Hi from 2014


Jun 23, 2019
Hello. I once played here, and it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I have vague, weird memories from then, and I didn't really take it seriously. Think I minged around a lot, and nobody would really remember me. Shortly after I started spending most of my time on my consoles, and I eventually bought a PS4.

However, during my senior year of high school, I had to write a 60 page, post apocalyptic novella for my senior project, to graduate. This got me interested in writing, and my mind went back to TnB, where you edgy bastards thought you were writers. By coincidence I decided to log back into my steam account, left abandoned for a few years, and I think I'll give this a shot.

Rp'd a bit on discord, forums, and other games. Hope I'll have some fun here.
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