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    What is Colony? Well, simply put, Colony is a TV show on the USA network about a post-Alien invasion world where Humans are filtered into cities from the countryside, designated by numbers, controlled by administrative human collaborators, and constantly monitored by flying robots and tripod-like creatures with the threat of city liquefaction being held over their head to dispel thoughts of rebellion.

    Sound Familiar?

    Yeah the entire show bears an incredible likeness to the entirety of HL2, just without the added aspect of Gordon Freeman. It's honestly a pretty well-written show and I've enjoyed watching it. It's not something I've been able to binge, being so busy with shows like Buffy and Angel and, you know, Westworld, but I try to put aside time just to see how many similarities I can spot. It's a pretty good watch if you want some light TV to watch in between spouts of heavy shit and I definitely recommend it if you've got space in your TV schedule

    OH also the government controlling the humans is called the Transitional Authority who are the human-run police force for the aliens.

    A synopsis from dear wikipedia,

    Outside US

    Abaddon: I added a trailer for the Non-US folk as your one doesn't work outside the US
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