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Oct 31, 2014
i know wow classic is the wave rn but anybody here play/rp on ff14? i've started playing it recently since a lot of my pals are into it and i've been playing the other (non-MMO) FF titles; having a lot of fun even if the main quest is a little tedious

bit lonely though, could use some pals to do hood rat shit with (and maybe do roleplay shit)

i'm on balmung, level~20 marauder atm
Oct 5, 2016
Mads Mads

Plugging friends aside, I should probably get around to playing this. I've been pulled into WoW, though, and fuck me if I'm going to get two subscriptions for two MMOs at once.


actually el pepso
May 20, 2011
i play it on ultros 60 working thru heavensward atm

ed: whm main gotta love instant q
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Oct 31, 2014
i'm still workin thru ARR but if you ever wanna level a different job or sumn hmu :)


Mar 15, 2015
What a patch coming up!

The free trial for XIV is being expanded to included the first dlc (up to level 60), they're streamlining the slog that is the base game (removing 30% of the base game quests), and you have all the time in the world to play through to the end of the HW patches.

August 11th is when this drops. If you'd want to get in to the game, or want help with the dungeons-- let me know.


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Dec 15, 2014
v fun game. first mmo ive been able to get into, and that free trial is a HUGE steal. would def recommend trying it out


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Sep 24, 2018
From what I've heard from my veteran friends, the game is a monster time commitment to level jobs up and do the MSQ. I ended up dumping like $100 to skip to Shadowbringers and get a job to lvl 70. Tons of content to do. The fashion is the best part.


actually el pepso
May 20, 2011
i think thats a mistake tbh. levelling your first job is wicked fast cus the msq exp then if you just do your daily roulettes you'll shoot up past where you need to be no problem. then add in the bonus for secondary jobs and they all go up fast too. plus the game just hands u multiple level 60 jobs. and if you just go into 70+ content without knowing how to play your class or the mechanics its annoying

the msq does take a while but its an rpg so. the post ARR stuff was a shitty grind but tbh it was never as bad as ppl made it out to be. and thats been trimmed too. plus ill never get tired of my wol nodding with a stupid grin

also moonfire faire soon don't forget to grab your flower skirt and dance emote. and 30% off sale on mogstation rn so u can get ur obnoxious whale mounts for only 20.99


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Jan 26, 2018
If you're on Balmung feel free to hmu and I'll send you an invite to our Free Company (guild).
And if you're at least on the Crystal Data Center also feel free to hmu cause we've got a CWLS you can join.

saetia saetia @anyone else interested

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