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May 16, 2011
Firebase Bacon now has 100% fully secured outer wall with a North and South access gate, ask me for the code if you dont know it already. Same as the landing area gates at garage base.

However we now need to focus on putting up the perimeter upgrades, which require per panel -

2 cement
2 reinforcing
3 long planks
1 screw
old pliers
old hammer
old saw

long planks are created by using an old saw at the sawmill or next to any log pile - but the saw snaps quite easily making these

Im not sure if we will be able to fit another house in the compound as space is tight and the fences usually stop you from building close, but we may be able to fit one more level 1 or perhaps a small level 2 hero in the corner.
if not we will just put up another watchtower to fill the gap
Then we need to start filling the compound with AA guns and shit :)

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