Deathgarden: Bloodharvest [Dead by Daylight with guns]

Malum Umbra

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Apr 18, 2018
Ugh figure I'll put this here since a friend bought me a copy, which comes with a free copy for if someone wants to take it.

The game is currently on its free weekend [Jun 1st to Jun 2nd] and I've been enjoying it quite a bit.

To summarize, its a 1 v 5, Hunter vs Hunted kind of game, where the hunter plays the game like a FPS, and the hunted are playing Dead by Daylight [from the same studio, third person multiplayer survival horror] Hunters get guns, landmines, turrets, and other abilities as they chase down the other players, who are collected a resource to open the levels exit.

Game was apparently re-branded and re-released a couple days ago and functions well, there are a few balance issues that make playing the Hunter stressful and annoying at times. The Hunted players abilities if used in a coordinated group makes life a living hell for the hunter. Long range cloaks, heals, and smoke screens. So imagine you down someone and they are plinked with a revive shot that gives them 5 seconds of invincibility, and then someone else gives them a 10 second invisibility, it can get frustrating.

Playing fields are randomly generated from a tile sets, so the ones I've seen have been stuff like, Forests with ruined huts and inclines. Deserts with tunnels and temples, and Industrial parks with towering smokestacks.

The hunted players can climb ledges and cling to walls, as well as having a third person view of their surroundings, making corner peaking easy. Hunters weapons are quite powerful to offset how sneaky the Hunted can be, in that if you can keep a chase going to drain a players stamina [which lets them do dodge rolls and climb walls] you can hose down someone quite fast.

I've primarily played as a Hunter for this reason:

So my perspective is from that side, haven't played the hunted characters at all really.

Game is I believe 11 $ Canadian, so I think that's about 9-10 Dollars US, I'm too lazy to convert.

Overall I say its a 7/10, needs a few balances, but seeing how much balance patching went into their previous game I'd say it will come sooner rather then later.


Jan 28, 2015
Honestly, it has a cool concept and is a lot of fun with a group of friends. Definitely can tell it is new and needs balancing, but if you want a faster-paced game (10 min or less matches) sort of horror survivor game, check it out. I don't have any screenshots during the actual gameplay because it is so hard to stop and take a breather, which is really fun to me.


Malum Umbra

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Apr 18, 2018
So I figured I'd be easier to record rather then take pictures. Overall its quite fun, got a little annoyed at the end there but 's still real fun.


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