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Discussion in 'In-Character Area' started by Snuggles, May 18, 2017.

  1. Snuggles

    TRP Admin

    United Kingdom
    Sep 9, 2016

    Your commander's dead, and the last thing he told you was that you've lost your humanity.

    You've lost what you came here for. You're nothing what you used to be - and the death of your commander made you aware of it. You've become his shadow, and even he started to realize that. What made you an individual soldier has gone. What made you stand out from the ranks has bled from you with your wounds.

    You promised yourself you wouldn't turn out this way. You promised yourself that you'd be more than just a five digit number spouting the same lies over and over. You swore on everything important to you that you wouldn't be like the rest - that you would be different, and that you would not be like the others. You're a person, they're monsters. You're not them, and you never will be.

    "Comrade 207, I wish you take the next step in your service as a member of the civil authority, have you ever thought about volunteering for the merit of education?"

    He offered you a way out. He offered you security and safety, but you turned him down. You had a chance to make your life so much easier, in sacrifice for what you didn't know you'd lost.

    "Comrade 207. I understand that the merit does not have a good reputation, but trust me, it makes you a better person. It alleviates your worries, it sets you on the right path, it makes you more efficient. Even if it's not for precautions, it's to enhance you. Don't you want to take this step and further yourself?"

    You could have been something so much better. You could have left your worries behind and became a true soldier. A warrior of the Union. You could have been the perfect version of what you were unaware you've become.

    You had the chance to be the perfect version of yourself, yet you didn't take it.

    "Nothing will sway your beliefs in camaraderie, but what about your loyalty to the Union itself? I implore you, even if you think you are fine in your current state of being, the merit can only make you better."

    Lying through your teeth is the easiest thing about your life now. You weren't born for this, but you've been molded into it. You've become what you hated.

    "Do you truly believe that, comrade 207? Can you with certainty say there isn't even a single grain of doubt within your mind?"

    Your commander has saved your life as many times as you saved his. Do you not find it strange that you can trust a man with your life, yet not with the truth?

    Four zero four's vocoder crackles, and his eyes remain locked on your frame for a short while - a short while that feels like an eternity. As eternity ends, the commander's head tilts towards the door. "You are dismissed.".

    You leave the office and your shift ends. You shed your skin and go home, to sit on your bed in silence, alone.

    You convinced a man that had lost himself, and lost his own humanity, that you were the same as him. You tricked someone into thinking you'd lost your own humanity.

    You tricked yourself into thinking it was all a trick.

    You've broken your promises, Cadence.

    thanks for everything as 404, matt. i won't forget it. o7
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  2. Ballin

    Ballin Zealot

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    Feb 19, 2015
    this is great snuggles
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