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Sep 17, 2015
Disclaimer: this thread effectively supersedes any existing rules and should be treated as the only accurate set of up-to-date rules. It's important to note that Administrative discretion comes first before anything written down, meaning that these rules can be enforced wherever and whenever an Administrator deems necessary. Furthermore, the Administration Team is allowed to punish any behavior seen as harmful or unfair regardless of it being specified here or not.

I. General Server Rules:

1A) Do not RDM. This includes anything and everything that would kill another player in a manner that isn’t in-character. It's disruptive to everyone else around and nobody wants to hear random OOC gunfire while they're roleplaying.

1B) Do not break character or minge in a way that is disruptive to roleplay. Being bored is not a reason to begin throwing props or spamming stream radios in the plaza; this is an easy way to lose access to tool trust.

1C) Do not metagame. Metagaming is when information obtained out-of-character is used in an in-character manner. It’s one of the most destructive issues that can introduce itself into roleplay and is never allowed under any circumstance.

1D) Do not powergame. Powergaming is when you roleplay your character doing something that is either extremely unfair and nonsensical to another character or outright impossible. Emoting none of another character's gunfire hitting you at short range, lifting something inhumanely heavy, and ignoring another character stepping in your way and forcing your way through them with a single emote are all examples of powergame.

1E) Be respectful at all times to other players. Being upset with a roleplay situation, having a bad day, and so forth are not valid excuses for poor behavior.

1F) Extensive use of rebel hideouts will lead to Civil Protection receiving a miscount notification and being allowed to investigate.

1G) Civil Protection may only enter hideouts if they actively see someone enter, and they must “forget” where the location is after. To learn the location of a hideout through investigative work, submit an authorization request before using the information.

1H) You must wait fifteen minutes before disconnecting or character swapping if your character was being pursued by another party, or if they did something to warrant a pursuit. This rule only applies when you are aware your character is not being pursued.

1I) All characters must have a full name when roleplaying on the surface. “My character doesn’t have a real name” or “I don’t want anyone to know my character’s name OOC” are not valid excuses.

1J) An administrator’s word is final. If they tell you to stop doing something, don’t argue. If you disagree with the decision, you are free to make a private complaint thread.

1K) If a party raises doubt about the fairness of a roleplay scenario, ask in /a for the situation to be moderated. You are at liberty to pause roleplay until an administrator can verify the fairness if this concern is raised. It is far better to do this than allow the roleplay to continue and void it afterwards.

1L) Harassment and any kinds of racism/bigotry are not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

1M) Any form of hacking/exploiting will result in an immediate permanent ban.

1N) Erotic roleplay is not allowed on the server.

1O) All characters must be 18+.

II. Mugging/Stealing Rules

2A) In order to mug another character, there must be at least five active Civil Protection units online. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2B) No stealing from any faction without three active members online. If two factions share a base that is being infiltrated, five active members must collectively be online. Exceptions to this rule can be made by speaking to faction leads OOC.

2C) During a mugging, no more than three script items may be taken from another character and no more than 25% of their credits may be taken.

2D) Muggings are not allowed in openly public areas, ie. main district of any given map, open streets with little cover, etc. Regardless of whether a camera has been set in place, it should be assumed that you are being heavily monitored by CCTV cameras when inside the city. Breaching this rule is considered negligence and is grounds for administrators to notify Civil Protection and for your character to be PKed.

III. PK/PI Rules

3A) Negligence PKs may be enforced by online admins for actions taken with little or no regard for the character’s life.

3B) An authorization thread must be on the forums before a premeditated PK/PI is roleplayed. In situations where metagame is a concern, seek permission from an Administrator to use the twenty four hour rule.

3C) If a character is killed in a spontaneous, heat of the moment situation and the player responsible would like to pursue a PK, they must post an authorization request within twenty four hours or else the PK will be reversed. All PK/PIs may be appealed in the authorization board.

IV. Authorization Board Rules
This will be a very short and general list of requests that require an authorization and those that don't. When in doubt, ask an administrator if a thread is necessary or not.

Authorization request required:
  • Playing a character with a specialized background, ie. ex-military, Black Mesa scientist.
  • Large scale events which will require heavy administrative assistance and introduce unexplored, dynamic-shifting themes to the server.
  • Roleplay that will lead to the creation of very valuable script items like firearms and EMP devices.
  • Roleplay that will lead to a raid on a hidden Resistance hideout.
  • PK requests.
Authorization request not required:
  • Playing a character with a former occupation, ie. welder, mayor, physician.
  • Small-to-medium scale events that will require some administrative assistance and are contained to the main server.
  • Roleplay that will lead to the creation of inexpensive script items like melee weapons and pipebombs. Roleplay for these sorts of items will still need to be supervised by an Administrator, however.
  • Roleplay that will lead to the Resistance targeting Combine infrastructure outside of the main district.
  • Tool trust permissions.
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