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Nov 19, 2014
General Rules for the Taco 'n' Banana Community

Acknowledgements and Server Rules
(By joining any server in TnB, you must understand and adhere to these regulations.)

Universal Server Rules
(Rules that apply to all servers.)

  • Spamming GOOC with particularly stupid, pointless, or offensive messages will result in a raised delay and possibly a kick/ban.
  • Metagaming, deathmatching, propsurfing, propkilling, and similar media of mingery are obviously not allowed.
  • Clientside "ESPs", "hacks", and other similar scripts are not permitted on our servers. Having an ESP in your GMod folder while directly connected to the server counts as abuse, as under no circumstances can we prove if you're using it or not. This does not include admins, who may use ESP's only on their designated servers for administration purposes.
  • You are responsible for all actions your account performs and its own security; no "little brother" excuses.
  • "Prop placement", or claiming not to have an item on your person IC while you have it OOC, is not allowed.
  • "Cybering" and other forms of sexual RP are not allowed in public chat; take it to PMs or SF.
  • "Rape RP" and similar forms of roleplay are not allowed without the consent of both individuals involved.
  • Trolling any community will result in a ban.
  • One is not allowed to use their own characters to benefit or aid another of their characters.
  • Attempting to gain any personal info (which includes IP address) and using it without the consent of any player will result in a permanent removal from TnB with no chance of appeal under the classified rule, "malicious intent."
  • Threatening any member of the administration because of there resolve in TnB related actions will result in a permanent removal of the community.
Administrator Discretion
(Any other offense(s) not specifically outlined.)

  • These rules are not all-inclusive. Admins maintain the right to stop and possibly punish any action they believe to be counter-productive, interruptive, or generally negative to the community/server.

Adminstrative Agreements
(The most basic regulations of the administration team.)

  • No administrator is permitted to use their powers against you to gain an IC advantage or metagame you without your consent.
  • No administrator may, in any way, shape, or form, authorise roleplay that he/she is directly involved in.
  • Administrators are permitted to check your Garry's Mod lua files (doing so does not breach any other part of your computer).

CCC Rules
(General regulations for the CCC subforums.)

  • When posting a complaint on a specific administrator or player, you must provide some sort of proof, or it may be disregarded.
  • Generalised complaints (on a mass of people or a particular faction) do not require proof, but useless moaning or attacks of any kind will be removed if they are wholly unproductive.
  • Flaming, flamebaiting, and other forms of pointless instigation of drama/conflict are subject to removal.

Half Life 2

General Server Rules
(Common sense is to be used. This list of rules would become unnecessarily bloated if we were to list every possible situation.)

  • Metagaming (The use of OOC information IC) is not permitted.
  • Powergaming (Controlling the actions of other players' characters) is not permitted.
  • Running into the Nexus as a citizen in any unserious or unrealistic manner may lead to a ban.
  • All advertisements (/adv) are done via CCA broadcasts; they are censored IC and thus must be realistic - not rebellious/profane.
  • You may not abuse any global IC chat command to bypass the OOC limit.
  • Flaming or harassment of other players is not permitted.
  • Any action with the sole purpose of disrupting roleplay is strictly forbidden and may lead to harsh bans.

Basic Character Rules
(The basic rules on character creation.)

  • Your character is unable to reproduce due to the suppression field. No exceptions.
  • No character can be named something particularly unserious or something that is a blatant/obvious reference to anything in pop culture, literature, history, or fictional universes. No exceptions.
  • You may not roleplay blatantly stereotypical characters. No exceptions.
  • You may not roleplay characters under 21 years of age or over 60 years of age without administrative authorization.
  • You may not roleplay characters with military background without administrative authorization.
  • You may not roleplay characters with Civil Protection or Resistance background without administrative authorization.
  • You may not roleplay characters under 5'2" or over 6'4" in height without administrative authorization.
  • You may not roleplay characters with mental issues and disorders (insanity for example) without administrative authorization.
  • You may not roleplay any notably nonstandard character, such as a crippled person, a very old person, or someone afflicted with a birth disorder without administrative authorization. Some things are perfectly fine but when in doubt it is best to ask an administrator.

General Rules on Weaponry
(Regulations for all SWEPs and guns.)

  • If, at any time, your character possesses a weapon larger than an MP7, the item must be communicated/described in your title. Civil Protection and Overwatch units are the only exceptions.
  • Weapon bank characters and similar OOC character slots are not allowed in any form.
  • All SWEPs and weapons on a person are automatically IC if discovered in a search.
  • Asking OOC to be given a SWEP or weapon IC is metagaming, poor roleplay, and is forbidden.
  • Metagaming someone's possession of a weapon for whatever reason will not be tolerated.
  • If one loses a weapon OOC, it will not be refunded.
  • Administrators have the right to deny you the use of your weapon if it is wholly unrealistic or restrictive of RP.
  • Stock piles and caches (as well as other "magical" sources) that provide weaponry and equipment are not allowed. All weapons and equipment must come from an IC source.

PK, TR, TK, and PI Rules
(General regulations on character-affecting happenings.)

  • Permanent Kills and Injuries should be requested in the HL2 Authorizations Requests board. You must present all of the motives and background (e.g. why does this character want to PK someone). You need five admin auths.
  • The PK/PI must be logged (LOOC, IC and anything else pertaining to a PK).
  • PK/PI auths only stay valid for two weeks before expiring.
  • Appeals must be posted in the HL2 PK Appeals board and follow the correct format.
  • If you need time to provide justification for your character killing another we can offer a 24-hour character ban that can be extended no longer than 7 days.
  • If you are killed by the same person who you have PK auths on or get killed in the whole process revolving around killing your victim then you are counter-PKed.

Miscellaneous Rules
(General rules not covered by those listed above.)

STALKER Roleplay
Click the text.​

Entirely valid as of 4/22/12 (Twenty second of April), as created by Canibalcole, Playerzo, TRP/SRP administration teams, and as amended by the administration team of all servers.
Edited STALKER rules to better represent current time, I have the old rules if anyone needs them. - Decaro 12/28/12.
Replaced the STALKER rules link with the 2017 thread opposed to the 2012 thread which is hidden and unavailable. - Tami 03/08/17

If you have any questions, feel free to PM any administrator. Thank you.

Terminator Roleplay

General Server Rules
Common sense is to be used. This list of rules would become unnecessarily bloated if we were to list every possible situation.

  • Any action with the sole purpose of disrupting roleplay is obviously intolerable and those guilty of doing so will be punished severely. This our 'catch all' rule which covers any conceivable situation of 'minging' or 'trolling'.
  • Flaming or harassment of other players is unacceptable and will be punished severely.
  • As we have many young members, any roleplay which is of a sexual or potentially disturbing nature should not be done publicly. This includes 'cybersex'. If you absolutely must do roleplay of this nature, utilize the /pm command, or SF rather then public chat.
  • Metagaming(The use of OOC information IC) is not permitted.
  • Powergaming(Controlling the actions of other players' characters) is not permitted.
  • Shoot to Kill (S2K) should never be used in human vs human situations unless an administrator says so beforehand. This is primarily a server about a war against the machines.
If you are unsure about any rules you may request an audience with an administrator if one is available with the !a command (followed by a brief description of the situation). Administrators also like to roleplay or may be busy with other issues so try to be understanding if your request is not resolved immediately.

Weapons and Refunds

  • Weapons are to be obtained through in character means only.
  • Swapping weapons between characters is not permitted.
  • 'Mule' characters are not permitted. This is linked to the above two rules.
  • Weapons are expected to be used with roleplay whenever it is reasonable to do so. In emote range all shots should be emoted, whereas in longer range combat it is typically acceptable to merely M1.
  • Weapons are not to be fired Out of Character. It is obnoxious and disruptive to roleplay.
  • Characters are not to carry an unrealistic number of weapons. This is roleplay, not Doom.
  • Weapons are not to be used for 'RDM' or 'minge control'. Alert an admin.
  • If a weapon is lost for any reason you are not entitled to a reimbursement unless you have donated specifically for that weapon. However, in certain situations such as an accidental death an administrator may decide that it is acceptable to refund you. Administrators may refuse to refund donators at their discretion.
A flag is a admin set variable that gives the character certain attributes. Examples of flags are:

  • Height (short or tall)
  • Drone (enables the command /skynet which turns the character into a SkyNET Drone)
  • Weapon spawning
  • Item spawning
  • Event (enables usage of /ev)
Abuse of flags is a very serious offense and will result in the removal of the flags at minimum, possibly bans in severe cases.

An 'Authorization' is essentially permission to do something unusual, or extra. In some cases applications may exist that upon acceptance may grant authorization. Examples of things which require authorization:

  • Permanent Kills or Injury (Only to force them onto another character- Players may self authorize the death or any injury of their own character).
  • Temporary Kills or Injury (Only to force them onto another character- Players may self authorize the death or any injury of their own character).
  • Organizing an event.
  • Rare skills/knowledge, such as in depth knowledge on SkyNET technology.
  • Rare or unique IC items, such as rare SkyNET technology.
  • Unusual characters, such as children, mentally challenged, etc.
  • 'Bandit' or hostile characters. While in character circumstances may lead to hostility with individuals, creating a character with the sole purpose of conflicting with Tech-Com is not allowed. The Luddite faction exists to serve that role; Applications are required.
  • 'One word' names.
Generally, if something is unusual or would give you a competitive edge over other players it will require administrator authorization. If you are unsure, ask an administrator first.

Permanent Kills (PK's)
Permanent are used in the case of where a player has taken huge risks with their character and the chance of death is very likely, though that is not the only reason. To permanently kill a character that is not your own, you must first obtain authorization from two separate administrators and supply a very good reason for doing so. Players should be completely aware that whilst performing a permanent kill, their own character is open to be permanently killed as well. This means that to permanently kill a character, it must be done in such a fashion in where the one being PK'd must have the chance to strike back, this rules methods such as sniping, poison etc. PK's can be given for a large number of reasons including(but not limited to) engaging in high-risk or foolish behaviors. Examples:

  • Attacking SkyNET without provocation(especially with low numbers and/or no plan).
  • Attacking another human without provocation(especially within the Tech-Com camp).
  • As part of a long term roleplay where a NLR is not applicable.
See this thread for more information on PKs.

See this thread for more information on the 'S2M' rules.
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Jan 1, 1999
Might want to note that these rules are subjective to update based on the results of the Administration meeting.


Jan 1, 1999
New rule approved by the RDA Garfy:

Any complaining ingame about any incident will be judged by the local administration team. You are free to object, but this will be done on the forums. If you start creating chaos OOC, or start spamming !a, or anything else, we'll remove you from the server, be it by kick or by ban. You can complain, you are free to do so, and we hope you do. Criticism is good. But we have these forums for that, not the TnB servers. Thanks.

Addendum: You may raise concerns, but if you've received an answer and are not satisfied then bring it to the forums.


Jan 1, 1999
Amended as of today. All three community rules are now listed on this thread, alongside global agreements.

Understand that the moment you join the forums/servers, you have agreed and consented to these rules. If they are broken, it is of your fault - ignorance is not an excuse.


Jan 1, 1999
Quick reminder: "trolling" one subcommunity with intent can result in a ban from others as well.

Don't do it.

gangedit: that also includes pretty much anything you can call "griefing"
use some common sense here, diglets.


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May 21, 2011
The administration team has been too lenient with allowing players to exchange SWEPS for others that are of equal value. Due to abuse, (people taking advantage of this favor and treating it like a gun store) the administration will no longer be exchanging items or weapons without sufficient IC reasoning.

The only exception to this is if you've donated for a weapon, in which case your request will be considered.

- HL2 RP Administration.

All stock piles and caches are now evaporated / turned into sand. They no longer are allowed to exist or provide supplies ICly.

All supplies, IC or scripts, must come from legitimate source.

We apologize if this causes inconvenience or frustration.

-HL2 RP administration team
Have been added to the HL2 RP rules.


Mar 12, 2012
dug STALKER roleplay out of the spoiler tag and updated it to link to the current srp rules thread instead of the hidden one from 2012
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