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May 30, 2011
Character Name: Katie Phillips

Requested Digits: 09216

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22350605

Describe your character: A largely apathetic Londoner looking for an easy handout and a time-filler, likely taking on more than she's aware of. She has a cynical attitude and a willingness to try and wring as much as she can out of the position of power being in Civil Protection provides- though also feels intensely vulnerable as a citizen, reliant on others for protection- and perceives being in the CCA as a way to fix that. I'm hoping being in Civil Protection offers an opportunity to shake that up a bit, as a base to work from, as situations and incidents shape her further. She's a stickler for rules so long as it gets her somewhere, using them as a bludgeon to pin ambiguous, unclear crimes on people to blackmail them into bending to her will, or playing on technicalities to get what she wants.

She's old enough to vaguely remember the years before the war, and has a habit of collecting old knick-knacks out of both curiosity and possible hoarding tendencies. In her personal time she tends a communal garden in the courtyard of her apartment block, attempting to mend a knackered bike that clutters up her flat, and reorganising the junk in her suitcase over and over.

Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?: 04, but I'm happy to be a recruit if others are preferred for higher ranks.

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Sensai Senby

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May 24, 2016
Character Name: Dianna Murphy
Requested Digits: 69530
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:100940387
Describe your character: Like the rest of the refugees relocated to Saint Petersburg she found herself lost, alone and confused. With no family or friends to turn to her only hope in finding a better lifestyle for surviving without the risk of being prosecuted by the Combine Civil Authority was to apply in the hopes of them and become a Civil Protection Officer. In the meantime, she spends sleepless nights working at a diner as a labor worker, scrubbing the dirty floors and serving the horrid customers, earning peanuts she struggles to live however always pulls through.
Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?: Recruit

War Machine

Apr 15, 2015
Character Name: Wigmar Antonovich

Requested Digits: 19066

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:67769873

Describe your character:
A Caucasian male, as hard as the hammer but as sharp as the sickle, born and raised in Saint Petersburg, losing the only portion of his family he cared about during the seven-hour war. Broad shoulder's and thick jawed for his size, standing roughly at six foot. Fairly clean faced, buzz-cut hair, deep voice and barely spoken. Raised in a more old-fashioned home, distantly sharing the same ideology as the combine, wishing to ensure the integrity of City-Fourty-Five and the Union he choices to better his fellow Comrade by enforcing the standards of the Civil Protection.

Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?: 04, I would much rather play as an experienced unit but I am just as happy to play a recruit.

accepted ic
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May 5, 2015
Character Name: Joseph Bryant
Requested Digits: 93959
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:46404652
Describe your character: A tall and undeniably handsome individual. One who obviously prides himself in his looks. Slim in figure, but carries himself with extraordinary posture. A straight forward kind of person, not the type to sit with and reminisce about the past, or the future for that matter. Almost unapproachable, as he always appears as if he doesn't want to be here.
Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?:
04, unless you need a rct.


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Jul 6, 2019
Character Name: Mercy Rolan

Requested Digits: 4567


Describe your character:
Mercy Rolan is a caucasian Russian who likes the Combine's way of rules over the civilians and feels that the Combine deserve to rule over humanity and that we deserve it. He has high hopes that the Combine will continue to rule and feels very happy about that. Mercy Rolan is tall and strict. He likes machinery and robots and has dreams to one day rule a city scanner or shield scanner. He has amazing survival skills and has great tactical skills. [They are a bit rusty]

Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?:
04, but if you need a recruit, I can be a recruit as well.


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Mar 26, 2018
Character Name: George Duncan

Requested Digits: 38241

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:51916847

Describe your character: Duncan is a man of weak character, choosing comfort over morality. He's always been like this, however, once the Seven Hour war ravaged the earth, he changed. He looked for ways to boost himself to a position of power, and authority. He was not one to let an opportunity like this to pass and gave his best to behave and prove his worth to the Union. He wasn't afraid to step on others to achieve his goals, however, he was mindful of the possible consequences.

Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?:


Civil Protection
Jun 1, 2011
copy paste from previous application ❤

Character Name: Yaroslav Kalash

Requested Digits: 95454

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:25939720

Describe your character: A boring individual with little enthusiasm to show. He lost his academic prestige after plagiarising results on a science paper, causing him to be removed from his teaching post at Saint Petersburg State University. Joining SHIELD as an experimental researcher/engineer was an easy choice for him, it was that or queuing in line for rations with the rest of the peasants, I mean citizens...

Are you applying for an experienced unit or one fresh out of boot?: Experienced unit - 02

Are you looking to be ranked higher than 04 from the beginning? Explain your reasoning and outline experience: I would be super keen to join SHIELD as an 02. I would like to supervise some squad events & experiments, some of which I have in mind already! I have an extensive amount of experience in the CCA already. I was a JURY.01 (under Wazer/Someguy) and later transferred into JAVELIN. Also served as an OWS under Gamingcow/R. Exon/Hawkins.

EDIT: I would happily take anything from RCT above, I miss playing as a unit so much!


Jan 28, 2015
We're going to be doing recruitment IC. If you've applied on here, approach a unit on the server to get interviewed and possibly accepted. Others may continue to apply on this thread below this. Once you have applied here, take it IC and find an Officer. Please know there may be a wait with how many interviews there will be. Don't approach unless you've applied here.

5 people for JUDGE and 5 people for UNION will be accepted in as recruits.
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Nov 30, 2016
Character Name: Phil Montran
Requested Digits: 80326
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:125634474
Describe your character:
Phil is just some average person. Brown eyed, Blonde hair. He's fairly tall for someone around his age but he isn't built or anything is rather on the thin side. Being stuck in a loop of transferring to a different city each month. Knowing that'll he probably be doing the same thing for most of his life, He's learned to suck it up and continue on before deciding one day to actually do something of himself and stick his neck out by joining the Union. Ready to enforce the law to keep the city or district safe from people who think the law doesn't abide by them. He's not the toughest or fastest person out there but he sure is something.
Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?: Recruit


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Jul 7, 2019
Character Name: Aaron Hughes

Requested Digits: 42232

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155784253

Describe your character:

- Physical description:

Aaron is a 5'8, 130 pounds Caucasian male, with facial features indicating that he is of around the age of thirty. However, stress from pre-occupation life and post-occupation life and such has resulted in nearly going bald at a young-ish age, and what little hair remained grew grey. With only a single blemish on the lower side of his right cheek, indicating a scar long since healed over. His is fairly broad-shouldered, but more leaning towards a slightly more agile body style.

- Background information:

Aaron is a man of keen-eyed man of pride, someone who believes in looking smart, being punctual, and being a part of something big. As with most people, he wasn't much special before the Occupation of Earth, and felt that he was stuck under everyone's boot, working only as your average office clerk, shuffling papers and taking phone calls. It wasn't that he had a major distaste for this type of lifestyle, more so that he felt he was wasting his life away, stuck in a position that lead to nowhere. However, with the occupation came opportunities. Alongside his fellow slightly suffering citizens, he took notice of how those who collaborated and were assets to the Occupational Administration got special treatment, he also looked to the CPA, and saw how well they fared in comparison with the average citizen. Shiny uniforms, discipline, and being a part of a global power played to his liking quite quickly, rather than absolute power and the ability to push people around, resulting in him speaking with officers now and then. Whilst most were about as talkative as you'd expect, a few showed minor interest in conversing, the conversations eventually leading to Aaron expressing a desire to enlist, and eventually making the attempts to do so.

Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?: Recruit. I prefer to work my way up from the very bottom.

247-0006-0001 'Jimbo'

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May 28, 2017
Character Name:
Choi Yi-Jeong

Requested Digits:



Describe your character:

Character Description:
5ft9 Asian male with somewhat cut-down hair shaved down the sides to the gradient of one with only a little trimmed off the top | He spoke with a very Korean Dialect, however, his pronunciation indicated ties with the rural North of the Country | He was rather neatly put-together, with ironed clothing - baggy trousers and a long-sleeved jacket mixed with a tweed flat cap.

Choi before the collapse was a Citizen of the North Korean regime and grew up as one of the Ministers of Labour in the town of Kanggye, he was a fourth-generation loyalist to the Jong-Un family - and his wife and three children lived happily in Pyongyang while he managed as one of the labor-exchange officers between Undok and Narva.
His main role found him generally travelling between the Russian Federation and North Korea, harvesting wood with a team of labourers before returning with the produce - supporting the regime with the collectivisation of wood, and sometimes smuggling in cigarettes while passing through local towns.
Eventually - he became unemployed and reimbursed as a citizen of the Combine Union.
The change was different - but nothing entirely unfamiliar to what he had dealt with for the majority of his life, in his mind - he was trading one Secret Police for another - and with his indented knowledge of how to thrive in loyalist systems he once again fought to re-build a worthy life amongst a horrifying regime.

Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?:

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Jul 9, 2019
Character Name: Steven General
Requested Digits: 82163
SteamID: 76561198317846342
Describe your character: Age: 27 | Bearing blue suit and brown shoes | Aqua eyes | Small goate forming | Understands English, German, and Swedish.| Swedish-German appearance. | 6'7 | Some scars on his neck due to working with the police in Washington State of the USA | He was about to go to office of governor of Washington state until the Black Mesa incident where almost all of his citizens we're either brutaly killed or disappeared. His attempts in power in the walled off areas in the United States we're almost a success until some big event happens where almost all of the people he will attempt to help are killed. Until 2008-2014 he kept doing the same thing until the combine appeared, since they had no idea of the people of earth to begin with they we're enslaved no matter what and he was included. His attempts of becoming a person of power have failed horribly, causing him to join in with the rest of spoonfed humanity. You might be asking "What now?" Well he's still here just minding his own buisness on earth, like the rest.
Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?: Recruit
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Jul 10, 2019
Character Name:Ayaka Riu
Requested Digits:72994
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:0
Describe your character: Ayaka Riu is a troublesome woman, She has been relocated at least 4 times in a row. Firstly, she used to live in City 8, the place where she was born basically. Then, she got relocated in city 23. The place that she does not miss, after it. There was Industrial 17. Finally, she has been relocated here. In Terminal 6, Before the 7 hours war. She worked at her parents sushi restaurant, as a waitress. During her life she has managed to gain the reputation of a Loyal Citizen, however, after being accused of a crime she did not commit, she lived a horrible life, which is why she decided to start a new one, in terminal 6. Where hopefully, she'll become a CP. (No, this is not a story i made up right now, this character actually has been existing for over a year now, onto another half life 2 roleplay server, that being combinecontrol.)
Are you applying for an 04 or a recruit?:
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