realized after an attempt at reconciliation that they've changed far too much as people and the time had passed.

They worked with each other for sometime, but she was dismissed for diabolical crimes elsewhere.

She'd finally found her family after so long. But, Halle Lambert couldn't figure out why her chest still felt so empty.


Oct 24, 2015
Alone again.

Life makes it seem like a universal constant; perpetual and unforgiving.

Frankie Ataahua Bauer, with bonds that kept her sane broken, clung to any normality left for the city to give. For as long as it could be afforded to her she worked the laundromat, managing nothing but getting through the day. She retreated into herself, finding safety and comfort in seclusion and by achieving nothing, managed to keep many eyes off her. It stayed that way forever, as far as anyone can tell.

Frankie fell into obscurity before the fall of the cities, and the Universal Union’s departure. Now with earth left to its own devices she drifts weakly as a distant memory in those who knew her, and perhaps, in deeper thought, a dejected laugh.
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Aug 19, 2011
Bokov's brash nature eventually got the best of him. Got headcrabbed during a simple smuggling job.

Scarlet had no more fight to give. She at least saw the end of the combine regime.

Alder always worked to save as many people as he could. The sacrifices of the few saved the many. Died in the wreckage of the capital.

Vespasian worked along side his kin and his new found friends to bring the district under new order.

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May 12, 2015

“Gagarin flew into space, but didn’t see any God there.” - Nikita Kruscheyev

The Soviets should have peered harder, in 11803’s opinion. The flat-toned Russian schemer would learn to balance his own ego and advance in the CCA’s rank, somehow avoiding the machine of casualties that was eating through his comrades in the first months. He was a smart asset, quite capable of performing his duties. His aspirations of personal power and security seemed to hold tight, his ideal of the soldiers superiority growing firmer and firmer with each boot stamped down upon the rebellious tendencies of his fellows.

The man named Insov still clung to the past, eager to prove himself to the departed elder Anatolievich, his father. He did not separate the old Union and this Union, seeing himself as the harbinger of justice that his politician father had always wanted to be but had failed to see through. Equality for all mankind! To grow they must be punished and humbled first.

Unfortunately, Insov would prove to be too capable in his duties. After much time in service, his scheming and attempts to root out corrupt units of course strayed too far, and he was given an ultimatum by his superiors. Transhumanization or recycling.

He chose Transhumanization, and finally, his mission of becoming the ultimate soldier had been accomplished. Suddenly, 11803 realized the truth. The gods had been in the sky all along, but had simply waited until the right time to save mankind from itself. A boot stamping on the face of humanity forever and forever! The dream will never die, not this time.

Not this time.


Jul 2, 2019
Sasha Markov left City 45 in search of his wife. He searched until he was forced to pick a side in the conflict. He finds her eventually in one of the many refugee bands roving the countryside after the fall of the Combine regime. The two settle down in one of the many emerging city-states where Sasha is able to keep a promise he made years ago. He begins to live an honest life, no more organized crime, and no more resisting.

Daniel Wright was a partisan until the regime fell. Afterwards, he felt lost in the new world and with no clear direction and vision of the future, became a dog of war, fighting for whatever cause he felt was noble enough. He soon realized this way of life would lead him to fight against those he once called allies and he decided to leave Russia. He heads to China after hearing the rising leaders of the area were in the market for mercenaries. He said his goodbyes to anyone he could and is last seen jumping aboard a caravan.


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Jul 16, 2017
Taly Lindberg pulls a few strings, eliminating a certain blond political rival. She takes his position, and lobbies for religious freedom from within the administrative organization

Nat Attack

Dec 28, 2014
Taly Lindberg pulls a few strings, eliminating a certain blond political rival. She takes his position, and lobbies for religious freedom from within the administrative organization
Taly's blonde political rival is safe in stasis


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Feb 2, 2015
sebastian betancourt puts 2 through the back of cyrille mounir's fat head and gets hosed by cca thereafter


Mar 14, 2018
Fyodor skeefe becomes god of all vorts and becomes the new nihilanth ruling over xen with an iron drunken fist.

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