Hey guys

Jun 10, 2019
Hello I'm still new to the terminatorRp but not new to roleplay.

You can call me Minx as most people I roleplay with do.

I'm from UK.

I roleplay SCP-RP and DayZRP before I came here. Also before that I did TransformersRp - my friend who is very into it wanted me to join so I did.

I'm a gamer youtuber and streamer. But I only streamed a bit on Terminator rp, last night I couldn't stream of my character being captured but yeah.

All rps are different and I'm trying to adapt to this one, so yeah maybe at first I may look/act/sound cringy but I bet you all had same when you first joined right?

Anyway nice to meet you, I'm not actually a mean person you probably would think lol I'm actually chilled as ChilledChaos but I could be....well how you can describe Seananners? Cunning? Ballshitter?

Though that's only in rp and only in valid reason to.

Anyway I have a dog and a wife.

I guess that's all?
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Jan 17, 2015
Welcome man!

TRP is fun and all but I hope you'll give HL2RP a shot when it comes out too.

Enjoy your stay!


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Mar 6, 2018
welcome to TnB! i know i made my RP triggers post, but we were all where you were at one point.
this community is really helpful and supporting when it comes to your writing and development. most of the time, at least. so take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy your time here!


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Oct 25, 2018
Welcome to TnB! Don't take it personally if people get critical over anything you do! I use it to learn, but we all generally do at least one thing that might annoy someone else. ( Me using emojis in Discord...)

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to PM me here or on Discord and I will do what I can!

shneezing shlug

hey, can i interview you for my space cast?
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Nov 30, 2015
No because I did a background check. The streamer’s steam account isn’t the one this forum account is linked with and the real one is also an admin of their own fan-base’s steam group.

Mox, PI

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