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Jul 1, 2018
Hidden within the spoiler thread that follows is a thread of timestamps for the video below that reflect different TRP characters. Most are shit tier
They all appear in the order they do in the video, and you'll find that some pop right after the other so forgive me

Those whomst run 50 yards in one turn of S2RP

The death of Navajo "Chieftain" Tukashani

Karina Skarzynska rebounding FAST

Joan August's advanced Infiltrator Detection Method

Tech Comm finding Skynet collaborators

Tech Comm when they shoot first

Exo users when they're within 25 feet of any drone

When big bad human man needs to be narratively tied to Skynet and also tanky for the boss fight

Ancel getting bored and being a freak with robotics

Every single "mercenary" character

Tech Comm trying to make 40 year old irradiated cans of beans edible and safe for consumption

Actual MedRP Process

Sergeant John Lorenzo

Pfc. Rex Maskarad

[Earrape Warning] All 12 Online Tech Comm NCOs announcing shit at once through /ry

Bloodworth after he beats another Tech Comm soldier half to death for calling him by his first name

Tech Comm 5 minutes after opening any bunker

[Already posted in thread] "Haha TC warcrimes"

Bryan Ding

Benjamin Perkins force feeding people Skittles

Sergeant John Lorenzo (Again)

Levi McNair

Pvt. V Easton

Charlie "Hacking" every piece of Skynet field equipment.

Sgt. Xavier Burns participating in Operation Firefall (2025)

Cpl. Garrison Peters

Plot advancement

Keagan Blackburn when a new script is developed

SSgt. Vanessa Plum-Melnik

The death of 1Sgt. Jordan Crosier O7

When the 6'8 and 220 pound Charlie Tech is somehow inside a tank

Alpha Squad Character Descriptions

Donating for plasma whenever a new drone shows up (guilty)

Sgt. Archie Birch

LCpl. Keith Rogers

1LT. Collin Kelso

Northern Republic / Federalists

Charlie Squad RP


Scripted NPC Deaths

Tech Comm liberates a labor camp (Occupant POV)

Dalton Ramos

How the ten minutes after an event typically pan out

Admin Snipers when their position is found

When Skynet forces hit the line and survive 5 seconds so TC calls Broken Arrow. Or its Gunny Nez. IDK.


1LT. Collin Kelso (2)

F1LT. Kate Ambrose

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