Half Life 2 - City 13 Donation Thread

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May 22, 2011
Quick overview to clear up some obscurity regarding donating.

You can find all of the current options listed here - https://www.taconbanana.com/donate/

Once you donate a thread of the donation confirmation will be posted to a forum for our admins to validate and provide you with what you donated for.

If you're seeking a custom model please contact either Decepti or Deadeye to discuss the requirements and whether or not it's feasible for the server. You can create a group DM with myself and Decepti to confirm the model.

Regarding donations made from when the first server of this iteration started (Nightmare in Prague), they all carry over. I have moved over all of the previous donation threads to the new board so admins should be able to validate off of that but in the case where a thread may be missing please provide a receipt to Decepti/myself.

More options may be added shortly, such as a rolling subscription giving broad access to all models and something for new weapons.
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